Tacoma Simmons Net Worth, Age, Career, Girlfriend, Siblings

Tacoma Simmons is one of the hottest African American celebrities kid. However, he seems to be following his late father’s footsteps in the entertainment industry while carving a niche for himself.

Below let’s find out some interesting details about Tacoma such as Tacoma Simmons’s age, Tacoma Simmon’s net worth, Tacoma Simmons Height, Tacoma Simmons’s girlfriend, and others.

Tacoma Simmons is popularly known as the son of a renowned American Rapper, actor, and songwriter called DMX (Earl Simmons). While his mother is also an American actress. 

However Tacoma Simmons is a Musical composer and manager at the Guitar Center, He has decided to thread the footstep of his parents, but he seems to keep his life quite discreet nowadays.

That said, Tacoma has been able to amass a decent amount of money since Tacoma Simmons Net worth is estimated to be around $100,000 in 2022.

Tacoma Simmons Early Life

Tacoma Simmons early life

Tacoma Simmons was born on August 27, 1999, in the city of Mount Kisco, New York. He was born to DMX and his wife Tashera Simmons. His dad is popularly known as an American Rapper songwriter and an actor while his mom Tashera is an American actress and a podcaster.

He is an African-American since he has his roots in Africa. That said, Tacoma is a citizen of America and his zodiac sign is Virgo. Unfortunately, the religion he practices is unknown as he seems to stay tight-lipped on his spirituality.

Tacoma Simmons Education

Tacoma attended his elementary schooling in America where he was raised and later on he joined Fox lane High school. Presently, it has been revealed that he graduated from there, however, there is no information regarding the university he is presently studying in.

Tacoma Simmons Career

Presently Tacoma keeps the majority of his life experiences very discreet, and as such, the little that is known about his career experience is that He is a music composer and also the Manager at Guitar Center. 

This means he is threading the footsteps of his father DMX, however, it was also revealed that he was among the co-manager of the real estate properties that his father left behind.

That said, there is no other career experience that has been revealed about Tacoma Simmons.

Meanwhile, his dad who is a popular American rapper and actor started his career in the 1990s, after releasing his first album in 1998 called Dark, Hell is Hot. The music turned out to be a huge breakthrough for him since it was revealed that the album sold over 251,000 copies in its first week. Afterward, he went on to assume roles in a series of movies. 

His mother on the other hand used to actively work as an actress, however, she now runs her podcast called Freedom of Truth.

Tacoma Simmons Net Worth

While there is little to no information about his career experience. The little we know is that He is a music composer and a manager at Guitar center, He will also inherit from his dad’s net worth which is estimated to be 1round $ 10 million.

That said, there is no exact figure of what his present net worth is, however, his estimated net worth is $100,000 as of 2022.

Tacoma Simmons Family

Tacoma Simmons family

Tacoma Simmons comes from a polygamous family since his father married more than one spouse. His mother was the first wife. It was revealed that they were childhood friends before they tie the knot in 1998. 

His father was popularly remembered as a Rapper, Actor, and songwriter who started his career in the late 1990s while also having a successful career. Meanwhile his mom Tresha Simmons is an American actress who has starred in a series of films such as True Hollywood Story in 2009, IyanlaFix My Life in 2013, Starter Wives in 2013, and Never Die Alone in 2004. In addition to that, there runs a podcast called Freedom of truth 

Presently both pairs have 4 children together while DMX has a total of 15 children

The first four children from Tacoma’s mom are Xavier, Sean, Paise mary Ella and Tacoma, who are all mature right now.

Tacoma Simmons Mother

Tacoma Simmons mother

His mom Tashera Simmons seems quite close with Tacoma as she’s described him as a “complicated kid“. She mentions that he is introverted and she also calls him loud. She once mentioned that her son has a good heart 

Also, she mentioned that her son is an embodiment of if you continue to work hard for whatever you want.. and never give up, you will get it!” She added.

DMX IG (Instagram)

Earl Simmons popularly known as DMX amassed a pretty huge number of following after his death. He uses his Instagram account to promote his works as a rapper and actor. You can visit his Instagram page over here

Tacoma Simmons Siblings

Tacoma Simmons siblings

It was also revealed that Tacoma Simmons has three blood siblings who are Xavier, Sean, and Praise Mary Ella. while he has 11 other half-siblings from his father’s future relationships.

