How to Fix Quip Toothbrush Keep Stopping

Quip electric toothbrush is one of the best electric toothbrushes you can see out there. However, the electric brush has its downside, including the toothbrush keeps stopping.

So, if you are here to know why your Quip toothbrush keeps stopping this article, we guide you through the necessary information since we will be considering how to fix the Quip brush not working and “Why does my Quip toothbrush keep Stopping.”

Your Quip toothbrush may stop working for quite some reasons but are fixable if it has nothing to do with the Quip brush motor. So, no matter what, you want to ensure that your Quip motor is not wet or exposed to some moisture that can damage the motor.

However, if nothing of such happens to the Quip toothbrush motor, you can easily figure out why your Quip electric toothbrush isn’t working and how to solve the problem.

Why does my Quip Toothbrush keep Stopping

Why does my Quip Toothbrush keep Stopping

Your quip toothbrush will stop working or keep stopping if the battery is weak or dead and if the motor is damaged.

So, before you decide to reach out to the Quip team that your Quip brush keeps stopping or not working [at all], you’d need to check the Quip brush battery to know the status whether the battery is dead or weak.

If the battery is weak, your Quip brush may stop working or may keep stopping because the power in the battery cell cannot power the Quip motor to control the brush.

At the same time, if the Quip motor is damaged or wet when removing or changing the Quip head, it can prevent the motor from working smoothly, thereby causing the motor to stop while brushing your teeth.

Now that you know why my Quip toothbrush keeps stopping, what are the measures to fix this?

How to Fix Quip Toothbrush Keep Stopping

There are various methods to adopt to fix the quip brush keep stopping if you are facing a similar problem. Although, this doesn’t guarantee that the Quip brush will work as expected if the electric brush is due for a change.

We recommend this Electric Brush if you have a plan to change your brush.

With that in mind, below are the steps to fix your quip toothbrush keeps stopping.

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Change Quip Toothbrush Battery

Your quip battery could be the reason why your electric toothbrush keeps stopping. Apart from the indication that the toothbrush battery is weak or dead, the electric Quip brush can keep stopping to call your attention that you need to change it

Therefore, we are considering how to change the Quip battery below to fix why my Quip toothbrush keeps stopping.

  • Locate the two dots at the back of the Quip brush.
  • Hold the quip head and place your thumbs on the two dots while gripping the handle.
    • Hint: You need the service of a third party to do this effortlessly as you’d be placing your two thumbs on the dots. The third part should help you hold the quip head.
  • Snap the two parts to open the quip head without forcing the head out of the quip.
  • Now, slide the quip motor out of the housing after you have removed the quip toothbrush head.
    • Hint: Keep the motor away from water or moist substances. If the motor is wet, ensure to mob it with tissue or other clothing materials.
  • Remove the quip battery after removing the motor.
  • Insert the new AAA battery with the negative end going first and the positive facing up, and then place the motor appropriately.
  • Fix the quip head and test your quip brush whether it’s still stopping or not.
  • Press the “Q” button on your Quip toothbrush to confirm whether it’s working fine or not.

Your Quip toothbrush won’t stop stopping if the problem causing the Quip toothbrush to keep stopping isn’t a dead or weak battery. But, it’s better to change your Quip toothbrush battery at regular intervals.

Remove and Replace the Quip Head

Consider this as an option. However, this doesn’t have anything to do directly with the Quip toothbrush keep stopping.

If the brush bristle is won and wears away from your teeth, it can affect how the quip motor controls the Quip head when brushing your teeth.

Therefore, removing and replacing the quip head should also be considered. Meanwhile, before we proceed, we recommend the “How to Remove Quip Head article, which contains all you need to know about removing your quip brush head.

  • Hold the quip toothbrush head and handle in opposite hands
  • This will make the quip brush bristles face the opposite direction.
  • Place your thumb on the two dots.
  • Pull the quip head off in a slight arc motion (don’t snap it directly backwards so that you don’t damage the brush).
  • Replace the removed quip head with a new quip head.

After that, press the “Q” button to check whether the quip brush is working or not. If the quip brush keeps stopping after all the steps above, then it’s time to get a new quip brush from your retailer [online or offline] store.

Why does my Quip toothbrush keeps stopping could be an issue with your quip head, motor and battery.

So, you need to change both the quip head and battery before deciding whether the quip motor is at fault.

However, instead of getting a new quip motor for a replacement, it’s advisable to get a quip toothbrush replacement.

Quip Toothbrush not Working

It can be frustrating if you encounter a quip toothbrush not working either as a new user or an experienced user. Either way, you will learn the basic way to fix your quip toothbrush not working.

  • Remove your quip toothbrush head.
  • Remove the motor and battery.
  • Clean the handle gently.
  • Clean the motor using a dry & soft material.
  • Resemble the quip brush.

If the quip brush is in good shape before now without any physical or electrical damage it should be working perfectly after the above steps.

Quip Toothbrush not Working after new Battery

You would likely experience your quip toothbrush not working after a new battery is replaced wrongly. So, I’d assume that the battery wasn’t replaced properly. Therefore, I’d walk you through how to change or replace your Quip brush battery to fix your Quip toothbrush now working after the new replacement.

  • Grip the quip brush head and remove it from the quip.
  • Slide out both the quip motor and battery.
  • Slide the quip battery AAA negative part into the quip.
  • Put the quip motor back after you have installed the battery successfully.
  • Put the quip toothbrush head into the quip until it clicks to indicate that it has firmly fixed.

If the above steps didn’t work you may want to try a different quip battery.

New Quip Toothbrush keeps Turning off

The following could be the reasons why your quip toothbrush keeps turning off when using it.

  • Your quip brush battery is weak. Use a new battery to see if it will stop turning off. Meanwhile, do not combine a new and weak battery for this purpose.
  • Your quip brush electric motor could be wet. So, remove the quip head and clean the motor with a dry cloth or tissue paper to extract its moisture.

Re-assemble the quip brush and see if the new quip toothbrush keeps turning off.

Quip Toothbrush not working After New Battery

By default, your Quip toothbrush should start working after a new battery except if it has nothing to do with the battery. However, the problem could be the motor. You can check if the motor is wet. If it’s wet, you simply need to remove it and let it dry at room temperature.

If after that, the Quip brush isn’t working it could mean the brush is damaged. It will no longer be active if it’s damaged.

If your electric toothbrush isn’t firmly fixed into the engine it might not work. So, you should consider a perfect fix before you turn on the brush.

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