Fix Visual Voicemail not Working on Android

If you are an Android user who frequently receives “something went wrong” or “visual voicemail not working” errors, or if you can’t connect to visual voicemail on your Android, you are in the right spot for a solution. This article will show you how to fix visual voicemail not working on Android easily. 

An efficient tool called Visual Voicemail makes it simpler and faster for users to check their voicemail. The days of having to fight through listening to dozens of them to find a particular message are long gone.

Users can quickly scan through messages and spend less time handling them thanks to visual voicemail. This kind of approach isn’t flawless, though, and you might make mistakes along the road.

These fixes offer guidance on how to solve the visual voicemail not working on your Android as well as some pointers for situations in which you might think that the operating system or cellular provider is to blame for the visual voicemail faults.

However, it should be noted that both first-party and third-party visual voicemail Android apps can benefit from the tips and fixes on this page.

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visual voicemail not working

What Is Visual Voicemail?

A voicemail is a message left by a caller when they can’t reach you or are on the phone with someone else. The visual voicemail app searches for all voicemails on a user’s phone and displays a list of them.

People used to call their inboxes in the days before visible voicemails and then listen to their voicemails in the chronological order that they received them. It was not possible to pick and choose which voicemails to hear or skip.

To navigate through, erase, or replay a voicemail, they had to listen to given instructions that told them which digits to push on their keypads. Overall, it was a frustrating user experience and a slow procedure.

Visual voicemail programs now consolidate all of a person’s voicemails onto one list for them. The users can then choose which voicemail they want to hear by scrolling through the list.

Text messages can be created from voicemails using features like transcription. Users can now read their voicemails rather than listen. Considerably better, don’t you think?

Many people and businesses now operate more productively because of the introduction of visual voicemail. Once you can listen to your voicemails in any sequence, you save a ton of time.fix Visual Voicemail not Working on Android

Why is Android Visual Voicemail not Working?

If you are asking yourself, “Why is my Android visual voicemail not working?” Here are several potential causes of the visual voicemail issue including what could be your Verizon Visual Voicemail problem.

Android visual voicemail apps frequently stop working properly due to the following:

  • Carrier issue (out of your control).
  • Your carrier is not connected to you.
  • You might not have gotten in touch with Verizon to activate the service because Verizon owns the app.
  • There are no appropriate permissions established for the Visual Voicemail application to operate in the background.
  • Your mobile data might be disabled.
  • In the bush, where cellular reception is spotty, you could be out of reach.
  • It’s possible that you were using an outdated application that is incompatible with the upgraded Android.
  • Files for the Visual Voicemail application are corrupt or missing.
  • The voicemail box is full.
  • The operating system or a particular program is outdated.

Usually, these problems are very simple to resolve.

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fix Visual Voicemail not Working on Android

How to ix Visual Voicemail not Working on Android

Below are various steps to take to fix the visual voicemail error on your Android phone if the visual voicemail isn’t working.

Enable Mobile Data

If your device’s mobile data is not enabled, the visual voicemail app might not function properly. Mobile data is fairly simple to enable. Follow the steps below:

  • From the top of your screen, scroll down.
  • To activate your mobile data, click the mobile data icon under the choices.
  • If you’d prefer to connect over Wi-Fi, you can also turn on the Wi-Fi button.

You can now use your visual voicemail application. This should fix Visual Voicemail not working on Android issues. Try the next fix below if this still doesn’t work.

Restart your Phone

When a problem arises with your device, this is typically one of the initial actions to do. Your RAM is cleared, and any short-term problems that might be the error’s cause are resolved.

The majority of small hiccups caused by some backend processes or apps can be resolved simply by restarting your phone. Alternatively, you might turn your phone into Airplane mode and then back again. Similar to rebooting your smartphone, this works. The methods below involve how to restart your Android device:

  • Press down the ON/OFF button on the side of your smartphone.
  • To turn the device off and on, click Restart.

Take a look at your visual voicemail. Right now, it ought to work. Examine the solutions below if the issue persists.

Allow Visual Voicemail Background Data Usage

Setting background processes for an application varies depending on the device and carrier. Consequently, the following describes how to enable the use of background data for Visual Voicemail.

