Easiest Way to Activate TnTdrama on a Smart TVs

Our attention is drawn to how to activate TnTdrama on your Smart TV, why tntdrama.con/activate returns an error message when visited and other media streaming devices including Roku and Fire TV where you can activate the TnTdrama app.

There are a few things you need to activate TnTdrama on any supported Smart TV and streaming devices. These include:

  • TnTdrama activation code
  • TnTdrama.com/activate.

You generate the TnTdrama activation code via your smart TV like Samsung, Apple, Hisense, Philips, and other supported devices. 

The activation code will link your TV and TnTdrama account to be able to explore the TnTdrama platform on your device.

TnTdrama.com Activate Code

We will also how to get a TnTdrama activation code on your Smart TV and how to activate your TnTdrama account on your TV using the code on the TnTdrama activation website at www.tntdrama.com/activate.

The procedures to activate TnTdrama are basic. No expert advice is other than what you will learn here. For a start, you must be able to download and install the TnTdrama app on your smart TV.

And since TnTdrama offers sensational movies in HD to watch on Smart TV then you wouldn’t want to miss the opportunity to use TnTdrama on your smart TV. 

What is TnTdrama?

TnTdrama is an entertainment website with over 180 channels showcasing 46 brands in 34 languages in over 200 countries. TnTdrama provides a web portal to activate a TnTdrama subscription on a Smart TV or other streaming devices with the TnTdrama activation code generated from the TnTdrama app on the smart TV or streaming device where the app is installed.

The TnTdrama code varies from device to device and works on all Smart TVs. For instance, the TnTdrama activation code for Apple TV isn’t the same as the TnTdrama activation code for Roku.

Once the TnTdrama app is installed on the user’s Smart TV/streaming device and the activation code will automatically pop up; you can simply go to www.tntdrama.com/activate on a web browser, select your streaming device, click on the “Continue” button, enter the “TnTdrama activation code” on your TV to authorize your TV cable provider’s network.

The TnTdrama covers the whole of Latin America, Europe, Africa, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East with a free and pay-per-TV channel to watch videos, TV shows, live events, and other documentaries on your TV cable provider.

TnTdrama Activation Code

Follow the steps below to learn how to generate TnTdrama activate activation code on Smart TV.

  • Firstly, install the TnTdrama app on your Smart TV.
  • Navigate to App >> TnTdrama.
  • Choose “Sign-in” with the code or QR code.

The TnTdrama activation code will appear on the instruction and the instruction to implement the activation code on TnTdrama.com/activate


TnTdrama.con/activate.com is supposed to be the official portal to activate your TnTdrama app on your streaming device with the display activation code. But, on the contrary, this is a wrong representation of the TnTdrama activation website.

TnTdrama.com/activate is the official website to activate the TBS service on your supported device. However, TnTdrama.con/activate.com isn’t a valid address as it were and would redirect you to the search engine where relevant articles concerning the wrong TnTdrama activation process and website.


www.tntdrama.con/activate.com is also a wrong TnTdrama address representation. While the “con” after “TNTdrama” isn’t a TLD the “.com” after “activate” is also not a valid address either.

Therefore, the correct address to connect your TnTdrama account to your supported device is www.tntdrama.com/activate instead of the formal address, www.tntdrama.con/activate.com.

The consequence is that each time you visit www.tntdrama.con/activate.com you will be redirected to your default search engine for relevant information about the search term.


TnTdrama.con/activate is closer to the exact web address if properly observed. You will see that the only wrong representation is the “n” in “con” instead of “m” in the “com.”

The TnTdrama.con/activate will either return “this site can’t be reached” or redirect you to the search engine since it’s not a valid web address. 

Even though TnTdrama.com/activate and TnTdrama.con/activate and relatively close in spelling the latter won’t work like the official webpage.


There is only one website (tntdrama.com/activate) to activate TnTdrama on smart and streaming devices. “TnTdrama.com/active” will return a not found page on the TnTdrama website. However, the not found page will provide some relevant links including links to download the TnTdrama app(s) for your device.tntdrama.com/active


The easiest way to activate TNT drama on your Amazon Fire TV is via the unique URL “tntdrama.com/activate/firetv” for all Fire TV users. The link selects Fire TV automatically and asks you to enter the TNT drama code that is generated on your Fire TV.

This eases you from going to TNTdrama.com/activate and then selecting “Fire TV” from the list of supported devices.


