Wyze Bulb not Connecting: Fixed [2022]

Wyze has been one of the major players among other smart home tech companies, since the introduction of its most known product called Wyze Camera.

Wyze kept on going into other smart products and from the series of smart products Wyze has created, One of the unique inventions of Wyze which we will be delving into is its smart bulb.

The Wyze smart bulb comes in both white and coloured designs. Also, they come with quite impressive features when compared to other brands of smart bulbs, coupled with the fact that they are one of the cheapest makes them more consumer-centric when it comes to the price.

However, this particular product comes with a lot of complaints from users, and one of the prominent issues it faces revolves around the Wyze bulb not connecting to your home wifi.

Although some might have been chaced to connect it and after some sudden power outage, it disconnects again. and till then they’ve not been able to resolve it.

All these issues give way to customer dissatisfaction. if it isn’t resolved

.However, there is a way you can resolve the Wyze bulb not connecting to your home wifi easily. since I will be breaking that down how you can do that in this article together with other problems related to your Wyze bulb

Common Wyze Bulb Problems

Wyze Bulb not Connecting

If you have a Wyze bulb and it’s not connecting to your home wifi. There are varieties of reasons that could be behind it, below are some of the things that can result in your Wyze bulb not connecting to your wifi router:

  • Your phone’s mobile data interfering with the setup process.
  • Your Wi-Fi router is not set to a 2.4GHz network.
  • The app/firmware requires an update.
  • The bulb is malfunctioning

Moreover, there are still more problems that could affect the connection of your Wyze bulb, but below are the things you can do to sort out your Wyze bulb not connecting to your wifi network.

How to Resolve Wyze bulb Connection Issues

Below are some steps you need to take to resolve issues related to your Wyze bulb not connecting.

Update the App and Device’s Firmware

Wyze Bulb not Connecting

First and foremost, you should always ensure that, before you start any setup process, make sure you update all necessary apps and firmware since Wyze products easily develop issues.

Now, the first thing you should update is the Wyze app, if you use an Andriod device, you can update it via the Google play store or the app store if you are an iOs user.

Moving on, if till now you haven’t been able to connect it to the update, check the Wyze bulb and confirm if it’s is using the latest firmware version. If not update it to the latest one.

And here is how you can carry out the update on your Wyze bulb firmware:

  • Open the Wyze app and tap Wyze Bulb.
  • Go to Settings, then Device.
  • Next, tap on “Info” and then tap “Firmware Version”. From here, you’ll see whether you have the current firmware version. If you can see an update there, tap it to upgrade the firmware.

After updating your Wyze bulb firmware, check if you’ve been able to resolve your Wyze bulb not connecting. If it isn’t connecting yet try the next step

Turn off Your Phone’s Mobile Data

During the setup process, at first, you should have connected the Wyze bulb to your Wyze app, before connecting the bulb to your router.

However what usually happens is: Since your standalone Wyze bulb has no internet connection. During the setup process. it might try to connect to any available network around, and if during that process your phone internet connection is ON. It might eventually connect with it.

Connecting with your phone internet will obstruct the setup process because, the app needs to focus only on the wifi network connection, so you should ensure to turn off your phone data while connecting your Wyze bulb to your Wifi router.

if you try this step and your Wyze bulb still isn’t connecting proceed to the next step.

Switch to a 2.4GHz Wi-Fi network

This is a common problem with Wyze devices, and the same applies to your Wyze bulb, if you are using a Wyze bulb and you want to connect to your wifi router, you have to ensure that it is connected to a 2.4GHz,

A 5GHz frequency will not work.

In most cases, the name of the frequency is always added to the back of the network name. if your wifi router has just one network access, it is likely a 2.4 GHz.

However, if it is two, usually the one with either a “5g” or “5GHz” at the back of its name is a 5GHZ frequency.

in addition to yjay you can learn how to boost your wifif device over here

To adjust the frequency, You can simply do that by referring to your router manual.

If after carrying out this step, the issue persists, check if you’ve satisfied the next one.

Allow the Wyze App to Access Your Smartphone Location

Now, if you are using an Andriod device you might not have any issue with these steps as it is more common among iPhone users. Although the Wyze app usually requires your location. To turn ON your location for android device, you simply have to draw down the notification bar to access your location and now tap on it

But, if you are using an iPhone you can turn on your location by

  • Going to Settings.
  • Select Privacy. and then tap Location Services. The system will provide a list of all the apps on your phone.
  • Search for the Wyze app on the list.
  • Now, click on “While Using” or “Always” to allow the app to view your location either while you are using it or all the time.

If after doing this your Wyze bulb still doesn’t connect to your wifi, reset it

Reset Your Wyze Bulb

Wyze Bulb not Connecting

Performing a factory reset usually works to solve most Wyze device issues as it reset it back to its default working version. however, doing this should always be a last resort. If you want to reset your Wyze bulb follow the steps below.

