Why my Roomba won’t Charge

Are you also stuck with your Roomba vacuum, and you are curious about the answer to “why my Roomba won’t charge? You are in the right place. We will detail all you need to know about your Roomba problem in this article and why it won’t charge.

There are a series of things that may have gone wrong when your Roomba is not charging or you are experiencing a charging error.

The issues could either be from the Roomba battery, the controls, the power supply, or the Roomba itself.

While all these are just a summary of where the problem could be coming from, let’s delve into the causes of these issues and also break down how you can revolve around the question “Why my Roomba won’t charge.

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Why My Roomba Won’t Charge

Why my roomba won't charge

As previously stated, if your Roomba is not charging after being docked, it’s either the battery is faulty or the components that work together to power the robot have one or two problems.

These difficulties may not be easy to solve right away, as you may have to troubleshoot each one until you find the problem.

However, you do not have to do it on your own since I will walk you through the steps you should take to troubleshoot your Roomba not charging.

Charging Contact issues

Every Roomba vacuum cleaner comes with a charging station that transfers electricity from the charging station to the Roomba.

The charging station resembles a metal strip. These metal strips must be touching themselves freely for the Roomba to work optimally

If they aren’t touching, you either need to remove the pull tab or clean out the obstructed dirt.

Scenarios like these happen after a lengthy period of usage, which might prevent the battery from maintaining contact with the contact points.

How to Resolve Roomba Charging Issue

Dirty charging connections may keep you stranded while you try to figure out the answer to Why my Roomba won’t charge.

Since such is the case, these are the steps you should take to resolve it

  • Clean the contact points with a dry towel.
  • If that doesn’t work, use a wet cloth with a little alcohol.
  • If the dirt is really difficult, try a steel-wool sponge.

Roomba’s Battery Issues

Unless a Roomba is malfunctioning, it should perform ideally as long as it is still within its required shelf life.

However, there are a few things you continue to do that hinder the battery from lasting longer.

  • You subject it to direct sunlight for a lengthy period.
  • You are prolonging the battery’s life by not keeping the Roomba brush clean.

All of them affect battery life and ignoring them may cause the battery to behave erratically.

Since you are aware of them, here is how to fix this issue.

  • Remove the five screws while still holding the bottom cover in place.
  • Remove the first four screws, followed by the last screw that holds the rotating brush in place.
  • After removing the screws, you may take the lid off to access the battery. Two tabs usually hold the battery in place.
  • Pull the battery out of its compartment by releasing these tabs.
  • Now, replace the battery in the slot and reassemble it.

Faulty Charging Station

If you want your Roomba vacuum cleaner to charge automatically, you’ll need the charging station.

That doesn’t imply you can’t charge it without the charging station; it’s just necessary to charge it without any physical intervention.

In a scenario in which the charging station is not getting power, or the connections are dirty. Here’s how to deal with it.


In certain cases, the GFCI outlet may have been triggered, or the charging station may have tripped the circuit breaker connected to that outlet.

This causes the power outlet that supplies electricity to the power station to stop operating.

If you have a problem with a power outlet, just connect your Roomba to another outlet with its charging wire to see whether it was still charging.

If the battery indicator on your Roomba vacuum turns on after this, the power station is defective.

Take out the Battery Pull Tab.

When you purchased your Roomba vacuum, it comes with a battery-pull tab.

This yellow pull tab is installed in the battery contact points to prevent the Roomba from turning on while still within the box.

If you’ve recently purchased a new Roomba or have recently purchased one but are having difficulty charging it, The yellow pull-out tape must be removed.

Not sure how to do that, follow the steps below:


Check to make sure the yellow tab on your Roomba is still in place.

If it is, take it out. Your Roomba should be working now.

Soft Reset your Roomba vacuum

Aside from the reasons listed above, you may be wondering why you are stuck with the question “why my Roomba won’t charge.” 

One possible reason for your Roomba not charging is a problem with the firmware.

This may be difficult to determine; however, if you’ve tried all of the above methods and nothing seems to be working, you may have a problem that requires a soft reset.

Resetting it isn’t difficult because you can follow the instructions in the service manual that comes with the vacuum.

How to Soft Reset Roomba Vacuum

The technique for resetting your vacuum varies depending on the model. For models such as the S, I, or 900 Series, you can reset it by simultaneously holding the Home, Spot Clean, and Clean buttons until you see a light emerge around the Clean button.

The technique is nearly the same for a 600 or 800-series Roomba; simply follow the same instructions above and wait until you hear the vacuum beep.

Move the Charging Station.

Here’s one of the simplest solutions to the problem of “Why won’t my Roomba charge?”

All you need to do is move the charging station to a different power outlet. After that, check to see whether the problem persists.

The Wheel Caster is Dirty.

You may find the little caster wheel just in front of your Roomba. The purpose of the small caster located in front of your Roomba is to keep it standing straight.

If your wheel caster is clogged up with dirt, it might result in the wheel being pushed further out of its housing than usual.

That is why you need to routinely clean the wheel caster. Aside from that, a dirty wheel caster can stop the Roomba from making contact with the charging connector.

That being said, you need to clean off the dirt from the wheel caster.

How to Fix Dirty Wheel Caster

Here’s how to remove the caster wheel and clean it to fix this issue.

To reach the caster wheel, remove the stem holding it to the Roomba. After removing the caster wheel, wipe any dirt or debris off of it.

Roomba’s Charging Dock Light goes Off

Why my roomba won't charge

If the light on your Roomba charging station suddenly stops working while it is charging, it indicates that the Roomba is properly parked and charging.

It won’t stay off for too long either. so you don’t have to worry about it.

Roomba S9+ won’t Charge

If your Roomba S9+ won’t charge, there are a few troubleshooting steps you ought to take to resolve it.

While you can find a complete breakdown of how to go about resolving your Roomba not charging above,

I will be listing down the troubleshooting points you should follow if your Roomba S9+ is not charging.

  • Clean the charging contact
  • Check for faulty battery
  • Remove the battery pull out tap
  • Check the wheel caster
  • Cheek the charging station
  • Perform a soft reset

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Roomba Docking Station not working

Why my roomba won't charge

The first thing you should do if your dock station isn’t working is make sure it’s receiving power from the socket. 

If it’s not, inspect the docking station for dirty charging connections.

It will be considerably more difficult for your Roomba to dock if the contact or infrared sensor is dusty, thus you should always clean these places to avoid reoccurring charging issues.

Why is my Roomba not Fully Charging?

If your Roomba is not fully charging, several things could be wrong with your vacuum cleaner.

You can rest assured that the problem is not coming from the power socket If it is working correctly. If that is the case, then either you have a faulty battery or the charging cables are no longer connecting.

To resolve this, firstly clean the metal strips thoroughly; if that doesn’t work, perform a soft rest.

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If resetting it doesn’t work, you might have to replace the battery.


By now, you should have figured out the answer to “why my Roomba won’t charge.” If, till now, you are not getting any positive response with your Roomba vacuum, then you might have to contact iRobot’s customer service as you might be faced with a technical issue.

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