All Roku users can also make use of TNTdrama.com/activate/roku to head straight to the TNT drama page to activate their Roku devices. The TNT drama Roku activation address www.tntdrama.com/activate/roku take users directly to where to enter the TNT drama activation code on the Roku device screen.

TnTdrama.com Activate on your computer

TnTdrama launches the TnTdrama web portal to activate TnTdrama with a unique TnTdrama activation code on  www.tntdrama.com/activate where users type the code, sign in to their TnTndrama account, select the Smart device to activate and sign in to their TV cable provider’s network. 

Upon TnTdrama activate on Apple TV or other Smart TVs. Users will no longer need to go to the official TnTdram website to search and stream movies or other programs.

TnTdrama subscribers can just switch on their Smart TV, navigate to the streaming app, and start exploring the app using their Smart TV remote control.

TnTdrama com activate

Here in this article, you will learn how to do the TnTdrama.com/activate and link your TnT drama account to the following devices.

What is TnTdrama.com Activate?

TnTdrama.com/activate is a web portal to enter the TnTdrama activation code, select Smart device to activate, sign in to your TnTdrama account and select your TV cable provider’s network to sync your account on TnT.com to your Smart TV to be able to explore the movies streaming platform on a Smart device.

However, through the www.tntdrama.com/activate web homepage select your home media device, select your TV cable provider and enter the TnTdrama activation code, proceed and activate the movies streaming platform on your home media when you are redirected to your cable provider’s network service.

What is TnTdrama.com/activate Roku?

TnTdrama.com/activate Roku is a dedicated TnTdram Roku link to activate TnTdrama on Roku via TnTdrama.com/activate/roku.

To do this on Roku you need to go to the Roku app channel >> open the TnTdrama app to view the TnTdrama.com Roku activation, go to TnTdrama.com/activate/roku, enter the activation code generated by your Roku and click on the “Submit” button.

TnTdrama Supported Device


Here is the list of devices you can generate the TNTdrama activation code and activate it.

  • Firestick
  • Amazon Fire TV
  • Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Apple TV
  • Roku TV
  • Android TV

TnTdrama is planning to roll out more support for other devices so that all subscribers can easily have access to their accounts on their Smart devices. However, below is a complete guide to activating TnTdrama.com on all devices listed above.

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Activate TNTDrama using Activation Code

Follow the steps below to activate the TNT app on your smart TV and streaming devices on tntdrama.con/activate.com with the activation code on your TV screen.

NoteTNTdrama/activate on TV app requires the activation code. Therefore, you need to generate the activation code first else follow any of the steps below to generate the TNT drama activation code for your streaming device.

  • Launch the TNTDrama app on your streaming or smart device.
  • Open a browser on your PC and go to TNTdrama/activate website on  TNTdrama.con/activate.
  • Select the name of your device with the TNT activation code.
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
  • Type the “TNTDrama Activation Code” on your TV screen.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.

With this, you can view your favourite TNT drama show on your TV without cable. But you need to generate the TNTDrama activation code and head to TNTdrama.con/activate for activation.

TnTdrama.com Activate Firestick

Here is a quick way to activate TnTdrama on FireStick.

  1. Plug your Firestick into a power source and navigate to the settings icon at the top right
  2. Look closely and tap on the device option from the screen
  3. Click on the developer options when you are taken away from the device screen
  4. Tap on apps from unknown sources to be able to install the TnTdrama app on your Firestick
  5. Tap on “Turn On” from the pop-up to allow you to install 3rd party apps
  6. Click on the home button on your Firestick remote control and use the Virtual keyboard to search for “Downloader” in the search box
  7. The downloader will start downloading. Wait until it completes downloading
  8. A new pop-up will appear, tap on “Allow” to allow the downloader to access your device folder
  9. Click on “OK” from the pop-up again
  10. Click on the “Settings” icon on the left side of the screen and click on it.
  11. Tap on “Enable JavaScript” when the settings information appear
  12. Type the “TnTdrama App” download URL and click on “GO”
  13. Tap “OK” to start downloading. Once the app starts downloading you will see the download progress and when it’s done that app will have to be installed
  14. Tap on the install button to install the TnTdrama app for Firestick
  15. Navigate to the “Downloader” folder and click on the TnTdrama app installed
  16. Generate the Firestick activation code
  17. Go to www.tntdrama.com/activate and enter the activation code
  18. Follow the instruction on the screen to activate the Firestick media player online.

How to Activate MyLifetime using MyLifetime.com/activate

TnTdrama.com Activate XboxTnTdrama.com Xbox One

Follow the steps shared below to activate TnTdrama on your Xbox One or Xbox 360 game console.

