When is Minecraft Shutting down? Here is the Truth you Need To Know

The rumor about Minecraft Shutting down is in full swing, the best-selling sandbox video game Minecraft has been rumored to be shutting down in 2020. Despite its obvious simplicity, the Lego game has won the hearts of gamers since its launch in 2011 thanks to its unlimited potential for creation, innovation, and reinvention.

As one of the best-selling games of all time, it has been closely followed and claimed to have around 100 million active players each month.

Minecraft players have continuously expanded the limits of what can be achieved in the game, from the creation of entire fictional areas down to the smallest detail and the creation of their own amazing works.

It has become the perfect game for the internet age. Masters turn to YouTube to showcase their great works and develop impressive subscribers. However, if you want to believe the recent whisper, it could all be over soon.

When is Minecraft Shutting down

Why did Story Mode Disappear?

Minecraft fans recently panicked after it was reported that the server would shut down in December 2019. It was the last year that the game’s block-based communities flourished.

Fears that Minecraft was starting to wear off began in June 2019 when Story Mode was removed from the game.

This narrative game mode was managed by developer Telltale Games (Minecraft itself was created by Mojang), the popular studio behind popular episodic games like Sam & Max and The Walking Dead. Unfortunately, the studio has had serious financial difficulties lately.

In 2018, they fired all of their employees except 25 and canceled most of their projects. The studio soon filed for bankruptcy.

Since then, many of his titles have been acquired by LCG Entertainment, which also chose to keep the name (Telltale Games) even though the studio itself is dead in every way.

Is Minecraft shutting down? Here is the full story

Minecraft, the hugely popular DIY open block game, appeared to be ready to shut down its servers and discontinue support by the end of 2020.

The source, as ridiculous as it may sound, was a prank news website called Channel45news.com, where literally anyone can download a story and share it online.

Since many of us can no longer tell the difference between real and false news, it’s no surprise, of course, that a rumor like Minecraft shutting down can spread like wildfire within minutes. The one-part prank suggested that despite the game’s tremendous popularity and success, Minecraft would shut down its servers on December 21, 2020, for no apparent reason.

The fact that the article did not contain an official source and oddly wrote it should have raised the alarm first, but the rumor spread, and the online world panicked. Thousands of concerned fans commented on forums and social networks and asked if the information was not available.

Microsoft Take on the News About Minecraft shutting down

Microsoft (who owns Mojang and bought Minecraft in 2014 for $ 2.5 billion) actually had to tweet an answer to this incorrect message: “Hi everyone, I can confirm that Minecraft servers will NOT be shut down in 2020. It is only a stupid joke.

Don’t hesitate to pass this on. It doesn’t seem to be necessary to answer all the rumors, but the article caused so much drama that even the game’s owners felt they should intervene. There was no official word from the original creator, Markus Persson, who stated that it didn’t work as expected to get rich by buying from Microsoft.

Even if Microsoft intended to shut down its servers for Minecraft, the game would still be available to play offline and enjoy on private servers. Fortunately for the fans, the company is very happy to give players the opportunity to configure Minecraft with a dedicated server and to customize and change the game as they see fit.

Other players can join these servers and play Minecraft in a whole new way. 18-year-old Minecraft player Jamie Freeburn started creating and selling new Minecraft worlds before Microsoft asked him to create exclusive content for the Minecraft marketplace.

Why Minecraft won’t be shutting down any time soon

We also all forget the main reason why Minecraft won’t close spontaneously: 112 million players per month. For players like League of Legends, Call of Duty, and Fortnite, this number should not be taken lightly.

We found that this is a game that players are returning to,” said Helen Chiang, director of Minecraft Studio, in an interview with Business Insider. It may not always be what matters, because there are so many great games that keep popping up, but it is a sport that they love to return to.

Microsoft hopes that the new Minecraft Earth app for Android and iOS can help to further expand the title. Pokémon Go has shown that entertaining augmented reality games can be successful for smartphone users.

However, Minecraft Earth wants to inspire players to be more creative and to play and share content in the app. Minecraft Earth is currently in beta in some countries, allowing players to use AR to create real projects, fight monsters, and take on various team challenges to gain new resources and tools.

Time will tell if Minecraft Earth can reach the heights set by Pokémon Go. Some have said that AR mode will end after the new Harry Potter: Wizards Unite AR app has completely fallen between critics and fans and has done so, and is unlikely to spread in 2020. But for a game like Minecraft? The future looks bright.

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