How to Activate WatchOwn TV

There is a modern way to watch movies, live events, and TV shows on WatchOwn TV. What you need is the WatchOwn TV activation code that is generated for your TV and goes to the official Start WatchOwn TV Activate portal ( and enter the activation code. However, here in this guide, we will talk about start Watchown TV activate on your smart TV and other smart media players.

Start WatchOwn TV Activate is a portal to activate WatchOwn TV online using a unique activation code that is generated on your smart TV when you open the WatchOwn TV app. This option to activateWatchOwn TV allows users to watch “WatchOwn” movies, live events, TV shows etc on TV and on computer.

However, to activate WatchOwn on a smart TV, both your TV and smartphone must be connected to the internet.

What is Watch OWN

WatchOwn is the Oprah Winfrey Network that is dedicated to all fans to have access to all contents from home and abroad. So, if you are planning to activate WatchOwn TV, you are preparing to follow Winfrey programs such as TV shows, Live events, and many more.

How to Play Watch Own Movies on Smart TV

Since it’s not all devices that support on-device transitions. This may not allow you to buy or rent or subscribe to particular show or events channel on the Watch Now app on your smart TV. However, you may need to sign in with your device username and password to access the items that you have already added to your playlist.

Therefore, to watch “WatchOwn” on some smart TV you need to follow the approaches below this article.

Note: To watch “WatchNow” on your smart TV you must follow the procedures below to either subscribe to a free trial or rent/purchase the movie.

Start Shwomax Free Trial

Showmax offers a 14 days free trial to access all movies on Showmax and watch them on your desired devices. However, after the free trial, you will be prompted to make a payment (automatically) if your credit or debit card has been added.

There is no obligation to committing to this service though. You can cancel your subscription at any time to safe some bulk if you are running out of enough cash on your credit card.

Here is our guide on how to cancel Showmax subscription. Just follow the steps to end your subscription after the 14 days free trial if you are taking some times off the platform.

Subscribe from the Google Play Store

WatchNow subscription from the Google play store doesn’t support airplay but supports the following;

  • PC/Laptop
  • iOS Devices
  • Android Devices

To rent a WatchNow movie from Google play, you will have to cough out $3.99 or $9.99 to own it. However, to rent a movie on WatchOwn from Google play store follow the procedures below.

  • Open the Play Store either on the web or on a mobile app.
  • Make sure you are on the “Home” button.
  • Click on the “Movie” tab located at the top left. Here, you should see the list of movies that are available for rents or buy.
  • Find the movie that you wish to rent. You will see the movie’s detail, price, and time of renting.
  • Now, click on the “Rent” tab to rent the movie for the next “30” days.
  • Confirm your purchase from the popup and enter choose a payment method.

Once you have made the payment the movies will be made available to watch online and offline on all supported devices pending when the rent will be expired.

Rent or Purchase Movies on iOS

If you are using iPhone or iPad or macOS you need to either purchase or rent your favourite movies on WatchNow, add it to the list of items to play online and offline to be able to activate WatchOwn on iOS (Apple) devices. It cost $3.99 to rent WatchOwn movie on iTunes and $12.99 to buy.

  • Go to the official WatchNow website and find the movie that you want to rent.
  • Click on “iTunes” to the bottom left of the movie’s title.
  • You can watch the movie’s thriller before you move to the purchase page.
  • Click on “View in iTunes” to open the movie in iTunes.
  • Sign in with your Apple ID to access your profile.
  • Click on the “Rent” or “Buy” option to buy the movie.
  • Add a new payment method if you have not added any to make your purchase or rent.

Once you have made the payment for either rent or purchase, the movie will be available in your iTunes profile for 30 days if rented and be available forever in your account if purchased.

Start WatchOwn TV Activate

WatchOwn TV app on your Apple TV, Android TV, Samsung Smart TV, Roku, Firestick, and Amazon Fire TV is a place to start watching your unfinished movies from and watch out for new releases. You can through the WatchOwn movies’ platform access all ShowMax movies with 14 days free trial or paid subscription using your Amazon Prime access.

Start WatchNow TV Activate

  • Download and install the WatchOwn TV app on your device. The process may differ and this depends on your device settings. But, in most cases, movies’ apps are available in the channel store.
  • Open the app and sign in to your account if prompted. Take note of the start Watchown TV activate activation code that displays on your TV screen. Please do not close your the app on your TV at this point or shut down the TV.
  • Open a browser on your PC or smartphone and go to
  • Enter the activation code and click on “Activate.”
  • Sign in to your TV cable provider’s network.

The TV screen will be refreshed and all available movies on your TV cable’s provider’s network will be available and you will be able to stream live on your smart TV without an additional subscription.


The app is officially available to all Android and iOS devices to download and follow Winfrey Oprah programs and events.

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