Weslie Fowler Father, Age, Career, and Net Worth

Very few celebrity kids have been able to pull off what Weslie fowler has done at the age of 12. Presently, Weslie had becomes an internet sensation coupled with the fact that she is a celebrity kid. 

However, It is safe to say that her sudden rise in social media followers was due to the popularity of her mom(Allison Holker), who is a dancer, actress, and a "so you think you can dance star".

Presently, she has grown the page to over 100k Instagram followers.

Currently, she earns from her Instagram page and her bracket business which she started with her friend Preslie Presently, Weslie fowler's net worth is yet to be determined since still very young and the custody of her account are mostly in the hands of her parents.

Weslie Renae fowler who is mostly known as Wesley fowler was born on the 26th of May 2008 in the united states of America, she is of a white ethnic group and has American citizenship.

Her mom is the popular “so you think you can dance” star: Allison Renae Holker Boss, unfortunately, information about her dad is yet to be revealed to the public since they’ve decided to keep it discreet.

Luckily her mom met someone that would later become her husband who was also a dancer. His name is Stephen Laurel “tWitch” Boss. He partook in the so you think you can dance competition and come second. Probably their interest and shared similar experiences made it easier to connect.

Luckily they are still married today and their union is blessed with two children named Maddox Laurel Boss and Zaia Boss, however, they are both step-siblings to Weslie fowler since they are from different fathers.

Early Life & Education

Weslie Fowler

Weslie most likely had some rough patches growing up with only her mom since there was little to no report stating that the dad had any hands in supporting her. probably he did and we don’t know about it.

Luckily for her, it didn’t take long before things changed since her mom met with Stephen Laurel two years after giving birth to Weslie.

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It didn’t take long before Weslie had someone she could call a father since Stephen Laurel decided to adopt her after marrying her mom.

Currently, Weslie is pursuing her education at a local high school. However, the name of the high school is undisclosed for now.


Weslie Fowler

While still schooling Weslie fowler is making waves as an internet sensation after her parents posted her picture n Instagram. Probably due to the popularity of her mom who was a “so you think you can dance” star.

however, that is not all she does. since she doesn’t have a focused career path however she has been able to achieve some level of success by dabbling into various niches like modelling, Dancing, and being a social media influencer

Currently, she has over 100k followers and she posts pictures of herself on the page Instagram page which is controlled by her parents.

Also, Fowler and her friend named Preslie launched a small bracelet company WesNpress and they announced that 10% of the profits will be used to help against sex trafficking.

Weslie Renae Fowler Biological Father

Stephen tWitch Boss is Weslie Renae’s biological father. She was born on the 26th of May, 2008. Boss then adopted Weslie and they both shared a special bond.

Renae recently gained admission into a high school at 14. Weslie Renae is good-looking and really looks calm. She is doing fine with her adopted father, Stephen Boss.

Weslie Boss Dad

 Stephen “tWitch” Boss is Weslie Boss’ Dad. Stephen tWitch was born on the 29th of September 1982 in Montgomery, AL. He’s known as a famous runner-up in the “So You Think You Can Dance” season IV.

Allison Holker Daughter Weslie Dad

Allison Holder is the biological mother of Weslie Renae Fowler. She had her with her previous partner before she met Stephen Boss [late at 40].

Weslie is not Stephen Boss’ biological daughter. Stephen, now Weslie’s Dad adopted her after marrying the famous dancer and choreographer, Allison Holker.

Weslie Fowler Net Worth

Since Weslie makes money from her social media page and her bracelet business called WesNpress. However, her page is fully managed by her mom since she is still young. But it will be unwise to cut her off the platform since the account has been able to gather over 100k followers. 

Currently, Welie fowler’s net worth is yet to be estimated, however, her mom Allison Holker has an estimated net worth of $500,00 while her dad Stephen “tWitch” Boss has an estimated net worth of $5 million.

Wesley Fowler Family

Weslie Fowler

Alison Holker, formerly known as Allison fowler first met with Boss in Dancing with the Stars‘ seventh season competition. As ta the time they met, Fowler already had Wesley and she was two years old.

Usually, it’s always a challenge for men to get married to single mothers. However, the case of Stephen Boss was quite different. It was reported that Boss was being careful by not initially hanging out with fowler although he was building some memories with her. It was after six months that he started taking her on private dates. This gave both parties ample time to get to know each other. 

after two years of courtship Boss and Howler got married legally, which happened in the year 2013. Later on, he adopted Wesley fowler as his child.

Weslie Fowler Biological father: Stephen Boss

Stephen Boss is Weslie Fowler’s biological father. Boss is an American freestyle hip hop dancer, choreographer, actor, television producer, and television personality. Boss came second in the American “So You Think You Can Dance” in 2008.

Following the birth of Wesley fowler. Her mom raised her, however digging back at the past, No one knew who was the biological father of Allison Holker, since Allison has decided to keep it discreet 

Her daughter once said, her real dad is of white ethnicity, while some other sources also said her dad was engaged with her at the time of the daughter’s birth, however, we don’t know what exactly happened between them.

