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How to Fix Unable to Connect Samsung Server, Try Again Later

When can’t tell when our gadgets will start malfunctioning especially when browsing the internet or streaming our favourite movies. However, recently, the unable to connect Samsung server is one of these error codes or messages on Samsung TV such as server error AS400, AS401, and Samsung Smart TV server 116 error code.

Whenever you are experiencing the Unable to connect Samsung Server error 116 or AS400 or AS401 you will not be able to connect your Samsung smart TV to the internet.

However, there are various approaches to fix Samsung smart TV unable to connect to the server when browsing the internet. And in this guide, we will discuss all the possible solutions to fix this Samsung not connecting to the server when the internet service is enabled.

The general approach to fix Samsung unable to connect to the server include resetting your Samsung TV network and cold booting the Samsung TV.

I have tried a handful of methods to fix the unable to connect Samsung server and the server error was fixed.

Therefore, if the first method to fix the Samsung TV unable to connect to the server failed you, try the second attempt, and to the next attempt until the unable to connect Samsung server AS400 or AS401 or server 116.

Unable to connect Samsung server

Unable to Connect Samsung Server Background Check

Let’s quickly do a background check as to why the Samsung TV couldn’t connect to the server. If it’s a server problem, none of these fixes will work and you will need to wait until the server error is resolved on the Samsung server.

But if the error or why your Samsung cannot connect to the server is an external problem, that is, the problem has to do with your Samsung smart TV settings and firmware update.

However, here is the background check to carry out to know the state of the Samsung server.

  • Go to downdetector or other websites to check the status of a public and private server.
  • Select “Status.”
  • Search for “Smart Hub.”

For quick access, just go to this Downdetector webpage to find out the status of the Samsung smart hub server.

How to Fix Unable to Connect Samsung Server 

We will discuss various methods that can be used to fix Samsung smart TV unable and restore the Samsung TV to its working state.

Cold Boot your Samsung Smart TV

First, cold boot your Samsung Smart TV to discharge all stored charges in your TV since turning off your TV will put the TV in standby mode.

Check out how to find the Vizio TV power button and how to find a screw for your Vizio TV.

  • Turn off your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Unplug the TV from the wall socket.
  • Wait for about 5 minutes or more depending on how long you can wait.
  • Plug the TV back to the wall socket.
  • Turn on your Samsung smart TV.

Now, go back to your Samsung TV internet connection settings and connect to the internet to see whether the unable to connect Samsung server has been fixed.

Reset your Samsung Smart Network Settings

Unable to connect Samsung server is caused by your network connection or Samsung TV server. Therefore, resetting your Samsung TV network could also fix the Samsung error code 116.

  • Click on your Samsung TV source button.
  • Select “Settings” to the bottom right.
  • Scroll to “General” and press the “Enter” button.
  • Select “Network” when you scroll down.
  • Click on “Reset Network.

The process above will reset your Samsung smart TV network to the default settings. So, if you see the error message on your Samsung TV that says unable to connect Samsung server, try again later, resetting your Samsung TV could be what you need to do.

Change DNS Server

Next, we will change the Samsung TV DNS server if none of the steps above work to resolve the Samsung TV not able to connect to the server. Meanwhile, before you change your Samsung TV DNS check your router or hotspot to confirm that it’s working perfectly.

  • Turn on your Samsung Smart TV.
  • Press on the “Source”  button on your remote.
  • Press the left navigation button and press enter on “Settings.”
  • Choose “Network >> Network Status.”
  • Select “IP Address” and select “Enter.”
  • Scroll down to the DNS Settings Option and select enter Manually.
  • Input in the DNS column.
  • Save “Settings.”
  • Done.

The process above change your Samsung smart TV DNS settings from automatic settings to manual settings. Therefore, to confirm whether the network is working perfectly, navigate to the network settings and click on the network status.

Switch from Wi-Fi to Ethernet

Another possible solution is to switch from Wi-Fi connect to the ethernet to see whether the Samsung TV server error will still exist.