Follow these easy steps to enable background data usage for the visual voicemail apps:

  • Open the Settings app on your phone after unlocking it, then select the Apps panel.
  • Go to “Applications” or “More Settings” and select “App Manager” now (depending on the phone model you have, this step may be different).
  • Several system applications and those you’ve downloaded on your Android phone will be visible there.
  • Tap on the “Visual Voicemail” app you find by scrolling and searching for it.
  • Next, select “Mobile Data”.
  • On that page, turn on “Allow background data usage.”

Try the Visual Voicemail software. Now, everything ought to function properly. This should fix Visual Voicemail not working on Android issues.fix Visual Voicemail not Working on Android

Clear Cache and Data on Visual Voicemail

Low memory space may be the cause of the “Visual voicemail not working” problem. You may make room on your Android device by deleting garbage files and the cache of unused apps. Additionally, it removes mistakes and deletes the app’s temporary files. Follow these procedures to remove the cache for the visual voicemail app:

  • From the Application drawer, select “Settings”.
  • Select “Apps” from the settings by scrolling down.
  • You can either click “Visual Voicemail” in the list of apps or expand it.
  • Now select “Storage” from the menu, and then select “Clear Cache.”
  • Now, return and click on “Manage Space”, and also tap “Clear All Data.”

The cache for the visual voicemail has now been cleared. Try resetting the app if this fix still doesn’t work for you. 

Reset the Visual Voicemail App

Your voicemails won’t be deleted if you reset the visual voicemail app. Only the app will be reset, and all app data will be removed. Follow these simple steps to reset the app:

  • Find the Visual Voicemail app in the list of apps under Settings and just click it.
  • Click Force Stop when the App Info window appears, and then confirm your choice if a pop-up appears.
  • You must now clear the app’s data after forcing it to quit.
  • Return to the App Info page and select Storage.
  • Click the Clear Data button to restart the app fully.

Open your voicemail app now, and then follow the on-screen directions. To make sure the issue has been resolved, test it out. This should fix Visual Voicemail not working on Android issues.

Reset Network Settings

On an Android phone, a network manager is responsible for the overall network system. A general reset might be used to troubleshoot the network connectivity for certain apps when it becomes corrupted. Find out here how to reset the network settings on an Android phone:

  • Go to “Settings” after unlocking your phone.
  • Now, select “General Management” or “System” settings by swiping down the settings menu.
  • Tap the “Reset” tab after that, followed by “Reset Network Settings.”
  • Your network settings will be restored to default when you confirm the reset

This should fix Visual Voicemail not working on Android issues. If not, try out the next fix. 

Disable Call Forwarding to Another Number or Device

If you have a data connection enabled but are not receiving Visual Voicemail, call forwarding to another number may be enabled. The call is forwarded when call forwarding is turned on before it is put to voicemail.

  • Dial *73 or *920 in the Phone app to stop call forwarding on your number.
  • Now, voicemails will be delivered to your phone directly.

Disable and Enable Visual Voicemail 

Switching between Visual Voicemail can also guarantee the resolution of any software bugs. Follow the steps below to turn Visual Voicemail ON/OFF:

  • Open “Phone” by selecting it in the Application drawer.
  • Tap on the three vertical dots in the top-right corner.
  • Choose “Settings” from the menu that has dropped.
  • Select the “Voicemail” tab from the call settings menu.
  • If the Visual Voicemail is currently OFF, turn it ON now.

This should fix Visual Voicemail not working on Android issues.

Update Visual Voicemail App

It’s a good idea to update your apps frequently. Apps that are out of date could cause problems for your smartphone because they are incompatible with it. Update your visual voicemail app to fix the issue if it’s out of date.

It’s simple to update your visual voicemail app. To do this, follow the steps below:

  • Click on the account icon in the top right corner of the Google Play Store app after opening it.
  • Go to Manage Apps and Device, then click on it.
  • To see whether there are any updates available, click Updates Available.
  • Click Update if the visual voicemail app requires upgrades.

If no updates are available, kindly move on to the following fix.

Update your Android Operating System

Your phone and its apps will experience issues if your Android version is out of date. Regular OS updates ensure that your Android smartphone operates at its best. Use these methods below to update your operating system:

  • Choose Software Update from Settings by opening it.
  • Select Download and Install if an update is available.
  • To start the software update, click Download.
  • Await the OS installation.

You can test the visual voicemail app after updating and installing it. It must function properly.

We hope that after reading this post and trying out the fixes mentioned, your Visual Voicemail issue has been resolved and is functioning as it should. However, if the voicemail isn’t working yet then you might need to contact your network carrier.

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