Wyze Cam Cannot connect to Local Network

Now that you’ve just gotten a Wyze cam device and you are looking to set it up, usually, there are a series of connection-related errors that could come up during the device setup such as inability to scan your QR code, error code (90), error code 42, Wyze cam cannot connect to local network and many other related errors.

All these issues can be troubleshot, however, it’s usually a pain in the neck for Wyze cam users, when you feel you have tried everything possible, and the problem still keeps persisting, it breeds frustration.

However, if you’ve tried everything you can think of, and you are still getting the same issues, it means there are still some things you are yet to try out in this article. I will be breaking down all the things you need to check for if your Wyze cam cannot connect to local network. and how you can troubleshoot them correctly. 

Moving on, if your Wyze Cam Cannot connect to Local Network,  let’s get into it, by starting with the related problems 

why Your Wyze cam Cannot connect to Local Network

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Now, if you have been stuck with your Wyze cam device, whichever of the Wyze cam versions you are using, maybe the later ones, and your Wyze cam v3 cannot connect to local network too. It all works the same.

The problems usually follow suit just after you’ve scanned the QR code, and you noticed that connecting your Wyze Cam to your wi-fi router isn’t going through, If you are facing these, below are the issues usually associated with it:

  • Your Router SSID configuration
  • The Network Frequency of your Router
  • Your Router Password
  • The Wyze app
  • Router Mac Address filling
  • Auto Populated input fields and more

moving on, here are ways you can resolve these issues. 

How to Troubleshoot: Wyze Cam Cannot Connect to Local Network

Now, since you are struggling to connect your Wyze cam device to your local network, below are different ways you can troubleshoot it.

Check the frequency of your Router network

wyze cam cannot connect to local network 33

Now, you need to understand that wyze doesn’t work with the 5GHz, so if you have a router that uses a 5GHz, it won’t work with Wyze, unless you use a 2.4GHz, but the question is, how ill you identify the frequency you are connected to? is there any representation of the frequency?

Yes, in most cases, the frequency of your router is usually 2.4 GHz provided it comes with one network, but if it comes with 2 SSIDs networks which you can connect to from the same router, then one of them is 5GHz and the other is 2.4GHz.

Now, to identify your router’s frequency, you can simply do that by visiting your router utility site. if you don’t know your router’s site, you can enter your router IP address on your web browser to visit it.  – check here if you can’t find your router IP address  

Moving on, After you have changed the frequency to 2.4Ghz, and your Wyze Cam Cannot connect to Local Network, kindly try out the next step.

Check your Router SSID name

To check for your SSID name, you simply have to ensure that the name of the wifi device (the name that appears when you search for the wifi device) is well without space.

Below under choose a network, are called SSID.

wyze cam cannot connect to local network 33

What you have to do here is check if your SSID name is entered without spaces in between the SSID names for example if your SSID name reads –    Wyze Network123  or    Wyze Network123  it won’t work due to the spaces.

The solution to that is for you to clear out the spaces so that your SSID name will appear without no space just like this: “Wyze Network123.” 

Since this is one of the most prominent issues among users struggling to connect their Wyze cam to their Local network and users are faced with errors such as “Wyze cam cannot find specified network name”. They can both get it resolved if they follow all the steps above correctly.

As soon as you are done with these steps the connection issues will be resolved, however, if persist, try out the next step.

Check Your Router and Wyze App Passwords

wyze cam cannot connect to local network

Over here, there are quite a handful of checks you are going to be doing, but first, you have to update your Wyze app to the latest version if you’ve not done that.

Moving on, confirm that you are not using the same password on both your Wyze app and your wifi router, if it’s the same password, kindly change one. as it breeds connection conflicts while connecting to your wifi router.

In addition to that, one of the things you must watch out for is the autofill option while entering your login details. this is common with iPhone devices however it isn’t limited to iPhones alone, if you are trying to connect your Wyze cam to your local network, make sure you type the username and password manually.

If the app or website auto-fills it for you, clear it out and do it manually.

After doing that, if your password is correct, it should connect immediately, but your Wyze Cam Cannot connect to Local Network try out the next step

Power cycle your Wyze cam

The power cycle occurs when you fully power OFF your device by removing it from the power source and then powering it back ON.

To power cycle, your Wyze cam simply follows these steps below.

  • Power OFF your Wyze cam device by Removing it from the power source.
  • Now, wait for at least 5-10 seconds for the Wyze cam device to fully discharge its power.
  • Finally, plug the camera back in the power outlets and let it reinitialize

If this step doesn’t resolve, and still your Wyze Cam Cannot connect to Local Network. go-ahead to the next one

Force close the Wyze app

Now, the procedure for force closing is different in android and iPhones. For iPhone follow these steps:

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  1. Swipe up from the bottom of your Home Screen,
  2. Stop at the middle of the screen
  3. Now, swipe to where your Wyze app is and Swipe on the app preview to close it

If you are using an iPhone SE, iPhone 8, and earlier, or you are using an iPod touch, you can double click the home button to show your recently used app and swipe up on the app you want to force close.

However, if you are using an Android device you can simply tap on the square icon at the left corner of your device to see all recently opened app

wyze cam cannot connect to local network 88

  • Now, swipe down till you see the screen of the Wyze app,
  • Now, swipe either left or right to close down the app

If your Wyze Cam Cannot connect to Local Network after trying this, and there seem to be no changes, reach out to the Wyze support team.

Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some commonly asked questions that users stumble on in a scenario where their Wyze Cam Cannot connect to Local Network.

How to connect Wyze camera to wifi without password

Unless you are using an outdated Wyze app the latest Wyze app, won’t allow you to connect to an open network,  the network needs to have a password, however, if you want to connect to an open network.

You need to  Have a separate Guest network, such that you won’t need a password to connect to it. all you have to do is set it up using your Current SSID name to make it much easier to connect to it. and also you have to set up the man network with WPA2

Moving on, if you are using a Wyze cam v3 another common question most users ask is “why is my Wyze cam v3 not connecting” to figure out how to resolve to go to the next heading

Wyze v3 cannot connect to local network

If you have a Wyze cam V1, V2, or V3 device, the same troubleshooting procedure works for all of them, however, there is usually a difference when it comes to the Wyze cam V3 device. If you have one here is how you can quickly troubleshoot it 

  • Get your Wyze cam device and remove the Micro Sd card, 
  • Now, ensure that the wifi Router you are trying to connect to is 2.4GHz
  • Next, If you’ve connected with this wifi network bef9ore, forget it on your phone and repair it again and add I back to your phone.
  • Finally, Restart your Wyze cam V3 device and it should be working perfectly

If your Wyze Cam V2 Cannot connect to Local Network, you can try out the steps above also.  

wrapping up


If your Wyze Cam Cannot connect to Local Network, there are certain steps you have to take to troubleshoot it, and in most cases, the issue is always different. A power cycle might work instantly and for you while another person might have to change the router’s frequency before it works.

However, you have to always, ensure that you are using an updated version of the Wyze app especially if you are using a Wyze cam V1.

Over to you, how were you able to resolve this issue?


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