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When you want to start a business in Utah you first need to make sure that the business name in your state is available before you proceed to register and form your Liability Limited Company (LLC) or before you contact companies like Zen Business to help you start your business from scratch to the functioning level. This is because the state has the right to deny your LLC name if someone else has registered it. However, the Utah business entity search is just a simple process that you don’t have to pay for.

Although there are some principles that you need to follow when you are searching for your business name in Utah before you proceed to apply for your LLC. If you follow the due process your LLC application will not be denied. But if you aren’t sure of how you can search for your business entity in Utah the state can come for your submitted name and turn down the offer to approve it.Utah business entity search

Utah LLC Business Name Guidelines

Utah is not different from other states. They also have some restricted guidelines that all business names must meet. You need to follow these guidelines if you want your business name to be approved by the state.

Before your LLC business name can be approved in Utah it must include “limited liability company” or either of these acronyms (LLC or L.L.C). Your business name must not be confusing the Utah LLC and the government agency. It must be distinct and should easily be identifiable.

However, just like the way you must include LLC or L.L.C. in your Utah business name you cannot include words like bank, insurance, university and others unless it is approved by the state authorities.

It is worth noting that your name must also be distinct from existing business names to avoid confusion.

Utah Business Entity Search

Once you know the basic guidelines you need to follow for the state of Utah business entity search then the search can begin. In Utah, you need to visit the Department of Commerce’s Division of Corporations and Business Code Website.

While on the website you need to enter the Business entity name you want to search and prefer and then hit the search button. You can repeat this process for similar names you choose to see if there is a business name that bears that. However, if your business name search entity matches another or existing name you would need to think of another name and then search for it and see that it’s available to register.

Now that your name is available. You need to visit the US Patent and Trademark Office to make sure that the business name you selected isn’t trademarked because you cannot use it if it’s trademarked.

State of Utah Business Entity Search

If you are worried about the state of Utah business entity search here are some things to put under consideration when you are searching for your LLC business name.

With the following you can search for Utah business name.

  • Business Name
  • ID Number or Entity Number
  • Executive Name

Utah Business Entity Search by Business Name

The most commonly used method is to search for Utah business name is pre-assumed business namee. This is because it’s the easiest and it doesn’t require an cost to do.

So, to start with, you need to navigate to the Utah business name search portal and enter the business name you have in your mind.

Once you typed the business name you then need to click on the search button and wait for all possible results whether the name is registered and trademarked or not.

You will see each of the entities containing all the words you used in the search page. From there, you can search through the entire list and see if the business name you searched is available.

You will also see the status whether it’s active or expired, the business type whether it’s limited liability compay or DBA or whether the busines name is reserved. To know more about each of the name you just need to click on the details link oppoite the business and you will see everything you need to know about the business name.

This is where you will know whether to push further or keep search for another business name. You will see the registration date and the last time renewal date. You will also see the status and the purcahse of certificate of existence.

State of Utah Business Entity Search by Entity Number

To get the best and accurate search result you need to search by Utah entity number. Since only one number is assigned to each business in Utah it makes it easy to search by it. So, to start with, you need to go to the Utah online business name entity search and type the entity number or ID number on the search box and click search by number.

You will see the result of the entity number your provided. All information that has to do with the number will come up on the page including the status, type whether it’s limited liabilty company or corporations or DBA and options to see more details about the entity number you provided.

While on the final page of the details page you will see the decription, history (view file documents) and where to update the business.

Utah Business Entity Search DBA by Executive Name

To search for your Utah entity business name by executive you need to choose the “Executive Name” option on the “Search by” navigation. Once you choose the executive name option you then need to type the executive name and hit the search button. This option attract a processing fee of $3.00 to complete the order or process otherwise the search will not be completed.

Domain Name Registration

In case you want to register your business domain name you need to check whether the domain name you are routing for is available or not. You may need to use a domain search tool to search for your preferred domain name and the extension.

Once you can confirm that the domain name is available in the most recognized extensions like “.org, .net, .com, and others”, you can proceed to your preferred domain registrar like GoDaddy, Namecheap, etc., to register your domain name.

Meanwhile, registering a domain name incurs fees which differ from registrar to registrar but usually fall between $15 to $25 depending on the domain extension that you choose.

Utah LLC Name Registration or Reservation

At this point, you must have fulfilled all obligations such as making sure that your business name is available in Utah, it’s not trademarked and you have your domain name available for registration. The next thing to do is to either reserve the name for registration or go ahead to register it.

In Utah, you have the privilege to reserve the business name for up to 120 days. You can reserve your Utah LLC business name here. Or, you can make it formal and register your LLC business name without reserving it.

If you choose to reserve your Utah business name entity after the search it will give you more time to think whether it’s the right name for your business or you want to change it. But, if you are convinced and you have no reason to change it later you can proceed to register it.

However, once you are done with the LLC registration you should also consider to trademark the business name with the US Patent Office to protect it in Utah state and throughout the entire country.

Register Tax ID/EIN with the IRS

You need an EIN number which identify your business for tax purposes. An EIN is a nine-digit number you need to pay your tax at when due. However, the process to fill for your EIN for a limited liability company is direct and you can do it online. With hust $79 you can register your Utah EIN corporations for your Tax ID with Swyft Filings.

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