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How to Create a Spotify Password that meets the Requirements

Spotify has a basic password requirement that all users who create changes password on Spotify must meet to be able to successfully create and change their password. So, in this guide, we will discuss the “Spotify Password Requirements” that must be met in other to either create a new Spotify password or change the existing password on your Spotify account.

When you are creating a password for your Spotify account it’s a must you take note of the following password requirements on Spotify.

What are Spotify Password Requirements

Spotify password requirements are the required combinations that are needed to create a password as your login. When these combinations are not met Spotify will return a message that your password didn’t meet the minimum requirements.

So in this case, Spotify will come up with the password requirement that must be met or put into consideration to create or change your Spotify account password.

A strong password protects your account. And Spotify advises that a password must contain an alphabet, number, special character, etc, but never use your date of birth or words that can easily be guessed as your password.

Reasons to Meet Password Requirements

No website will allow you to create an account or change your existing account password when you do not meet the password requirements. And some of the reasons while most websites, include popular websites like Apple, Zoom, Instagram, Google Gmail, and other websites include…

  • To make it hard to guess for hackers.

As for me, that is the basic reason why most platforms set password requirements for all potential users.

 Spotify Password Requirements

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Spotify Password Requirements

All platforms have minimum password requirements and the following are some notable basic password requirements to set up a Spotify account.

  • At least 8 characters—the more characters, the better. It can be longer to create a pro password.
  • A mixture of both uppercase and lowercase letters such as [A, a, P, q].
  • A mixture of letters and numbers such as Spotify123
  • Inclusion of at least one special character, e.g., ! @ # ? ].

Observation: Using either < or > while creating your password might cause a problem with your browsers. So, you would want to choose another character over them.

These combinations create a strong password for your Spotify account. While you can use an easy to guess password and get accepted. It will put your account at risk as hackers can easily guess and take over your account.

Passwords that do not Meet Spotify Requirements

The follow password combinations are not recommended as they are considered weak and they do not meet the Spotify password requirements when used.

  • A dictionary word cannot be used. E.g, Testimony, glorious, pastor, etc.
  • All manipulated dictionary words where letters or the English alphabets are replaced with numbers.Example as T5stimon25.
  • A password with repeated character is not recommended.
  • Don’t ever try to use a Keyboard series of character. E.g, qwerty.
  • Do not use personal information that the people around you know such as your birthday date, pet name, phone number, home address number, etc.

How to Create a Spotify Password that meets the Requirements

Now that you know the Spotify password requirements and weak password idea you should know. Let us quickly go over how to create a Spotify password that meets the requirements.

  1. Think of a dictionary word or your pet name and mix it with special characters and numbers.
  2. You can start the password with special character followed by the first two letters of the dictionary word, input a number or two, add another character, and then the other part of the dictionary word.
  3. Here is an example. !.Pre_2021tige. This password meets the “Spotify password requirements because it contains upper case, lower case, special character, number, and the dictionary word isn’t replaced with numbers.

It’s easy to create a password and meet the minimum requirements even without going through the password requirements. We believe with this, you now know the Spotify password requirements and how to create a password that meets the requirements to create Spotify  password

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