What is Facebook Touch or Touch Facebook

Facebook is the number 1 most popular platform to communicate and exchange information among people across the world for free with free Facebook registration. Facebook web supports different browsers, and the Facebook app works on all smartphone OS (Android and iOS) to login Facebook account. You might also be very familiar with Facebook touch and touch Facebook. However, if you are new to using Facebook touch, this post will explain to you while you should use Facebook touch to login to your Facebook account.Facebook Touch

What is Facebook Touch?

 Facebook touch is a sophisticated and lightweight Facebook web with many features equipped Facebook app developed by H5, an e-discovery & technology review assisted website. Touch Facebook is designed and developed for touchscreen smartphone users. By touch screen, we mean smartphones without buttons. This includes the Android and iPhone without buttons. The touch Facebook is developed to make Facebook on mobile-friendly with smart touch experience. You can use the Facebook touch website instead of the default Facebook mobile app.

Facebook touch works the way Facebook applications (App for Android and iOS) work. However, the Touch portal has an advantage over the mobile app in terms of graphics and user-friendly interface. The Facebook touch site solves the problem of slow internet connection. So, If the Facebook app runs slowly on your device when your internet connection is at its peak or when the internet connection is poor, you should turn to Facebook touch for the solution. It runs smoothly with a slow internet connection.

What is Facebook Touch Site

The official Facebook touch site is touch.facebook.com. It’s different from mbasic.facebook.com. The styles mobile version is m.facebook.com with fewer functionalities. FB mbasic reloads each time you click on the comment button. But, all the Facebook mobile sites are designed for smartphones with a small screen and for users with weak internet strength.

Facebook Touch Login

  • Go to touch.facebook.com on a web browser.
  • Enter your mobile number or email address and password.
  • Tap “Login.”

You will be redirected from the touch.facebook.com sign-in page to your Facebook account page.

Facebook Touch Search

Although Facebook touch is a concise and more sophisticated Facebook portal than both Facebook lite and Facebook app/messenger. Therefore, to use the Facebook touch search to find your friends on Facebook follow the procedures below.

  • Go to touch.facebook.com on your web browser.
  • Tap on the search icon after the notification bell.
  • A search box will appear. Enter the name of the person you are looking for on Facebook. You can search for a fan page name or Facebook group using the search box.
  • Hit “enter” or click from the Facebook auto-suggestion.
  • Follow the instruction on the screen to complete the search.

You can perform virtually everything you do on the official Facebook site on the m.facebook.com site.

Differences between Facebook App and Facebook Touch?

The Facebook app is different from Facebook’s touch in some ways. But, a lot of users do not know the difference.s All they see is a strike resemblance.

If you are one of the few Facebook users that want to know the difference between touch Facebook and normal Facebook, this is for you.

  • The normal Facebook portal on mobile is “http://m.facebook.com” and on the web browser is www.facebook.com WHILE access to Facebook touch is “http://touch.facebook.com” on your screen.
  • The official Facebook website for mobile “m.facebook.com” is designed for less data, low-quality pictures, and a limited number of displays while the touch Facebook with URL “touch.facebook.com” is generally for high-quality images and displays.
  • Facebook touch is designed for Touchscreen smartphones while both soft-touch phones and non-soft touch can access the official Facebook app.
  • Facebook touch is also called the mobile touch version.
  • Facebook users believe that touch Facebook is mainly for touch smartphones and touch devices with the latest Android OS and iOS (iPhone/iPad) OS because it allows users to view high-quality pictures, feed, and friends profile WHILE the Facebook mobile site or mobile website is a simple version to work with 2G phones or older phones. 

How to Download Touch Facebook for Android?

If you are planning to download Facebook Touch for your Android phone, you would need to download Facebook touch APK from one of the best APK websites out there.

How to install apk Facebook Touch?

  1. Go to your phone Settings.
  2. Enable unknown sources.
  3. Download Facebook touch APK file.
  4. Go to File >> Download >> Facebook touch.apk.
  5. Click on the installer.
  6. Click on Install.
  7. Done

You should always update to the latest touch Facebook app to avoid “Facebook touch isn’t working”.

Facebook Touch for Windows 8

Windows 8 was developed, keeping portability in mind and give users smooth and beautiful experiences. The web store has various different apps for you to download, including the Facebook touch for Windows. However, you wouldn’t find an official Facebook app in the web store. H5 hasn’t launched the official Facebook touch for Windows, and the official isn’t available yet in the Windows store. Facebook touch is a touch-optimized Modern UI Facebook app that works with touch gestures. It provides almost all the Facebook features.

To download the touch Facebook app in Windows 8, open the store on your phone from the start button. Search for the touch Facebook app in the search box and press enter. You will find the app on the search results. Click on the app and install it. Log in with your email and password and enjoy browsing with Facebook Touch.

Add Facebook Touch to Home Screen

For Facebook touch easy access on your smartphone you can add the touch mobile to your phone home screen.

  • Go to touch.facebook.com on Chrome browser.
  • Log in to your Facebook account.
  • Click on the horizontal line to the top right.
  • Click on “Add to Home Screen.”
  • Enter “FB Touch” and click “Add.”
  • Done.

The FB touch shortcut will be added to your smartphone’s home screen. To access it henceforth, click on the shortcut and you will be taken directly to your account.


we’ve given detailed information you need to know about touch Facebook, comparison between the normal Facebook app, and then touch Facebook app along with their features and the advantage the touch Facebook has over the official lightweight Facebook app.

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