Why is my Fridge Leaking Water Inside

Is your Fridge leaking water inside? you might be faced with water dripping down the hole on the top portion of your refrigerator. Probably, the water is leaking from the freezer. While in some other cases the top part of the fridge might be leaking to the bottom part. 

This might have pushed you to put containers in the bottom compartment of the fridge or collect the leaking water via the crisper drawer. And now, you are thinking of calling a repairman or probably you are thinking of replacing the fridge. Yes, it can be that frustrating.

But then, there are some simple things you ought to check before finally calling the repairman or concluding that your fridge needs to be replaced. 

That being said, let’s get right into it.

Why is your Fridge Leaking Water Inside

There are a series of culprits causing your fridge to leak water to the bottom. And below, I will be breaking down the reason behind your fridge leaking water inside and what you should do about it.

1. The Defrost Drain is Blocked

the defrost drain is clogged

Among other things, this is one of the first things you should check since it is easy to resolve. 

The defrost drain has one job which is to collect water from defrosted ice.

If the Defrost drain is blocked with food particles, the melted ice in the freezer compartment will not be able to move freely in the defrost drain causing the water to leak into the fridge compartment.

If your freezer is leaking to the fridge, it means your defrost drain is clogged.

that said, Here is how to fix that

The defrost drain is located at the bottom compartment of the freezer, right below the produce bin, or behind the unit.

If you can’t locate it, use your manual as a guide.

  • Once you’ve seen it, check the drain for any form or blockage, maybe it is clogged with food particles or some impurities
  • Now, clear out any particles inside the drain so that water will be able to move freely in your refrigerator.
  • Next, ensure the pipe isn’t leaking 
  • In the absence of leaks, clean the drain with hot water by pouring it inside the drain to clear out any clogged particle

2 The Drain Pan is Broken/Dirty

The drain pan is located under your refrigerator and in most cases there is usually some water in it since the main job of your drain pan is to collect excess water from the defrost cycle and send it for evaporation in the evaporator coils

If the drain pan is broken, the water collected from the defrost cycle will leak to the bottom of the fridge.

Over here, you only have to check if the drain pan is broken. if it isn’t then you should try out the next troubleshooting step

3. Check the Water Supply Line

the water supply line

One of the few things you should also check after going through the defrost drain is the water supply line, most especially if your refrigerator has an ice maker or dispenser. 

The water supply line is a small nylon pipe that is linked inside the refrigerator. In some instances, it might be copper, not nylon.

To inspect it here is what you should do

  • First and foremost, turn off the valve supply
  • Inspect the water line pipe for any form of tear or punctured hole

NOTE: In a scenario where water is leaking from the ice maker water line. it can settle at the bottom of the fridge making appear as though the leaking is from inside.

Also, you should check the compression fitting to ensure it isn’t loose if it uses an adjustable wrench to tighten it.

4. Your Fridge is Uneven 

fridge not even

Being even might not be a necessary cause of a huge deposit of water leaking at the bottom of your fridge However, you can’t write it off. Usually, your fridge is supposed to be positioned in such a way that the refrigerator will be used slightly high at the front. 

However, leaving it at a level ground is also okay.

Why is that? If the coolant in your refrigerator isn’t flowing properly. Once it condenses, the leftover coolant can settle at the bottom of the fridge 

To fix issues such as this, all you have to do is simply get a level to determine how even the fridge truly is.

The level should be placed on the ground 

Now, adjust the legs of the fridge to correspond to the level point of evenness

5. Check the Ice Maker

check the ice maker

there is an inlet tube that goes regulates the amount of water that is transferred to the ice maker, If the inlet tube is leaking this could result in the fridge leaking water inside. However, it is one of the least likely culprits causing a leaking fridge.

But then, you have to inspect it coupled with every other pipe supplying water into the fridge since they could be loose or leaky.

To inspect it, 

  • Unplug your fridge from the power source
  • Now, take out the ice maker
  • Remove the screws with a screwdriver
  • Inspect the inlet valve and ensure it is not leaking
  • Also, check through the inlet tube to ensure it isn’t clogged with ice or any form of impurities.

If it is leaking due to a puncture, it needs to be replaced, But if the unlet tube is clogged with ice, you only have to heat it with tools like a hairdryer to melt the ice blocking water from going through the inlet pipe.

Why is Frigidaire Fridge Leaking Water Inside

As a Frigidaire fridge user, you might be struggling with a leaking fridge which is a problem that is common across popular brands of refrigerators. 

The Steps listed above work fine for every fridge model but if you are using the Frigidaire model here are the problems that might be causing your fridge to leak inside

  • The defrost drain is either clogged with dirt or it is freezed
  • The water filter head is either damaged
  • The water filter housing is damaged
  • Either the water inlet valve is leaking or it s damaged
  • Leaks in the water tank assembly
  • The water filter size is the incorrect one 
  • The water in the drain pan is already filled up and is overflowing

Samsung Fridge Leaking Water Inside

If you own a Samsung fridge instead, below are some common reasons why your refrigerator is leaking water inside.

  • The water filter is the wrong size 
  • The drain line is clogged with ice,
  • Presence of high humidity

Just as I mentioned the third reason why most refrigerators leak water inside the fridge

Is a fridge leaking water dangerous?

No, it isn’t dangerous, all you have to do is to ensure that you resolve the leaking issue to reduce the waste of water. However, if the water is leaking outside the fridge it might be a bit unsafe if you don’t fix that soon.

Why is the LG refrigerator leaking water inside

A leaking fridge can be quite stressful to deal with. However, figuring out why the fridge is leaking is a problem half solve since it helps you inspect those parts for any issue.

That said, here are the reason why your LG refrigerator is leaking inside

  • Clogged or Frozen Defrost Drain
  • Faulty Water Inlet Valve
  • Damaged Water Tank Assembly
  • Faulty Water Filter Head
  • Worn-Out Water Filter
  • Cracked Drain Pan

If your LG freezer isn’t freezing you can check here for a comprehensive guide on how to resolve that

Why is the Maytag fridge leaking water inside

There are little to no differences in why your Maytag fridge is leaking inside when compared to other refrigerators. 

All you have to do when faced with this is figure out where the problem is coming from while using your manual to locate the defective part which in most cases is either clogged with dirt or is frozen.

Troubleshooting your refrigerator isn’t a herculean task, however, you need to unplug your refrigerator before inspecting the inner components

here are the reasons why your Maytag fridge is leaking water inside

  • The Defrost Drain is Clogged with Dirt or it is frozen
  • The water filter isn’t the correct size
  • The water inlet Valve is damaged
  • The Drain Pan is Cracked
  • Your Maytag Fridge isn’t level with the ground


Being Stuck with your fridge leaking water inside is a common problem across popular brands of refrigerators. But, resolving it isn’t a herculean task unless you feel uncomfortable tinkering with an electronic device.

Some troubleshooting steps might be easy to fix such as a frozen drain pipe while some might require you to lose some parts of the fridge.

However, a good safety tip you should follow is to always unplug your fridge from the power source anytime you are disassembling any component of your fridge.

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