But luckily for Weslie, her stepdad has decided to take full responsibility for her, by adopting her as his stepdaughter. 

Weslie’s new dad Stephen Boss currently has two kids with Alison Holker while Wesley is the third and eldest.

Weslie Fowler Mother

Weslie Fowelrs’s mom currently known as Allison Holker, not Allison fowler started her early life in Orem, Utah. It was during her stay at The Timpanogos High School that she began developing an interest in dancing. At that period, she was just 9. Following her stay in school she joined the Dance club at Orem where she partook in professional training.

During this period she honed her skills in contemporary, tap, ballet, and jazz and It all paid off when she got noticed internationally in the opening and closing commemorations of the 2002 Winter Olympics. However, that didn’t stop there as she got worldwide popularity following her performance in the second season of the reality dance competition show, So You Think You Can Dance.

She participated again in the second season of the reality dancing competition show So You Think You Can Dance in 2006. After achieving some level of success in dancing, she ventured into acting. 

Presently, she’s had a pretty successful career after being recognized for her role in the Make Your Move film where she acted as Gina. in addition, she also appeared on tv series like House in 2011 and Hit the Floor from 2013 to 2014.

Weslie Fowler Siblings

After Allison fowler got married to Stephen’s boss on December 10, 2013, it didn’t take too long before he adopted Welie fowler and made her his child, 

Currently Stephen Boss and Alison Hockey have two kids named Maddox (born on March 27, 2016) and a sister named Zaia (born on 3rd November 2019). it was reported that initially, Stephen wanted to give birth to about 7 kids but when saw the birth process he decided to fall back on two, who know they might still give birth to more.

Weslie Fowler BoyFriend

At the age of 13, it is probably too young for Weslie to have a boyfriend. However, she doesn’t have one yet. Probably he is quite busy growing her Instagram page, Improving her dancing skills.

With all these activities, it will be pretty hard for her to satisfy the needed amount of time a relationship needs.

Weslie Fowler Age

Being the eldest child and firstborn of Allison Holker, Weslie is a celebrity kid most celebrity parents would be proud of having achieved a social media influencer status coupled with business at the young age of 13.

However, she is getting matured gradually since she will be 14 in a few days. Her birth date is May 26th, 2008.

Weslie Renae Age

Weslie Renae was born on the 26th of May 2008. Renae’s age is 14 years old in 2022. Weslie made her first appearance on Instagram in 2015. Weslie’s Instagram account was managed by her parent and garnered over 100,000 followers through her photos and modelling picture.

Renae has two siblings, a half-brother and a half-sister, Maddox and Zaia, born in 2016 and 2019 respectively.

Weslie Fowler Bio Dad

No one knows  Weslie Fowler bio dad since her biological mother, Allison Holker didn’t make the revelation after her later husband, DJ Stephen Boss adopted her [Weslie] legally. We can however say that Weslie Fowler bio dad is Stephen Boss.

Weslie Fowler Height & Weight

Looking at Weslie fowler’s picture of standing with her mom, it seems as though there is little to no difference in their height since Weslie stands at the height of 4 feet and 7 inches which is equivalent to (1.39m/139cm). In addition, Weslie fowler has a bodyweight of 81lbs or 37kg. 

Presently she has blue eyes, while her hair is light brown.

Weslie Fowler Instagram

Weslie is currently a social media star. All this happened when her parents opened a social media account for her and it started gaining followers at an unusual rate. Probably it was because of her mom’s popularity since she was an established tv reality star.

Following this scenario, it is correct to say she is too young to be on social media, but her Mom currently manages her social media account lifting the burden of figuring out how to deal with her 100k plus followers.

Currently, she has over 100k followers and she’s been through some challenges with her mom’s TikTok followers such as the one listed below.

Weslie Fowler Dressing 

Months ago, Allison shared a video on her Tiktock handle which showed her daughter wearing a black T-shirt

The video received a lot f criticism. a handful of her follower complained about the fact that Weslie dresses like a boy.

Surprisingly, Weslie responded quite maturely by saying 

“Patriarchy is dead. Just because I don’t wear dresses and bright pink doesn’t mean I’m dressing like a boy. This is my style and I necessarily wear comfy clothes and darker colors, and just because I dress like that, doesn’t mean I’m dressing like a boy.”

Before posting it, she showed her mom, who was super proud of her that she confided in her. 

Despite all the criticism, Weslie hopes to launch her clothing line soon since she once said “I want to get big in the fashion department. I’ve always loved makeup, clothing, fashion, hair.”

NameWeslie Fowler
Full NameWeslie Renae Fowler
Date of Birth May 26, 2008
Biological FatherUnknown
FatherStephen tWitch Boss
MotherAllison Holker
SiblingsMaddox & Zaia
Weslie Fowler Profile Table

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