How To Download & Install Continuum Shaders in Minecraft

We will talk about how to download and install Continuum shaders in Minecraft in this article. If you have been longing to learn to make Continuum with Minecraft, here is the guide for. I will walk you through a step by step procedures to follow to make Continuum shaders Minecraft to work.

We will unleash how to get the Continuum shaders package with the popular OptiFine mod on Minecraft so that you can use both the Continuum shaders pack and the OptiFine together.

What is Continuum Shaders in Minecraft

It will be nice to let you know what the “Continuum shaders” pack means in Minecraft. In Minecraft, we refer to Continuum shaders” as a non-mod package to improve the graphics level of the game. It gives an ample opportunity to reconfigure the radiant level of Minecraft graphics.

However, the fastest approach to download Continuum Shaders pack is with OptFine. Therefore, we will walk you through how to install OptiFine in other to be able to download the Continuum Shaders pack.

How to Install OptiFine

Unlike the OptiFine which is a mod. The Continuum shader is not a mod per definition. It is a package full of graphics to improve Minecraft graphics or designs.

The Vanilla Minecraft doesn’t support the shaders pack for more graphics. So, if you are not only targeting Bedrock Minecraft for the Shaders’ pack, you need to download and install OptiFine to make the Shaders run smoothly.

To install OptiFine on Minecraft, follow the procedures below.

  • Go to
  • Tap on the “Download” tab on the navigation.
  • Tap on “Mirror” on the latest release.
  • Tap on “Download the .jar” file from the new page.
  • Install the OptiFine on your PC.

For an in-depth guide to Install OptiFine on all OS follow this guide. If the OptiFine jar files are broken and couldn’t be installed, check on this guide on how to fix broken .jar files.

Download to Download Continuum Shaders Pack

Since we have successfully downloaded and installed the OptiFine mod on your PC for your Minecraft, we can then proceed to download the shaders graphics pack.

  • Go to the download portal on your PC.
  • Scroll to Continuum 2.1 under the shaders.
  • Tap on the download button under “Continuum 2.0.4.”
  • This will download the shaders in a zip folder of about 249kb.

Now, once you have successfully downloaded the shaders pack, then you need to open the folder containing the pack.

How to Open Shaders Pack

Here, we will use the default Minecraft launcher to open the shaders pack.

  • Open the default Minecraft launcher.
  • Tap on play “OptiFine” version.
  • Tap option in the main menu of the Minecraft.
  • Tap on the “Video Settings.”
  • Tap “Shaders.”
  • Navigate to the “Shaders” folder.

Now, next is to install the Shaders package on your Minecraft. And here is how.

How to Install Continuum Shaders on Minecraft

Once you have accessed the shaders pack via the Minecraft default launcher and you are in the folder’s directory, follow this lead to install the shaders pack.

How to Download Continuum Shaders in Minecraft

  • Locate the Shaders pack in the download folder.
  • Move it ton the shaderpack folder.
  • Close both the OptiFine and the Minecraft.
  • Re-launch the Minecraft.
  • Tap on “OptiFine” version.
  • Tap “Option” and proceed with the installation procedure.
  • On the folder that you made, select the shaders pack.
  • Move to folder to the same folder with shaders pack.
  • Now, tap on the “Video Settings.”
  • Tap on “Shaders.”
  • The Shaders pack should be installed now.
  • Tap “Done.

Now, you are ready to play your Minecraft with Shaders pack. We believe that this procedure helps you to install Shader packs on Minecraft for great performance? Kindly leave a comment if you need more help.

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