What is Wave Browser?

There are a lot of controversies as to whether Wave browser is safe to use or not. However, since it has been classified as a Potentially Unwanted Program by most Cybersecurity organizations, here in this article, we will consider what is Wave browser and everything you need to know about the browser will be explained thoroughly.

When Wave browser is installed on your device, it usually makes system-level changes that permit it to regularly install itself again even after removing the software. Installing it also aids in collating all personal data that can be sold to advertisers.

If by any chance you have Wave Browser installed on your device, you should uninstall the software via the following;

  • Go to your control panel or the Apps and Features section of your Settings, close all persisting Wave browser tasks in Task Manager, remove Wave browser from “Registry”, or disable Wave Browser tasks in “Task Manager”.

What is Wave Browser

What is Wave Browser?

In 2015, this software was released by Wavesor Software, which looks like a subsidiary of a different company with links to Genimous Technology Co. Ltd. located in China. Since then, Wave browser has been known as a subpar browser that continuously installs itself on your device.

Wave Browser is an internet browser usually taken for malware. It’s categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) by most sources. Wave Browser makes system-level modifications to your device, bombards you with advertisements, and re-installs itself even after manually removing it from your device. In other words, it is an extremely unsafe program.

When viewing Wave Browser for the first time, it usually looks like an innocuous web browser, but in the real sense of it, Wave Browser is potentially malicious software.What is Wave Browser

Functions of Wave Browser

This feasible malicious software has different characteristics that make it an undesirable browser. After knowing what is Wave browser, you should know its functions of Wave browser. The following are the functions of the internet browser (Wave Browser):

  • Wave browser hijacks and redirects users’ online searches, sending them to websites infested with malware or tools to collate and resell user data.
  • It’s an evasive app that can plant itself into your device’s software, thereby making it so difficult to remove.
  • Wave Browser also redirects your search queries while gathering a range of personal data, some of which are termed invasive.
  • Wave Browser is also linked to a Chinese development company, however, China’s privacy laws do not have the protection you might be looking for.

Is Wave Browser safe or not?

No, Wave Browser is not safe but it’s not exactly a virus, either. In other words, it can be defined as a run-of-the-mill internet browser. However, you can still use it to browse the web, just like every other internet browser.

Wave Browser is intrusive and insecure. We recommend you not use it.What is Wave Browser

How does Wave Browser affect your System?

Certain things make Wave browser terrifying. One of the primary reasons is that Wave Browser does not need administrative rights to effect changes to your device.

Wave browser affects your system by regularly depositing scheduled tasks to reinstall itself after a principal uninstall process. As of 2021, only a few antivirus software could detect Wave Browser as a threat despite its suspicious behavior.What is Wave Browser

Why do you need to remove Wave Browser from your Device?

After knowing what is Wave Browser, just before you go ahead to remove Wave browser, you should know the reason why it’s needed for you to uninstall Wave Browser and switch to a better browser that has effective privacy features. These are some of the reasons why you need to remove wave browser from your device:

  • It’s bombarded with advertisements: Wave browser regularly serves you with different advertisements, discount offers, and more from time to time. Some of these ads usually have links in them. Once you click on any of these links, you may be vulnerable to more malware, identity theft, phishing, and even remote takeover of your device.
  • It’s known as a browser hijacker: Most people know Wave Browser to be both a search hijacker and a browser hijacker. The software can manage your search queries, default homepage, and many more.
  • Your data may be at risk: According to its privacy policy, Wave browser may collect third-party tracking information, cookies stored on your device or even the type of device you are using, and much more private information.
  • Wave Browser is capable of making system-level changes to your computer: With Wave Browser’s permissions, system-level changes can be made on your computer. This could lead to you finding your browser homepage and other settings changed without your permission. Such software could install other malware In the worst-case scenario, such software could potentially install other malware on your computer.What is Wave Browser

How to Uninstall Wave Browser from your Device

You can use Bitdefender to uninstall Wave browser but for complete removal, ensure you follow the steps below carefully. You can as well use the best cybersecurity tools to protect yourself such as NordVPN.

Since this software infiltrates the System Registry and is set up there permanently if you are a Windows user, follow the guidelines below to completely remove Wave Browser forever. If not, it will keep coming back once the embedded scheduled task runs. Follow the steps below:

Uninstall Wave Browser

This is one of the ways you can remove Wave Browser from your device:

  • Tap on the “Start” button, and search for the “Apps and Features” control panel.
  • Locate “Wave Browser” under your list of apps.
  • Tap on the “Uninstall” option beside Wave.

Following the above steps should uninstall the wave browser on your device. After what is Wave Browser has been known, then it can be uninstalled now!

Close Persisting Wave Browser tasks

Another way to remove Wave browser is by closing lingering wave browser tasks and ensuring that the software does not have any tasks running on your machine. Follow the steps below:

  • Find the “Task Manager” by clicking on CtrlShift, and Esc at the same time, or by simply searching for it in the “Start” menu.
  • Tap on the “Processes” tab in Task Manager.
  • Search for anything that contains “Wave Browser” or similar.
  • Click on any suspicious process, then tap “End Task.”
  • Ensure you do not cause an issue on the computer by ending the wrong task.
  • In case you are not sure of a task, you can as well right-click on them, then tap on the “Open File Location” option.
  • Once you see a mention of Wave, you can remove the file location completely.

Turn off Wave Browser startup tasks

You may find lingering Wave Browser tasks here. Startup tasks function once your machine is starting up. In other words, by depositing a task into the startup routine, Wave can reinstall itself if abandoned. Disable Wave browser startup tasks by following the steps below:

  • Go back to the “Task Manager.”
  • Tap on the “Startup” tab this time.
  • Select any processes related to Wave, and click on “Disable.”
  • In this scenario, it’s the “Wavesor Software” task.

Remove Wave Browser from Registry

The Windows Registry is known to accommodate many of the settings for your operating system, software, and more. Wave Browser can plant itself in your Registry, which causes system-level changes, and even repopulate itself after thinking you have uninstalled it already. Therefore, the next step to follow is to cleanse your Windows Registry:

  • Search for “Registry Editor” after opening your Windows search bar and launch it.
  • Tap on “Edit” and select “Find” from the drop-down list.
  • Look for “Wave Browser” in the text field and tap “Find Next.”
  • Once you find a Wave Browser entry in the Registry, delete it.
  • Repeat the above step until you are sure you have successfully deleted all of the entries.

That’s it! After knowing what is Wave Browser, then following all the steps on how to remove Wave Browser on a Windows computer should help you fix issues.

In case you need to use a different browser for a while you can but we recommend that you do not use Microsoft Edge, as it’s one of the least privacy-friendly but big-name browsers around.

How to Remove Wave Browser on Mac

Do you have a Mac, and you are wondering how to uninstall the Wave Browser app on it, well, it’s similar to Windows. Simply follow the steps below:

Move Wave to the Trash

  • Tap on the “Finder” application.
  • Select “Go,” then “Applications.”
  • Search for the Wave Browser program.
  • Once you discover any suspicious applications, move them to the trash.

That’s it!

Delete browser plugins and extensions

  • Open Safari and navigate to “Preferences” in the top-left of your screen.
  • Go to “Extensions.”
  • Tap on any suspicious extensions you can’t recognize, then select “Uninstall.”

Ensure that you make use of only trusted browser extensions. In case you are not sure of which to avoid, you can check out this article on browser extensions.

Wave Browser is a potentially unwanted program that does not meet the classification of malware. However, it’s considered unsafe to use and once you know what is Wave Browser, you can take further steps to remove it from your device or simply select a different browser.

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