All together Tacoma has 14 siblings. However, not all of them are in the limelight but, among them, some have threaded the same part as their parents in the entertainment industry such as Sonovah Hillman Jr.

Below are the remaining names of Tacoma siblings whose names are revealed to the limelight

  • Xavier
  • Sean
  • Praise Mary Ella
  • Shawn
  • Sasha 
  • Exodus
  • Sonovah Hillman Jr
  • Aaliyah 
  • Aidyn and K’ydn (twins)
  • Jada Oden
  • Michelle Walton
  • Javon Wayne
  • Z’riyah and Emmanuel (twins)

The first four children are from his first wife while the remaining eleven children come from his relationship with other different women

Exodus Simmons

Exodus Simmons is one of the children from DMX’s future relations after his fall out with Tashera (his first wife) The mother of exodus is a woman called Desiree Lindstrom

One of the heartbreaking revelations about Exodus is the fact that he is struggling with a stage 3 chronic kidney disease.

His condition makes him prone to some food types while he has to take high potassium foods, however, his mom has been of great help to him

Tacoma Simmons Girlfriend

Tacoma Simmons is a very discreet guy. He rarely reveals details about his life in the spotlight. His dad’s death was a huge blow to the family since he was a celebrity. 

That said, Tacoma hasn’t revealed any information about dating anyone as of now, probably he has someone or he’s just decided to keep it a secret

Sonovah junior

Sonovah was born in 2009 and presently his age in 2022 will be 13 years old.

In addition to that, Sonovah Junior is among the few kids of DMX who has decided to follow in his career footstep since it was revealed that she filled in for one of her late father’s |Gig at wildcatter salon, Katy texas.

Tacoma Simmons Age

Tacoma Simmons is gradually moving into his 30s since he was born on the 27th of August 1999. Presently his age is 22 years old. and he celebrates his birthday on the 27th of August every month.

you can also read about another African-American celebrity kid who is two years older than Tacoma over here.

Tacoma Simmons Height & Weight

Unfortunately, there is no recorded estimation of Tacoma Simmon’s height or weight. However, some sources state that his weight is less than 6 feet while his weight and body measurement remains unknown

Tacoma Simmons Instagram

Tacoma Simmons is not very active on Instagram since he has just 7 posts on the platform. Also, you might not be able to view his post unless you are following him. That said, he has 798 followers and you can visit his profile here

Tacoma Simmons Father

Tacoma Simmons father

  • Earl Simmons who was known as DMX is the father of Tacoma. He started his career in the late 90s and he has had a pretty successful career since he sold millions of his alum while also raking up awards such as 
  • American Music Award for Favorite Rap/Hip-Hop
  • BET Hip Hop Award for Best Collabo, Duo, or Group 2006 
  • Billboard Music Award for R&B/Hip-Hop Album 1999
  • Soul Train Music Award for Sammy Davis, Jr. – E 2000
  • Billboard Music Special Award for First Four Albu 2001

As of April 2022, he was rushed to a hospital due to heart-related problems. As he stayed in the hospital, his condition got worse and they had to place him on life support.

Unfortunately, he passed away on the e9th of April 2021. The reason for his death was a drug overdose.

Who is DMX’s son Tacoma?

Tacoma is a music composer and the manager of Guitar center, however, he seems to be very discreet about his personal life these days as we rarely see him in the spotlight

How tall is Tacoma Simmons?

The exact age of Tacoma is unknown however, some sources have stated that Tacoma is under 6 feet in height.

Who is Tacoma Simmons’s girlfriend?

As of now, there are no information about who Tacoma is dating since he hasn’t made any sort of public announcement.

What is Tacoma Simmons Net worth

His source of income is unknown however he works as a music composer and he manages a Guitar center. That said, he also co-owns some of the properties his father left behind and his total estimated net worth is $100,000.

NameTacoma Simmons
Date of birthAugust 27, 1999
Age (As of July 2022)22 years
BirthplaceMount Kisco, New York
Famous AsFor being the son of DMX (Earl Simmons)
EducationFox lane High school
Zodiac signVirgo
Father’s nameDMX (Earl Simmons)
Mother’s nameTashera
SiblingsXavier Simmons, Sean Simmons, Praise Mary Ella Simmons, Sasha Simmons, and Exodus Simmons Simmons

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