Best USB bootable software for PC

Evolution and advancement in technology have made room for USB bootable software for PC so you’ll no longer have to burn the entire system to a CD or DVD.

In the past days, to install an operating system or to create a rescue CD, we had no choice but to burn the entire system to a CD or DVD. Although we have nothing against CD / DVD, this method is intermittent, time-consuming and not easy to use while most manufacturers are on their way to bury a CD / DVD writer.

Fortunately, we have USB flash drives to save us. Easy to carry and comfortable to use. Also, we can reuse a USB flash drive, unlike CDs or DVDs, and after using it, we can format the drive and store something else on it. But to make USB bootable, we need a bootable program.

To help you create a bootable USB drive, we’ve picked ten best USB drivers for Windows / Mac

Why is a Bootable USB Drive more Convenient than a Bootable CD?

These devices can be reused as USB flash drives.

  • You do not need to buy new equipment every time while this is not the case with CDs – every time you need to purchase a new CD.
  • If you use a rewritable CD, its performance decreases as the rewrite increases.
  • Bootable USB has a much faster speed than a CD. Bootable device permits are a quicker boot.
  • These devices are portable. It can be carried around easily. Also, you can store the entire OS in your pocket.
  • These devices are highly reliable CD / DVD. Error-free data communication. These devices can catch errors during data transfer.
  • It is easy to expand these devices.
  • These devices are light in weight and small in use.
  • These devices can be installed and used efficiently.
  • Bootable devices take less time to boot.
  • These devices are cheaper than a CD / DVD writer.
Best Usb bootable softwares for PC
Best USB Bootable Software for Windows

USB Bootable Software for PC Creation Methods

With the help of EaseUS Windows backup software, you can create a bootable USB drive in two ways.

Create a Windows portable USB disk

Creating a portable USB is your first choice. All you have to do is download the useful system cloning tool and OS clone to your mobile device.

During the system cloning process, you can create a USB flash drive. You can run Windows from a USB drive at any time if you try to restore a broken system until the computer has not installed EaseUSTodo Backup.

 Step 1. Launch EaseUSTodo Backup. Expand the menu and click “System Clone” in the bottom position.

 Step 2. In the “System Cloning” window, the program will select the system partition and the boot partition by default. Simply choose a USB drive as the destination disk.

  • Click Advanced, then Create Windows USB Flash Drive. Click OK. “
  • Click “Continue”. The program will immediately start to copy the virtual partitions from the desktop/laptop to a USB drive. After the cloning process is finished, you can safely connect the USB drive.

Step 3. To boot the cloned system from the USB drive to other Windows devices, just connect the drive to the device. After calling, Wait for the computer to configure the system settings, and you will finally arrive at the desktop screen, which is just like the screen of the cloned system.

  • Put the username and password.

Completed. You should now enter the cloned system successfully.

WinPE-based USB Disk Creation

If you do not want to clone your system to an external device, all you have to do is export the data to your computer, and we advise you to create an emergency disk using EaseUSTodo Backup.

With this means, you are only allowed to boot into EaseUSTodo Backup even when your computer or laptop is not able to boot as normal. Once you boot into the backup program, you can back up data to an external device or copy files without Windows. Let’s see how to create this WinPE disk.

Easy to backup Todo

  • Create a bootable disk now
  • Set up a USB drive that can be written and read.
  • Run EaseUSTodo Backup and install it on Computer B
  • Open the tool and click Tools – Create an Emergency Disk.
  • Select “Create WinPE Emergency Disk.”
  • Select a bootable media type: Here, we choose a USB drive.
  • Click Continue to create a bootable disk.

Best USB bootable software for PC

1. Etcher

The main reason for building Etcher was to escape the complexity of specifying multiple options and settings with a different operating system. It takes just a few taps to convert your SD or USB card into a bootable drive. Supports Windows, Linux, and OS based on macOS. Etcher also has a professional variant that targets companies where more than 100 drives need to be flashed simultaneously.

2. Universal USB Installer

The name of this USB Downloader tells all things. This bootable USB software can be used in another OS like Linux etc. Several other USB drives such as security drives, other rescue drives, and bootable drives can also be created with this tool very comfortably. 

Unlike other bootable USB programs for Windows, this program features an OS selection feature from a drop-down menu that will make everything easier for users. That is why this program offers direct competition for other bootable USB programs. 

But one thing you should notice here for this program is that this program is about Linux users to offer the most appropriate features in its class. But, in short, the Universal USB Installer is an option that every user should try.

3. RMPrepUSB

Frankly, this tool is of no use to users who do not have much knowledge about the computer. This is because this tool is fully loaded with custom features that are not easy to use. 

We, therefore, recommend that you avoid or reject this option if you are new to this field. But for users who have good experience in this field, can use this program without any hassle. 

As mentioned, the features intended for this program make it easier for users to create a USB boot loader in pen drives and flash drives. Like Rufus, this program requires no installation. Windows 10 USB bootable software is available for free download and direct start from the .exe file.

4. UNetBootin

This program is specifically designed to create bootable Linux drives. So, if you are a Windows user, try overriding this program. Windows users can also create bootable USB drives with the help of this program, but it will become difficult for them. 

For Linux users, the available features are very easy to use. Linux users can create hassle-free bootable USB drives with just a few clicks. 

Another distinguishing feature of this program is that you can easily install any program onto direct bootable drives that are not included in other programs in this list. 

This is why UNetBootin is among the best bootable USB programs. We also recommend our valued users to use this software if they use Linux on their computers.

5. YUMI-Multiboot USB Creator

USB Creator: This program is developed by Universal USB Installer developers, and we are happy to inform you that this program is another perfect option in this list. Key features of this program include the ability to install more than two operating systems at one time. 

Another very good feature of this program, which we liked very much in this program, is that YUMI is able to create backup drives for antivirus software, camera drives, and other important drives. 

The user interface of this program is very light, which makes it easier to use for users. You must fill in all required fields in the popup window, followed by clicking on the “Create” option. 

Your USB boot loader will be created in the pen drive or flash drive within a few seconds. Therefore, it is a very good option regarding all the features and functions.

6. Win Setup From USB

This is our last pick on this list, and for sure, we can say this is another great choice for all Windows users. Both Windows and Linux users can use this software without any hassle. 

Users can easily create bootable drives for Windows and Linux. Moreover, other backup drives such as antivirus software drives can also be created very easily with this software. 

The user interface of this program does exactly the same as it was. For this reason, this program has gained a lot of popularity after its official launch. Moreover, with simple bootloader drives, users can create drives for other handy tools like Bootice, SIM Kit tool, FBInstTool, etc.

We hope we’ve been able to help you with this article. let us know in the comment section, your favourite USB bootable software for PC of all the seven listed in this post.

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