  1. Firstly, connect your Xbox One or Xbox 360 to your TV and power the “On” on the Xbox device.
  2. Download and install the TnTdrama app on your Xbox device.
  3. Navigate the TnTdrama app
  4. Click on the gear settings icon
  5. Click on Activate your device
  6. Select TnTdrama.
  7. The Xbox console will pop up the TnTdrama Xbox activation code on the screen.
  8. Now, visit TBS.com/activate on your phone browser or on your computer browser.
  9. Select Xbox One as your device
  10. Click on the Continue button
  11. Enter the activation code on your TV screen
  12. Click on submit button.

TnTdrama will start linking of your Xbox with your TnTdrama account within a few seconds. Wait for some seconds and TnTdrama will pop up a successful message that you have successfully activated your Xbox One or Xbox 360 and you cannot enjoy TnTdrama content at your own convenience.

TnTdrama.com Activate Roku

Tntdrama.com/activate Roku

Here is a quick move to follow to process TnTdrama.com/activate Roku.

  1. Firmly connect your Roku media player to your TV using a working USB cable and power on both the TV and Roku device.
  2. Download and install the TnT drama app on Roku.
  3. Click on the TNT drama
  4. Navigate to the gear settings icon using the Roku remote control.
  5. Click on Activate your device
  6. Write down the TnTdrama Roku activation code on the TV screen.
  7. Visit www.tntdrama.com/activate/roku.
  8. Enter the Roku activation code and click on continue
  9. Select your TV provider from the drop menu. 
  10. Sign in to your TV cable provider’s network account

Wait for a couple of minutes and TnTdrama will show you a success message that you have successfully activated your Roku on TnTdrama.

TnTdrama.com Activate Apple TVTnTdrama.com/activate

Here is how to activate TnTdrama on Apple TV.

  1. Go to the App Store on your Apple TV
  2. Search for the TnTdrama app
  3. Install the app on your TV
  4. Navigate to apps and click on the TnTdrama app
  5. Click on Activate device
  6. Take note of the TnTdrama Apple TV activation code
  7. Open your browser and go to www.tntdrama.com/activate
  8. Select Apple TV as your device
  9. Click on the Continue button
  10. Enter the activation code on your TV screen
  11. Click on the submit button

Once the correct activation code is entered, the TnTdrama app will be active on your Apple TV and you will be able to browse for your favourite programs, TV shows, events, and many more.

TnTdrama.com Activate Android TV

TnTdrama.com activate Android TV

Follow the procedures below to complete the TnTdrama.com activate Android TV

  1. From the Android TV home
  2. Navigate to the apps row using the remote control
  3. Select the Google Play Store app
  4. Search for the TnTdrama app
  5. Click on the install button to download and install the TnTdrama app on your Android TV
  6. Navigate to the app and click on activate.
  7. Note the TnTdrama Android TV activation code
  8. Visit www.tntdrama.com/activate on your computer or Android phone
  9. Select Android TV as your device and click on the Continue button
  10. Enter the activation code on your TV screen
  11. Click on the submit button

Now, it’s possible that you will be prompted to sign in to your TnTdrama or cable provider’s network account to successfully link your device to your TnTdrama account. Just proceed with it to make it happen.

TnTdrama.com Activate Samsung Smart TV

TnTdrama.com activate Samsung Smart TV? No! You cannot use the TnTdrama app on a Samsung Smart TV powered by Tizen. However, if your Samsung TV is Android-based TV you can download, install, and activate the TnTdrama app on your device.

For your TnTdrama.com activate Samsung TV kindly follow the steps below.

  • Go to “Apps Store” on your Samsung TV.
  • Search for “TnT drama.”
  • Click on the “Download” button to download and install the app.
  • Launch the “TnTdrama app” on your TV.
  • Choose “code” to display the activation code.
  • Go to www.tntdrama.com/activate on a web browser.
  • Select “Samsung TV” from the list.
  • Click on the “Continue” button.
  • Enter the code generated by your Samsung TV.
  • Click on the “Submit” button.

Follow the instruction on the screen to complete the activation process. This only works for Android OS-based Samsung TV.

www.tntdrama.com/activate not working

TnTdrama.com Activate

You should see TnT drama working on your device after you have generated and entered the activation code on www.tntdrama.com/activate. If it, however, failed to work, here is the possible reason why the activation code on TnTdrama isn’t working.

