How to Apply YSL Black Opium Perfume

YSL black opium offers the best aroma you can expect to have in a perfume different from ordinary perfume. Dossier perfume is one of the best perfumes on the market, with a last long odor after wash.

There are various brands of perfumes in the supermarket, malls, online shopping stores, and some other places to buy perfumes.

With the black opium perfume your day will be refreshed with a sweet-smelling/scent that lasts for days when sprayed. The beauty of the YSL perfume is no more than it’s available for both genders.

For women, you only need to go for the YSL perfume women with the same quality and scintillating smell.

Therefore, in this article, we will walk you through some of the reasons why the YSL black opium is the best and why the scent or aroma last more than other perfumes you’ve in the past.

What is Perfume?

Perfume contains two or more ingredients to produce a sweet-smelling aroma that overrides the surrounding odor or smell. In most cases, perfumes contain different aromas or scent compounds that produce a smell that is not ruminating; instead, a smell that is agreeable to the environment.

Meanwhile, how a perfume lasts when sprayed either on the body or cloth or animal or plants depends on the constituent of the around.

So, if you want to blossom your day with some quality and last longer perfume, you may want to turn to perfumes like black YSL Opium perfume from

How to Apply YSL Black Opium Perfume

There are two ways to apply the YSL black opium perfume. The way to apply the black YSL opium women perfume is:

  • Apply to a wet or moisturized body
  • Spray.

Meanwhile, to make the black YSL opium women perfume last, it’d be advisable to apply it directly to your body after a shower. Spraying the perfume isn’t bad either. But it won’t stay in your body compared to when it’s applied to your body after a shower.YSL black opium

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Apply YSL Black Opium Perfume

Black YSL opium perfume lasts when applied to the body after a shower compared to spraying to your dry body. Therefore, here we will explain how to apply the YSL black opium product to make it last in your body.

  • Take a shower to let your body wet or moisturize it with fragrance or vaseline.
  • Take a little out of the YSL Black Opium perfume and apply it to your body.

The process above makes the black YSL perfume last because when your body is wet, the holes are open, which makes it easy for the perfume to penetrate the body.

On the contrary, if you prefer to spray your black YSL opium perfume, it will give a nice smell you dream of, but it won’t last like when it’s applied to the body.

Spray Black YSL Opium Perfume

The fastest way to wear your YSL perfume is spraying, but it won’t last compared to when you apply it.

So, to spray the black YSL opium perfume follows the steps below.

  • Get your black opium YSL perfume from the online store or local seller in your location.
  • Ensure you buy a version of the YSL perfume that you can spray; otherwise, you will have to apply the perfume to your body directly to wear it.
  • Open the YSL black perfume cover and press the spray button to release some quantity from the containing and wear the perfume appropriately.

Now it’s time to smell nice and send out that scintillating aroma from your body with your YSL perfume

How Long Does the YSL Black Women Perfume Last

Before you buy a perfume, you want to consider whether the perfume will last for at least a whole day in 100-degree weather conditions. That defines the quality of perfume with good and last smell.

However, the black YSL opium perfume review revealed the perfume lasts in the body for hours when applied as it penetrates into the skin.

How to Use a Black YSL Opium Perfume

Most perfumes are used or operated the same way, which is to spray by pressing the perfume button to release the quantity of the perfume to the pointed location.

The bottom line why you want to wear a spray is to put on a nice smell everywhere you go without shocking your audience or people around.

However, to apply the YSL black opium perfume is quite simple like the normal perfumes. So, apply the black YSL opium perfume dossier follow the steps below.

The best time to apply the black YSL opium perform is after a shower when your body is wet or moist. We recommend applying perfume after a shower because your pore will open, and it’ll allow the perfume to find its way into your skin in the form of penetration.

Note: Perfume last in wet skin more than in dry skin. So, ensure you just left the shower and your body is moisturized before you apply your perform, or any other perfume of your choice.

However, if you don’t want to shower before you apply the black YSL opium perfume, we suggest that you should apply vaseline first before applying the perfume.

This will help to hold the YSL black perfume on your body more than when it’s sprayed. Although, you can spray your black YSL opium perfume in your cloth or body. But, the YSL black perfume lasts in the body when applied to your body when it’s wet or moisturized or with a vaseline than when it’s sprayed.

YSL Black Opium Perfume Price perfume price ranges between $29 and $49 per one with a 10% discount if you are buying 3, 15% discount for 4, and 20% discount for 5 and above. You can also get black opium perfume for $39 and still enjoy the discount based on the number.

If YSL black opium your favourite or not? Do leave a comment below.

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