How to Unblocked Movies Website from any Devices

The purposing of blocking access to movies site is what I don’t really know if not for pirating purpose. I often get pissed off when I want to watch a particular movie and the access to it is blocked. This is common in school settings where the school management blocked access to some online website such as Facebook Instagram, Twitter. In fact, all social media in general but I see no single reason why it should be blocked. As an adult, there should be a limitation to what management can control including how to live a campus life. However, when a specific website is blocked, such as movie websites you will not be able to watch movies on the site, even you will not be able to load a page on the site. The only solution will be for you to unblock the site. So, if you are pissed off and you want to unblocked movies there are some steps to take.

For a blocked website it means you cannot access the website with your server’s IP. It means that specific website is blocked from accessing the website. Even if a movie website is blocked on your IP you will not be able to access it. But there is a professional way of accessing a blocked website, including movies website. The fun is you will be able to access the website the moment you are able to change your IP from general IP to another specified IP address.

Here I have got a trick that works. All you just need to do is copy my trick to bypass all website with a blocked access to unblock it. This trick does not only work for a movie website it works for all websites. But to be specific, this method was first tested to unblocked a movie website and since then I have been using this approach to unblocked movies website even on my school network.

How to Unblocked Movies Website from any Devices

How to Unblocked Movies Website from any Devices

If you have a specific website where you watch and download movies and you discovered you have been blocked from access the website. You don’t need to be frustrated. It’s either your IP is banned or your IP is been blacklisted, and thus blocked your access from accessing the site. However, below are the known and popular ways I have used in the past to unblocked any websites and it works for a movie site.

Get a VPN Service

If you are an internet hustler I expect you to know about VPN. What is VPN? What is VPN used for? And how to use a VPN service? But for the sake of this post. Let me quickly tell you what is VPN.

VPN, which stands for a virtual private network is a service that helps mask your IP from your current location to a new or another location.

When you have been blocked from access a specific website on your IP you can use a new IP address from access the website through the help of a VPN service.

There is a paid and free VPN. Literally, I don’t trust a free VPN. The reliability might not be 100%. But if you can’t afford a paid VPN to unblocked movies website of your choice, you can get a VPN browser such as Epic Browser.

If you are new to Epic Browser…. Here is how to mask your old location with new location IP using an Epic browser.

How to Set up Epic Browser VPN to Unblocked Movies Site

Get it straight… There is no big deal in setting up the browser. But, what you need is to know what IP to use when you are browsing some movies website like Crackle, Tubi TV, Vimeo, YouTube and many others.

1. Download and install Epic browser on your computer here. For the offline installer, download it directly from here and then install it.

2. Launch the Epic browser with free VPN service you installed above. If I were you I’ll restart my PC but not really necessary. By default, your Epic browser will connect to US east coast.

3. Click on the VPN icon the upper right and click on the connection icon as shown below. From the displayed menu select the country you want to mask your location IP address to and connect.

How to Unblocked Movies Website from any Devices

Note: Do not forget ON epick browser free VPN option.

Once the grey icon on Epic browser changed to green as indicated above it means that your IP address has been successfully masked to that location. However, this means that you are no longer access the blocked site from your current IP address it now means you are accessing the blocked website from the new location you masked your IP address with.

With this, you can mask your IP address with any location on the list of unblocked movies website that has been blacklisted in your location. You can also use this approach to unblocked Facebook access in your location.

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