  1. If your internet connection isn’t strong enough the TnTdrama site will not be able to take you to another screen where you’d be prompted to select your media player. This can result in the activation code being redundant.
  2. You typed the wrong activation code on www.tntdrama.com/activate to authorize the chosen device. Check the activation code and make sure you entered the same code as it’s on your device screen
  3. Your subscription has expired. Yes, to stream TnTdram on Roku or Fire TV or Samsung smart TV, you’d need an active subscription to make it happen.
  4. There are some other reasons which could include an internet error from the TnTdrama activation centre itself.

TnTdrama com Activate Hulu

TNT drama is not free on Hulu. You’d have to have a Hulu Plus subscription. With the Hulu Plus $44 subscription, you can easily watch and activate TNT drama on the streaming service.

Although, neither Hulu + nor Sling TV supported TNT drama at the moment but with Hulu Plus premium you can access the TNT drama streaming service.

How Do I Activate TNT on Roku?

You can easily watch TNT on Roku.

  • Launch your “Roku” streaming device.
  • Go to your “Roku Channel Store.”
  • Find the “TNT” app.
  • Choose “Add Channel.”
  • Done.

With the steps above the TNT drama app will be added to your Roku channel.

Can I Download TNT on my Phone?

TNT drama app is available in the app store for all devices including Android, iPhone and Windows phones. To download the TNT app on your phone;

  • Go to your phone apps store.
  • Search for “TNT”
  • Hit the “Install” button to download and install the TNT drama app on your phone.

How Do I Authenticate My TNT App?

There are three ways to authenticate TNT app on smart and streaming devices, these are;

  • Sign in with your phone or tablet.
  • Sign in on your computer.
  • Sign in on your TV with the activation code.

TNTDrama Activate FAQ

We discuss some of the TNTdrama.con/activate FAQ below. These provide quick answers to your TNTdrama questions.

Is TNT free on Roku?

Live streams and on-demand entertainment from TBS and TNT are now available on Roku streaming players and Roku TV models in the U.S. Most TV series will be available to subscribers on-demand the next day.

Is TNT on Amazon Fire Stick?

TNT and TBS apps arrive on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Turner Entertainment has just released Watch TNT and Watch TBS apps for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. As is usually the case with apps from cable networks, both of these new additions do require activation with a participating cable provider.

Does the TNT app cost money?

The Plus channel plan costs $50 per month. Along with the live stream, you will also get some on-demand content from TNT as well. DirecTV Now works on Roku, Android TV, Fire TV devices, Apple TV and smartphones and tablets. You can look over the different channel lineups or sign up for a free 7-day trial.

Is there a TNT app for Firestick?

TNT and TBS apps arrive on the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Turner Entertainment has just released Watch TNT and Watch TBS apps for the Amazon Fire TV and Fire TV Stick. Since these two networks are owned by the same company, the apps are pretty much identical, apart from their content of the course.

Can I watch TNT without cable?

Over 30 channels dedicated to sports are included in a package with over 80 channels. More than 30 sports channels. Watch TNT, AMC, FOX Sports regional channels, NBCSN, and many others. Stream on most devices including computers, Chromecast, Apple TV, and mobile devices.

Is there a TNT app?

The TNT App makes watching movies, full episodes and live sports simple and easy. Watch anytime, anywhere with the TNT App on Apple TV, iPhone and iPad. You can also catch live sports, awards shows and blockbuster movies on any screen. The TNT App supports most TV providers, including AT&T, Spectrum.

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  2. Tntdrama com Activate is principle question in your mind which is like How to activate Tnt drama on Roku additionally FireStick and some more.

  3. Tntdrama com Activate is principle question in your mind which is like How to activate Tntdrama on Roku additionally FireStick and some more. Also “Tntdrama com activate” (Tntdrama.com/activate) easily connect your Tntdrama account with your devices that is very helpful for you any time.

  4. How to Activate TNT Drama Channel Activation
    @ Select the device for channel activation
    @ If your streaming device is brand new, execute the language and display settings
    @ Visit the appropriate settings to activate the Network
    @ Select the option, wireless
    @ Now move to the channel store
    @ Start the channel search typing the channel name
    @ You will receive the search results as you start
    @ Tap on the option, Add channel
    @ The very next is to click on the channel activation URL, Tntdrama.com/activate
    @ As you click on the page, you may receive a prompt to type the activation code
    @ Carry on with the activation steps to complete the process
    For tntdrama com activate, use the toll-free number +1-844-608-1510. We have a team of experts to guide you round the clock


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