How to Download and Use Zoom Chrome Extension

Zoom Chrome extension makes holding meetings, joining scheduling meetings, recording screen, share the screen with participants faster without using Zoom desktop application or Zoom web on your computer.

If Chrome browser or Firefox is programmed to be your default browser on your computer you can download Zoom extension for Chrome. It’s a light plugin. The Zoom plugin for Chrome doesn’t take much space on your Chrome.

The Zoom extension for Chrome which is available in the Google Extension Store can be downloaded, installed, and use it to hold meetings like Zoom mobile or Zoom desktop. Here in this guide today, I will walk you through how to install the Zoom plugin on the Chrome browser and make the best use of the plugin to hold and manage your meetings.

Since the Zoom conference extension for Chrome is free for a concise number of meeting participants you should consider downloading it.

Download and Install Zoom Chrome Extension

Here is how to download the official Zoom scheduler extension for Chrome browser.

  • Go to Chrome Web Store.
  • Click on “Extension” on the navigation bar.Extension store
  • Type “Zoom Scheduler” on the search box and click on the “Enter” button.Scheduler
  • Click on “Add to Chrome” to download.Add to Chrome
  • Click on “Add Extension” from the popup.Zoom Chrome Extension
  • The Zoom extension will be downloaded and installed on your Windows PC.

Now that you have successfully downloaded and installed the Zoom conference plugin for Chrome browser here is how to use the extension.

PIN Zoom Extension on Navigation Bar on Chrome

If you do not want to spend the whole day search for the Zoom extension on your Chrome browser it’s better to PIN extension.

  • Launch your Chrome browser.
  • Click on “Extension” to the top right.Extension
  • Click on the “PIN” icon before the “Zoom Scheduler” extension.PIN Zoom Scheduler
  • Done

The Zoom extension will be PINNED and made available on your browser’s navigation bar.

How to Log in to Zoom Account on Chrome Extension

This is the start of using the Zoom extension for Chrome browser. After you have installed the plugin, the next thing to do is to log into your Zoom account using the plugin.

  • Click on the “Zoom Scheduler” extension on the Chrome navigation bar.Zoom extension
  • Type your email address, password, and click on “Sign in”. You can also create a new account or sign in to your account using other approaches such as sign in with Google or sign in with SSO.Login Zoom on Chrome extension
  • Done.

You will be logged into your Zoom scheduler account where you will be able to start a new meeting, join meetings, and have access to some of the basic features of the Zoom desktop or Zoom web even the Zoom mobile.

How to Start a Meeting with Zoom Chrome extension

Here is your quick guide to starting a meeting with all the participants using the Zoom conference extension for Chrome browser.

  • Click on the Zoom scheduler camera icon on your browser.Zoom extension
  • Click on “Start Meeting” and select “With video Off” Or “with video On” depending on your choice.Join Zoom Meetings
  • Click on “Open Zoom Meetings” in the new tab will open in your Chrome browserOpen Zoom Meeting
  • The Zoom conference extension will launch the Desktop app if installed or web interface.Zoom Connecting
  • That is all. Your meeting will commence instantly with your PC camera launched and everything other things put in place in your Zoom account.

The Zoom Chrome extension makes it easy to start a meeting with either Zoom for desktop or Zoom web. However, whichever wa, the Zoom extension is a great choice for Chrome browser users.

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