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Tubi TV Activate

If you are a fan of, this guide will teach you how to activate tubi tv using site with tubi tv activation code on Roku, Samsung TV, PS3/PS4. Do not forget that is a streaming media where you can watch movies, TV shows, live event, and all that. However, through the site and app installed, you can generate the activation code to activate tubi tv online via

Tubi tv activate procedures include to first generate the tubi tv activation code on Roku/PS3/PS4, go to, enter the code on your TV screen, click on the submit button, select your TV cable provider’s network and login to activate tubi tv on the device. on Roku

Here is a step by step procedures to activate Tubi tv on Roku media player and how to generate Roku activation code.

1. Connect your Roku media streaming to your smart TV. You can use Samsung Smart TV if you have one.

2. From your TV Home screen on your TB browser Roku Menu

3. In the Roku Menu sub-category before the settings click on Streaming Channels Store

Tubi TV Activate

4. Click on the most popular category from the streaming channels store to download Tubi Tv on Roku.

Activate Tubi tv

5. Under the most popular category browser Movies  & TV or Top Free or Movies free TV.

6. You should see the Tubi TV Channel. And if it not available. Kindly use the search box and search for “Tubi” without quotes.

7. Click on Add Tubi TV Channel and add this service to your Roku home page so that you can easily access it when you want to generate the activation code for Roku.

Before you think of how to generate the Tubi tv activation code for Roku and enter the activation code on page when you sign in you first need to create Tubi tv Roku’s account.

Create a Tubi TV Account on Roku

Following the procedures above you’d have successfully added the Tubi app TV channel to your Roku media player successfully. However, what is left is to generate the Roku activation code and activate it on Therefore, here is how to create a Tubi TV account on Roku.

1. Navigate back to your Roku home page from the add channel interface we were from the above.

2. You will want to tap on Tubi TV app channel

3. Now, as a new user clicks on register to create your new account. But, if you are an existing user click on sign in. On PC or smartphone, you will be redirected to when you want to log in to your Tubi TV account.

Tubi TV Activate

4. Take note of the Roku activation code on your TV screen and write it somewhere.

5. Now, open a browser on your smartphone or your PC and go to

6. Click on sign in and you will be redirected to where you need to enter your Roku username and password and click on the sign. You can even log in to your Roku’s account using your Facebook login information.

7. Enter the Roku Activate code on your TV screen or the one you wrote down from step 4 above.

Now, you have to wait for some seconds for Tbui TV to confirm whether your Roku activate code is correct or not.

And if the activate code is correct, your Tubi account will be linked up with your Roku media player and you will be able to have access to the movies free TV on your Roku media player. Activate on PS4 & PS3 Guide

Don’t get it twisted. Game consoles such as PS4 can stream media online like Roku and Samsung Smart TV. However, if you own a PS3 or PS4 game console here is how to activate on it.

Here in this guide, we’ll make you access the PS3 or PS4 game console store to download Tubi TV app.

1. Power-on your PS3 or PS4 game console

2. From your PS3 or PS4 home screen navigate to PlayStation store

3. Now, navigate to Movies & TV  from the PlayStation store

4. Tap on Apps and click on All Apps and search for Tubi TV

5. Tap on the Start button under Tubi TV to start downloading the movies free app on your PS4.

Now, the Tubi tv app will be installed successfully on your game console. Activation Code for PS4

After you have installed the Tubi app next is to generate Tubi TV activation code PS4.

1. Wait for some couple of minutes for the PS4 game console to install the Tubi TV app.

2. Navigate back to the PlayStation store and click on Tubi TV app and click on sign in.

3. The PS4 activation code will be displayed on your TV screen

4. Now, navigate to 

tubi tv com activate

5. Enter your Tubi TV username and password and click on sign in

Once the correct Tubi TV activation code for PS4 is entered into the provided column you will start streaming free movies on your game console. on Samsung Smart TV

This is for Samsung Smart TV users to activate Tubi TV and stream movies free on charge.

1. Open your Samsung Smart TV and download Tubi TV app on it from the Samsung apps store.

2. Launch the Tubi TV app and sign in to your account. If you are a new user register for a new account.

3. Note the Tubi TV Samsung Smart TV activation code on your TV screen and proceed

4. Go to

5. Now, enter your Tubi tv username and password and log in to your Tubi tv account. Else, create a new account to associate with your Samsung Smart TV activation code.

Once this is done, Tubi TV free movies will be available to stream on your Samsun Smart TV.

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