What Do no Location Found Mean

If you are here looking for “what do no location found means on My Friend App”, you are not alone. We are in the same shoe so we won’t let it go without telling you what it means.

You may see no location found when you tried to track some of your friends or you want to connect with your family members and you are seeing this message location found, well, I am happy to tell you that it’s nothing to be scared of.

In most cases, there are one of two settings that you need to adjust to having your way.

While you might not be aware of some of them. I will be explaining “what do no location found mean” to you in this article and what you need to do about it once you encounter such a message on your Apple device.

That being said, let’s delve into some of the reasons why you keep seeing no location found on your Apple device when you are trying to track a friend.

What Do no Location Found Mean

The no location found error comes up on the My Friend App when you are trying to track the location of your family member or your friends on iDevices. Seeing this message might make you confused thinking about what could have possibly gone wrong. Well, you don’t need to. 

There are a few reasons why you are seeing this. And Below I will be breaking down all of them 

  • The iPhone of the person you are tracking isn’t connected to the internet or it is unstable
  • The device of the person you are trying to connect to is switched off
  • The current location of the person you are trying to track is located in a region where Apple doesn’t offer the location feature
  • Either your device or the person you are trying to connect to has the wrong date and time
  • Maybe the person you are trying to connect to has hidden their location by turning it off
  • It might be technical or software-related issues with your iPhone.
  • Either you or your friend has turned off Sharing location which in turn affects the find My app

Now that you are armed with all these let us break down the series of things you can do to troubleshoot this issue.

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How to Fix no location Found on Apple Devices

what do no location found mean

Now that you’ve tried everything you can do to track the location of your friends and family and you seem not to figure it out, here is how you can fix the “no location found” mean

1. Ensure the GPS is Turned on

Nowadays GPS is used in a wide range of applications to track the location of devices. It gives a more reliable location when compared to other methods such as Wi-Fi.

However, you might have to switch it off due to the rate at which your battery runs down and you’ve forgotten to turn it back on.

Also, it could be that you rarely use it. It is okay.

The thing is, turning off the GPS doesn’t necessarily affect your Find My Friend from locating other phones. 

However, it could make it less accurate. 

NB: the same thing also applies to the friend you are trying to track.

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If you haven’t turned it ON, you should switch it on by following the instruction below.

  • Go to Settings.
  • Next, tap on the Privacy option of the mobile phone.
  • Next, tap “Location Services” and turn it on. Doing this turns on your GPS 

After doing all this, you shouldn’t be stuck with what do no location found means. However, if you are still seeing this message, proceed to the next step

2. Restart & Login back onto the App

restsrt and login back unto the app

One of the simplest things you can do once you are seeing the “no location found” message is to simply force close and restart the app. In some instances, it could be a bug or the network where you stay is flaky.

Force closing the app will clear out any session memory which can be causing this issue while bringing it back to a normal state.

Doing this also works depending on what is causing the “no location found”

If after doing this you are still stuck with “what do no location found means”, try to check the time and date

3. Check the Date and Time

This issue is synonymous with you and your friend. 

If the time and date on your Device are set wrongly or that of your friend’s phone is set wrongly. You can experience this error message when trying to track the location of your friend

This alone can obstruct you from tracking your friend’s location using Find my Friends. But then, you only have to adjust the settings to automatic in your phone and your friend to resolve this issue.

Here is how you can do that

  • Go to “Settings” on your phone or your friend’s iPhone.
  • Navigate to “General” and tap on it
  • locate “Time and Date” and tap it.
  • Now, change the date settings to “Set Automatically
  • Once you do this, the date would be set based on the network and time zone

If you are still stuck with “what do no location found mean” after going through all the troubleshooting steps below,

4. Reboot your Device

Rebooting your device isn’t rocket science since anybody can do that. In addition, rebooting clears all session memory altogether that could have been affecting the app

5. Turn on Share my Location

you have not turn on share my location

Another common reason why you are getting this error message is either you have disabled sharing your location or your friend has done the same.

To check if it is from your end simply follow the guidelines below

  • Go to Settings 
  • Scroll down till you see iCloud Setting. Tap on it
  • Now tap Location Services and toggle “Share My Location”
  • If your friend hasn’t done that you can share this page with them or simply help him in doing that.

6. Check if your Friend stays in an Unsupported Region

This might be a less likely issue since all your family members and friends might be located in the same country. But in the scenario here, your friend travelled to another country and you struggle to track his/her location, you are better off calling or sending a message to ask about their whereabouts

No Location Found Vs Available

no location found vs availbale

Both error message occurs due to network-related issue. However, the No location available error can come when the device is in dire need of an update. 

If you are experiencing No location Available and you have gone through all the steps listed above then you should try updating the OS of your iPhone device.

However, you should endeavour to thoroughly check the network or reset it all over by navigating to Settings -> General -> Reset -> Reset Network before carrying out the update.

The reason for this is that your update wound go on smoothly if you have a poor network

If you are left with no choice but to update it here is how you can go about that using iTunes.

  • Connect your device to a computer
  • Launch iTunes.
  • Immediately Itunes detects your device tap on the Summary option and then click on Check for Update.

Does no location found mean they stopped sharing

It could mean that your friend has disabled the “share my location” option on their setting or maybe their device is OFF or fully discharged. 

If you are seeing this, you can try connecting another time to be double sure that your friends have stop sharing.

What do no location found mean on iPhones

It simply means your device cannot see the location of the person you are trying to track on “Find My Friends”. This is usually caused by a variety of issues which could be from your side or your friend’s side.

If you are faced with this message go through the article above 

No location Found meaning AirPods

If you’ve misplaced your Apple Airpods and you are seeing “no location found” in Find my Airpods, it means the AirPods are either OFF or the Bluetooth isn’t ON.

Locating it is impossible unless you physically look for it

However, if you misplaced your Airpods and you want to rack them, you should check this article for a more detailed answer

Final Thoughts

After going through the article it is safe to say you are not stuck on “what do no location mean”. Also, you’ve figured out what to do about it.

If that is the case feel free to share this article or bookmark it for reference purposes.

That being said. Do you know you can fake your location on iOS11, if you are interested in figuring that out you should check here.

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