How to Activate Showtime Anytime

If you are among showtime users who find it difficult to use showtime anytime com activate ( and link showtime, video sharing website with their Roku, Kodi, Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, Xbox One and Xbox 360, Apple TVs, and other gadgets you can link showtime with to enjoy the show on, here is a complete newbie beginner guide to activate showtime anytime.\activate is actually the correct inclination while showtimeanytime/activate is what most of us are used to. However, the seems to be the same though but they are not. The clear difference between the two terms is the backward and forward slash before activate.

However, if you open a browser and visit\activate you will be redirected to which is quite the same with if you remove “/#/settings” from the website URL.

This post will not only reveal to you how to activate showtime anytime, it will also help to fix some common error when you connect your account to your gadgets that the activation cannot be done. This is common to Apple TVs when you want to activate on Apple TV.

In the same wise, when you activation is almost done, some users will not see the activation code. Here in this article, we’ll provide a solution to fix\activate activation error.

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Showtime Anytime com activate And activate showtime anytime

How To Activate Showtime Anytime on Xbox One & Xbox 360

Here is how to fix the showtime anytime com activate on Xbox One and Xbox 360 without an activation code error.

Firstly, open your showtime anytime account and try to stream a program of your choice. Then, after that, select the name of your TV provider or the streaming service you are using. Now, if your streaming service is missing from the list, then this may imply that you current showtime anytime subscription does not support Xbox. However, if it doesn’t, proceed to the next guide.

Now, your screen will display a code which is your activation code, open a browser on either your computer or smartphone and visit showtimeanytime activation page at

Now, sign into your Showtime account with your username and password and go to Showtime Anytime settings and click on Active Devices. Upon activation, a successful message will indicate that you have successfully connected your Xbox to your Showtimeanytime account and you can start to enjoy showtime movies.

Note, if you are outside United state you may not be able to proceed further. For the screen, instruction provides to activate your Xbox.

How To Activate ShowTime Anytime On Apple TV

For Apple TVs’, here is how to activate your Showtimeanytime account and stream videos online without Showtimeanytime app.

Navigate to Showtimeanytime and click on Activate in the menu option. In the Activation Section, choose Apple TV and you will see an activation code for your Apple TV. Then, open a browser on your computer or mobile and visit

Log into your showtimeanytime account and click on “Activate Device” in the program settings and type the Activation code on your Apple TV in the column provided. Make sure the code is typed correctly and click on Activate. Wait for some seconds and you will have access to your Showtimeanytime account on your Apple TV.

How To Activate Showtime Anytime On Samsung Smart TV 

For Samsung Smart TV, the procedure is the same with Apple TV’s procedure. So, just follow the steps below to activate showtime on Samsung Smart TV.

Navigate to Showtimeanytime and click on Activate in the menu option. In the Activation Section, choose Samsung Smart TV and you will see an activation code for your Samsung Smart TV. Then, open a browser on your computer or mobile and visit

Log into your showtimeanytime account and click on “Activate Device” in the program settings and type the Activation code on your Samsung Smart TV in the column provided. Make sure the code is typed correctly and click on Activate. Wait for some seconds and you will have access to your Showtimeanytime account on your Samsung Smart TV.

How To Activate Showtime Anytime On Roku

Roke seems to be the simplest when it comes to activating on any device. With much anticipation to use Showtime Anytime on Roku, here is what to do.

First and foremost, open Channel on the device and navigate to Menu and click on Activate from the options.

Open a new browser tab on your PC or smartphone and visit Log into your ShowtimeAnytime account with your username and password. Navigate to Settings and click on Activate device. Enter the activation code displayed on your Roku and wait for some couple of minutes for activation process to complete.

Upon completion, Showtimeanytime videos will start showing on your Roku without any additional settings.

As simple as the steps are, the showtime anytime com activate process at the URL ( works with all enabled devices depending on your subscription. However, the troubleshooting procedure below is applicable to all devices and not only Apple TVs.

Showtime Anytime Com Activate Troubleshooting

We consider the following troubleshoot procedure in case you are having problems with the activation codes on your Apple TV, Smart TV, Xbox, and others.

Can’t See the Activation Code on Your TV?

If you cannot see your showtime anytime activation on your TV to link up easily try the following steps. This actually works for me, so, I believe it will work for you as well.

Firstly, change your TV’s aspect ratio and make use of HDMI cable to connect your showtime anytime with your  TV.

Now, on your TV, change the resolution from manual to auto. How? This way! From  TV home screen >> Settings >>Audio/video >> TV Resolution >> Auto.

Now, you should see your activation code on your TV if the HDMI cable is firmly connected and working. However, if this doesn’t still work, try to connect your TV cable to a different TV, such as LCD TV to see whether there is a problem with your previous TV.

Once you can now see the activation code you will be able to type the code on website to activate your device.

Browsers’ Effect on Showtime Anytime Activation

In some cases, the web browser you are using, if on iOS or even Android to open showtime anytime app to complete activation. If that is the case, then you need to do this to complete the activation process on your showtime app.

Now, Download the Showtime app form Apple store for an iOS device and from Google play store for Android device. Type the activation code on your TV screen on the column provided on the Showtime app and click on activate.

Upon successful activation, click on the settings gear icon to the top left, click on Device section and select Activate device.

Now, proceed to select your TV manufacturer, say, Apple TV, and select “activate Apple TV. Now, go back to your TV screen and type the activation code to activate your device. Now, wait for a couple of seconds to complete showtime anytime activation on your TV.

The above procedure is a general solution to some of the problems you will encounter when you want to activate showtimeanytime on your device on\activate.

Now, let proceed to how to activate showtimeanytime on all devices of your choice. Here, we’ll talk about Roku, Smart TVs, Samsung Smart TVs, Kodi, Xbox 360 and Xbox One.

How to Stream Showtimeanytime Outside United State

We can say most streaming websites are always in favor of the United State. It’s not only showtimeanytime, some other streaming services like Hulu, Netflix, and the likes prefer the United state and its environs to other regions. However, if you are having a hard time streaming videos and movies outside the United State, here is the solution.

To stream showtimeanytime in the United state, get a VPN that doesn’t monitor your logs and activities. The ExpressVPN is a perfect example and connects to the United State IP address.

Now, open a new tab on your browser and visit, log into your account with your valid username and password and start streaming.

Is there anytime you want us to discuss on Showtime Anytime com activate that we didn’t mention? Please use the comment section for a suggestion and helpful information

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