How to Activate TnTdrama on Roku & Firestick

Activate Com TnTdrama

TnTdrama is an entertainment website with over 180 channels showcasing 46 brands in 34 languages in over 200 countries. With the TnTdrama com activate feature you can watch all channels on your media player that supports TnTdrama.

The TnTdrama covers the whole of Latin America, Europe, African, Asia Pacific, and the Middle East with a free and pay per TV channel to watch videos, TV shows, live event, and other documentaries on your TV cable provider.

However, recently, TnTdrama launch the TnTdrama com activate, the feature at where you can simply link your TnTdrama account to devices like Roku media player, Xbox One and 360, Apple TV, and Android TV.

This means that you will no longer need to go to TnTdrama website to watch movies, videos show when you have access to your Roku media player, Xbox consoles, and other supported devices.

TnTdrama com activate

Here in this article, you will learn how to do the TnTdrama com activate and link your TnT drama account to the following devices.

  • Firestick
  • Xbox One and Xbox 360
  • Apple TV
  • Roku Media Player

TnTdrama is planning to roll out more support for other devices so that TnTdrama subscribers can easily have access to their account on their choice of device. However, below is a complete guide to activate on all devices listed above.

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TnTdrama com Activate on Firestick

Follow the steps below to activate TnTdrama TV and video show on Firestick.

Download and install TnTdrama app on your Firestick. Click on the app and click on the gear settings icon with your Firestick remote control. Click on activate this device and write down the activation code on your TV screen.

Open a new browser’s tab on your computer or smartphone and visit and select firestick as your TV provider or go to directly on your browser.

Log into your TnTdrama account and select your TV provider. Enter the activation code on your firestick TV screen and click on submit. Wait for some minutes for TnTdrama to activate your firestick. Upon successful activation, you will see a successful message that you have successfully activated Firestick on TnTdrama.

How to Achieve on Xbox

Xbox One and Xbox 360 are popular consoles which are not only available for gaming. The launch of supports the viewing of TnTdrama contents on Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Firstly, connect your Xbox One or Xbox 360 to your TV and power the “On” the device. Download and install the TnTdrama app on your Xbox device.

Navigate the TnTdrama app and click on the gear settings icon and click on active your device and select TnTdrama. The Xbox console will pop up an activation code on the screen.

Now, visit on your phone browser or on your computer browser. Log into your account and enter the activation code on your TV screen and click on submit button.

TnTdrama will start the linking of your Xbox with your TnTdrama account. Wait for some seconds and TnTdrama will pop up a successful message that you have successfully activated your Xbox One or Xbox 360 and you cannot enjoy TnTdrama contents at your own convenience.

TnTdrama com Activate on Roku Media Player

If you are a fan of Roku media player this section is especially for you. Here, you will learn the procedure to achieve the Activate com TnTdrama on Roku media player in full flesh.

Firmly connect your Roku media player with your TV using a working USB cable and power on both TV and Roku device. Download and install TnT drama app on Roku. Click on the TNT drama on navigate to the gear settings icon using the Roku remote control. Click on activate your device and take note of the Roku activation code on the TV screen.

Open a new tab on your computer browser or Android browser and visit Enter your Roku login information and select your TV provider from the drop-menu. Now, type the activation code on your TV screen on the TNT drama activation column on your browser and click on submit.

Wait for some couple of minutes and TnTdrama will show you a success message that you have successfully activated your Roku on TnTdrama.

The TnTdram com activate procedure is different for different devices. However, these are the devices we have activate TnTdrama and we are enjoying it till date.

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