  • Disconnect your Samsung TV from the Wi-Fi or Hotspot it’s connected to.
  • Insert one end of the ethernet cable to your router and the other end to the Samsung TV.
  • Go to your Samsung TV settings >> network >> network status.

Once you are connected to the internet via your router ethernet [confirmed by the network status, open the web page or app that returns unable to connect Samsung server, try again later whether it has been fixed.

Refresh your Samsung Login

Refreshing your Samsung Smart TV login can solve all errors associated with your login detail. This includes your Samsung account login cache and other unforeseen login error you are likely going to encounter due to these caches.

  • Go to your Samsung Smart TV settings.
  • Navigate to “General >> System Manager.”
  • Choose “Samsung Account” >> My Account.”
  • Select the “Sign Out” option sign out your Samsung account from the device.
  • Restart the Samsung Smart TV using the TV remote.
  • Sign in to your Samsung account with your login username and password.

If the error message still appears, then. proceed to the next method.

Miscellaneous method to Fix Unable to Connect Samsung Server

I called this miscellaneous because Samsung didn’t notify users that it could cause the Samsung server error.

Follow all the processes above to fix the Samsung TV unable to connect to the server and sign in to your Samsung account on either your computer or mobile phone and agree to the updated terms and conditions.

After this, go back to the TV and the server connection error or problem will be fixed.

Update your Samsung Smart TV Firmware

Have you checked whether there is a new Samsung TV firmware available for your Samsung smart TV? If not, then, that might be where the problem comes from or the webpage or Samsung TV that returns unable to connect Samsung server cannot work with the firmware your Samsung Smart TV is currently running.

Therefore, we will discuss how to update Samsung Smart TV here.

  • Press the Source button on your Samsung Smart TV remote.
  • Select “Settings.”
  • Scroll and highlight “Support” and press the “Enter” button on your remote.
  • Choose “Software Update.”
  • Choose “Update Now” to see the latest firmware for your device.
  • If there is an update available, the TV will download it and install it on your PC. Once the update is completed, the Smart TV will restart automatically.
  • On the contrary, if there is no update available, you should see a message that you are running the latest firmware. 
  • To finalize the settings and download the Samsung TV firmware whenever the TV is connected to the internet, choose “Auto” and press the home button.

Advanced Methods to Fix Unable to Connect Samsung Server

Here we will discuss some advanced methods that can be used to fix the Samsung smart TV unable to connect to the server. Don’t try these methods as your Samsung TV will be restored to the default and wipe off all personal settings.

Reset your Samsung TV Smart Hub

Sometimes, what you only need to do to fix and restore your Samsung Smart TV is to reset the TV smart hub. So, if unable to connect Samsung server persists after all the processes above, consider resetting your Samsung TV smart hub to the default.

  • Press your Samsung TV menu or source button on the remote.
  • Navigate to the left, highlight “Settings” and press the “Enter”  button.
  • Select “Support” >> “Self Diagnosis.”
  • Scroll down to “Reset Smart Hub” and press enter.
  • Enter “0000″ as the default “PIN” to reset your Smart Hub.

But, if you have changed your default PIN from “0000″ to personal PIN, enter the personal PIN to reset your Samsung TV Smart Hub to default.

Now, once the process is completed and the Smart Hub has been reset, visit the source of the problem with Samsung can’t connect to the server to see whether the problem has been fixed.

Factory Reset your Samsung Smart TV

Did the unable to connect Samsung server persist? If yes, you may need to reset your Samsung TV to default.

  •  Press your Samsung Smart TV Home button on your remote
  • Navigate to the Settings 
  • Highlight and select General >> Reset (for older models, navigate go to the Settings >> Support >> Self Diagnosis >> Reset).

We have shared both easy and advanced methods to fix the unable to connect Samsung server connection problem and the miscellaneous approach that works. At this point, you should be able to fix your Samsung TV server connection problem.

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