  • ON the switch that turns your Wyze bulb ON/OFF.
  • Turn it ON and OFF three times in a row. and then the bulb will start pulsing slowly, after a few seconds it should have completed the reset process.

After doing this go ahead and restart the setup process again.

moving on, since you’ve figured out a different way to sort out your Wyze bulb not connecting, here are some related problems that come up while using your Wyze bulb.

Wyze Bulb not Connecting:Related Problems 

Below are some related problems that usually occur while using a Wyze bulb and the respective ways to troubleshoot them

Wyze Bulb firmware update failed.

Now, if you have tried updating your device or bulb firmware and it isn’t updating, maybe it is showing you “update failed”

Below are steps you can take to troubleshoot it.

  • Go to the Home screen of the Wyze app.
  • Now, try turning the Wyze bulb OFF with the light switch and then turn it ON
  • Next, check if there is any update for the Wyze bulb firmware eversion
    • You can confirm that by simply going to Wyze Bulb Color > Settings Device Info > and then Firmware Version. 
  • You will see the option to update, simply click on it.

As soon as your firmware update is complete you are set to try reconnecting your Wyze bulb again however if the update doesn’t go through do these:

 proceeding with this step, forward your “app log” to wyze and take note of its ID. here’s how to do that

    • Lauch your wyze app and go to Wyze Bulb Color
    • Now, go to settings icon Wyze Support > and then Submit a log
    • Moving on, select Connectivity Issues
    • And, fill in all the necessary details, now send your app log.
    • Ensure to pen down the app log ID, in case you need to send it into wyze support.
  • After doing this, proceed to delete your Wyze Bulb Color to set it up again:

“To do this from the Update failed” screen,

  • Tap the back arrow and then tap on Remove Device.
  • Now, go back to the Home screen, and tap the + plus sign 
  • And then Add Device Power & Lighting > and Wyze Bulb Color.

As soon as you’re done, setting it up, your Wyze Bulb Color will have the latest firmware version.

My Wyze Bulb keeps disconnecting.

Here is another issue that is common with the Wyze bulb, What usually happens over here is your Wyze bulb will suddenly disconnect and stop you from controlling your smart bulb via your mobile app.

If you are faced with this kind of issue, it is usually due to network problems, maybe the wifi network signal from your wi-fi router isn’t strong enough or the internet connection from your ISP is unstable.

To resolve this kindly do these:

  • Ensure that the bulb is plugged in and turned on at the Physical switch. In addition to that, if you are using a dimmer switch, ensure that the switch is set to its maximum.
  • Now, power-cycle the bulb. to do this, on the physical switch, turn OFF the power and then turn it back ON.
  • After trying a power cycle you should see if you can connect the bulb back online, but if not, carry out a factory reset to add the bulb to your account.
    • Now, before carrying out a factory reset send your app log to wyze and take note of the app log ID. to do that simply follow the steps below.lauch your Wyze app, and tap on your Wyze Bulb 
    • Now, go hit the settings icon > then Wyze Support > and Submit a log
    • Select Connectivity Issues
    • Now, fill out the details and submit your app log. don’t forget to write down or screenshot your generated app log ID, in case you need to forward it to Wyze customer support.

My Wyze Bulb turns ON randomly.

Another common problem with the Wyze bulb is when it suddenly turns on without anyone controlling it.

Here is how you can resolve it.

Go to the schedule and automation section of your Wyze app to check maybe you have any enabled automation that is to be set to specific times or set based on specific rules

If not, carry this out.

On your Wyze app, tap on your Wyze Bulb > Settings > Schedules & Automations.

  • Now, check for any IFTTT Applets setup.
  • Ensure that your bulb is not in Vacation Mode, you can turn OFF vacation mode by going to Wyze Bulb > Settings > Vacation Mode. and change it to Off.
  • If you have other wyze bulbs check them to find out if they are affected. in a scenario where they are all affected, the cause could be network stability or power fluctuations. However if you noticed that about 1-2 bulbs are affected, check the distance of these Wyze Bulb Color to your router.

My Wyze Bulb won’t turn on 

If your wifi connection is offline, you won’t be able to control it using your app, however, you can turn it ON/OFF using the light switch. Now, if you are faced with this scenario, in most cases, you’ve had a power outage before and the device doesn’t turn on again. if that is how it came to b.

here is something you can do to resolve that.

  • Firstly, ensure that the light switch is ON.
  • Now, confirm if the bulb is in a light socket with a dimmer switchIt might be on the wall, or on the power cord that runs to the light.
  • In a scenario where it’s on a dimmer switch moving it to a different socket seems impossible, try these out,  
    •  Adjust the dimmer switch to its highest setting and check to see if the bulb goes on.
    • If it does, adjust the brightness with the Wyze app or Alexa 
    • Now, if the issue isn’t resolved, carry the same re-test on it using another socket, also ensure that one doesn’t have a dimmer switch and it’s turned ON.


By now you should have dealt with the issue of your Wyze bulb not connecting to your wifi network. If it hasn’t been resolved you should contact Wyze customer support.

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