What is Facebook Jail and How Long Does it Last?

Facebook uses different terms when sanctioning users for violating their rules and without even care how long it last taking a U-turn. One of those terms is “Facebook Jail”.

What does Facebook mean when they use the word “Jail” in your post and pages? How long can you be kept in Facebook Jail?

Facebook allows you to share your thought on the platform and build brands around your products. However, Facebook has absolute control over what you can share on the platform. When your post goes against the community terms and conditions, Facebook will put you into jail.

Here in this guide, we will explain “What Facebook Jail” means and how to stay out of it.How to get out of Facebook Jail

What is Facebook Jail

The word “Jail” on “Facebook” is a term used to describe a Facebook account that is suspended or banned from posting on Facebook, creating pages, like shared posts/content, confirm and send a friend request, advertise on Facebook, share post links, and interact with Facebook across all platforms (Android, iPhone, and browsers).

When you are in Jail on Facebook, you cannot perform activities on the platform. Facebook is smart to know when your contents are violating the community rules.

When a Facebook account is in jail, it leads to two options depending on the level of the rule the account violated.

How Long Does Facebook Jail Last

It’s better to take all precaution from entering into jail on Facebook that lobbing for how long it last to be in jail on Facebook. Being in jail on Facebook could be permanent and could be temporal.

When your jail is temporary on Facebook, it means the ban will be lifted with time. It could be 30 days or more. But, when your Facebook account Jail is permanent, the ban or suspension will not be lifted, and permanent jail on Facebook could lead to the closure of the account.

And, you will not have the opportunity to be part of the community again except you choose to create another Facebook account.

Facebook jail last a minimum of 3 days and a maximum of 21 days if it’s a temporary jail. But, if it’s a permanent jail, it lasts forever.

Why Am I Jail on Facebook?

You may not know why you are jailed on Facebook, but this could the reasons why Facebook blocked you from participating on the platform.

  • Post too fast on Facebook without an appropriate time interval could lead to your account suspension. So, you should be mindful of that.
  • You can be jailed on Facebook if you tag a lot of people to your posts.
  • Facebook takes feedback seriously. If your account is reported to Facebook for violating the community rules you could be jailed for that.
  • Another reason why Facebook will block your account is using automated software to blast posts on Facebook groups or pages. This is spammy.
  • Facebook will keep banning your account if you keep creating different accounts on the same IP address (probably with the same user information).
  • Sharing adult content is a crime on Facebook. Facebook is a community where your contents matter and you may be sanctioned for sharing 18+ contents on the platform.
  • Impersonating on Facebook will permanently jail you when reported with evidence.
  • Holding multiple accounts at the same time is a crime that could land you in jail on Facebook.
  • Excessing any form of fraudulent acts of Facebook will put your account at the verge of jailing.
  • Sharing authorized images or videos or images/videos that have been labelled SPAM on Facebook could lead to your account being blocked.

How to Put Someone in Facebook Jail

If you discover that someone is impersonating you, you can put such a person in jail and ask Facebook to delete the account information permanently.

And here is what to do to put your imposter in jail on Facebook.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Navigate to the “Profile” of the user you want to jail by reporting the account on Facebook.
  • Tap on the three dots beside “Message” logo.
  • Select “Give feedback or report this profile.”
  • Tap the “reason” why you are reporting the account.
  • Tap “Send”.

To hasten the account jail or block or ban or delete, ask other friends to help follow the same procedures to report that account for a similar reason.

How to Get out of Facebook Jail

Being jailed on Facebook alone has put your account under surveillance. So, it’s better not to be jailed at all that looking for out to stay out of jail. Facebook monitors all activities on their social media but pays more attention to accounts that have been banned once.

1. Wait for 3 – 21 days

If your Facebook account is temporarily jailed, it takes 3 – 21 days to get out jail on Facebook. If the jail term is more than 21 days, it could be a permanent jail. That, there is no way to get out of it.

But, if it’s temporarily; and after 3 days or 21days, you can now share posts, like posts and pages, upload pictures, and do other things on your Facebook account the following measure should be taken to avoid been sent to jail again.

2. Contact Facebook Support

First, head to Facebook help center to see if there is a guide to put you through on how to get out the Facebook jail term. If there is none, follow the link in the notification from Facebook that you have been jailed or blocked and fill a report requesting your Facebook to get out of the jail with reasons.

At this point, you’d have to be sincere and plain as you will be attended to by a human being. You need to explain in detail what led to your account blocked and state the caution you will take never to repeat itself again.

This does not guarantee that this will get you out the Facebook jail. But, it’s a good way to start if it’s taking Facebook longer than enough to let go of your account.

3. Delete the Facebook Account and Create a Fresh Facebook Account

This is hilarious. But, if you are on a permanent jail on Facebook. The account might be deleted. However, if you can’t stay long without using the Facebook app or messenger, delete the old Facebook account with the banned or jail terms and create another account while serving your jail term.

If you can’t find your way around deleting your old Facebook account here is what to do.

  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Tap on “Settings.”
  • Tap “Facebook account ownership and control.”
  • Tap “Deactivation and deletion.”
  • Tap “Delete Account.”
  • Done

Your Facebook account will remain active for 30 days pending closure. Do not log in to it on mobile and on web browser during this time in other not to reactivate it. If you don’t want to lose your Facebook information, download the data and export it to the new account.

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