LG Dishwasher AE Code

How to Fix LG Dishwasher AE Code

If the LG dishwasher AE code is displayed on your washer you won’t be able to use your dishwasher until the error code is cleared from the appliance. If you

LG Washer OE Code

How to Fix LG Washer OE Code

Error codes on washers are warning signals that your washer displays to communicate with you. Each error code has a unique identification and must be known by the user. You

LG Microwave Not Heating

How to Fix LG Microwave Not Heating

Imagine a situation where you are to resume work early in the morning then you decide to heat your food and your microwave oven stops heating without any idea on

LG Refrigerator problems

How to Fix LG Refrigerator Problems

Without any doubt, LG is one of the most reliable companies that produce durable and affordable electronics, gadgets, and appliances. The company has been in existence for over 50 years,

LG Fridge not cooling

How to Fix LG Fridge not Cooling

Is your LG fridge not cooling? We understand how that might be frustrating, especially if you have perishable items that need to be kept refrigerated in the fridge. A refrigerator

LG dishwasher cl code

What is the LG Dishwasher CL Code

Has the LG dishwasher CL code been appearing on your washing machine, preventing you from attempting a wash cycle, and you have been wondering what it is and how to

LG microwave not heating

How to Fix LG Microwave not Heating

Have you been having trouble with your LG microwave not heating up? You don’t have to worry much. If the Microwave still works but jot heating up, you have little

LG Washer LE Code

How to Clear LG Washer LE Code

Having an LG washer that does your laundry for you is a blessing in disguise. You obviously won’t want anything that will hinder its functionality and make you wash your

LG Freezer not Freezing

[Solved] : LG Freezer not Freezing

The LG freezer comes in different models and sizes. No matter the size of the model, your LG freezer is always prone to issues such as your LG freezer not