how to change screen time passcode

How to Change Screen Time Passcode

This article is for you if you have forgotten your iPhone screen time passcode and you would like to learn about how to change your screen time passcode. We will

how to turn off screen time

How to Turn Off Screen Time

If you have been using screen time on your iOS [iPhone] orĀ  Android devices to monitor your screen time [how much time you spent using your phone apps], and would

How to check Screen time on Android

How to Check Screen Time on Android

If you have been looking to learn about how to check screen time on Android you can simply do that under the digital wellbeing & parental control settings where you

how to reset screen time passcode

How to Reset Screen Time Passcode

If you forgot your iPhone screen time you can simply opt-in to reset the screen time passcode if won’t care about the screen time details. Since the screen time is

How to Delete Screen Time

How to Delete Screen Time History for One App

With your iPhone screen time turned all your iPhone activities will be recorded. If this is something you don’t like, you will learn how to delete screen time history in