All about Video Octopus Video Downloader

Video Octopus is a Video downloader chrome extension with exclusive software that allows you to download any video from any website you wish. The Video Downloader by Video Octopus is a well-known Chrome extension by So, here in this post, you will get to know all about Video Octopus Video downloader.

What is Video Octopus?

Video Octopus was formerly referred to as Video Downloader – Video Octopus. It used to have about 271, 147 weekly active users and an average rating of about 4.81 before it was deleted from Chrome Web Store a year ago.

Video Octopus Video Downloader has similar features to Video Downloader professional and Video Downloader Plus. The previously published version was 1.0.14, which was updated just a year ago.

With this plugin, you can download any video of choice from thousands of websites in various quality and lengths and save it directly to your disk. Let’s get started!Video Octopus Video Downloader

Features of Video Octopus Video Downloader

In case you are new to Video Octopus Video Downloader, here are its features that you should know:

  • It works on almost all websites and not just on certain sites alone, thanks to the software technology it’s incorporated with.
  • Video Octopus can also detect TS videos, allowing you to download them in various sizes as mp4.
  • You can detect and download m3u8 (ts), mp4, mp3, WebM, Flv, MOV, and Ogg video formats on the page with Video Octopus.
  • You can see the duration, size, image quality, and format of any video before downloading it.
  • It allows you to also preview it before downloading any video from any website. 
  • It offers a fast and practical use that enables you to download the video played with just one click
  • Videos are not downloaded from YouTube due to the privacy policies and terms of conditions of Google and YouTube. However, you can go ahead to download and save any video you want on any other website.
  • It supports various languages such as English, German, Spanish, Russian, and Turkish.
  • Video Octopus is a very reliable and free video downloader.
  • It’s the fastest and most practical video downloader for Chrome.
  • You don’t have to create an account before you can use Video Octopus, which offers a free online video download service. All you have to do is simply add the plugin to your browser. That’s all!
  • Quick communication in case there is any issues, comments, or complaints.

These are the amazing features of Video Octopus Video downloader you should know. Suppose you are tired of intrusive commercials or disrupting video uploads on a cozy movie night. In that case, all you simply have to do is install the Online Video Downloader by Video Octopus plugin quickly.

Video Octopus Video Downloader

How to Download Video Octopus Video Downloader

Video Octopus by Video Downloader is available for download but you need to be careful when installing it.

Video Octopus saves you time, immortalizes your moments, and solves your issues. This extension was developed with special software by a group of professional and expert teams, putting the needs and expectations of the users a priority. 

You can join thousands of Video Octopus users now and choose it as your most preferred video downloader tool to save time, energy, and the internet for outstanding and original video download adventure!

Install Video Octopus from a ZIP file, follow the steps below:
  • Download and uncompress the Video Downloader by Video Octopus ZIP file to a directory you desire.
  • Go to chrome://extensions in the Chrome browser.
  • Turn on Developer mode, and tap on the Load Unpacked button.
  • Choose the directory with the uncompressed ZIP files from step 1.

Now, Video Downloader by Video Octopus has been installed successfully on your browser.Video Octopus Video Downloader

Risk Impact of Downloading Video Octopus Video Downloader

When downloading Video Downloader by Video Octopus, you need to be very careful as it requires a series of risky permissions that can harm your browser and steal your data.

Ensure you take precautions while installing this extension. Review carefully before installing and be sure you trust the publisher before installation.

Risk impact helps to measure the level of additional permissions an extension has access to. A low-risk impact extension can’t do so much harm, while a high-risk impact extension can do a lot of damage such as stealing your password, bypassing your security settings, and getting access to your data. High-risk impact extensions are not compulsorily malicious. However, if they eventually turn malicious, they can be very harmful.

Video Octopus Video Downloader

The risk likelihood is determined by the publisher and the Chrome extension’s reputation on the Chrome Web Store, the duration of time the Chrome extension has been around, and other signals about the Chrome extension.

Although, the algorithms are not perfect and can change as discoveries to detect malicious extensions are being made. We recommend that you always take precautions when installing a Chrome extension, especially the ones with higher risk impact and/or higher risk likelihood.

This is all you need to know about Video Octopus. Do we hope this guide has been able to enlighten you on how to go about downloading and installing Video downloader by Video Octopus? Feel free to drop in your comment in the section below.

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