How to Charge a Car Battery With Laptop Charger

Here today we’re going to take you by hand how to charge a car battery with laptop charger, as in without electricity or power supply. By default, when you get a new car battery you need the help of a rewire (those auto-mechanic that charges car battery with electricity) to help boost your car battery from almost no volt to the required volts to power your car engine.

But, when your car battery ran out of volt what in the mid of night and you are only left with laptop charger, that is ,you could not have access to your homemade car battery charger or get to your rewire to help use electricity to charge your car battery?

There is a valid trick still work that can be used to charge your car battery with laptop 12v battery charger. Meanwhile, this technique can be used in a reverse way to power your laptop with car charger. However, here you will learn how to charge a car battery with your laptop charger with electricity.

Why Do I Charge a Car Battery With Laptop Charger?

If you have ever been to a rewire’s shop, where different car batteries are connected together, you will probably have an idea of how car batteries are been charged with electricity. And probably might have asked the possibility of charging car batteries without source of power supply like generator, and in this case why is there no specific charger for car battery rather than connecting different wires together to harness power. However, car batteries stay working by harnessing the car engine’s power together when working.

But your car battery will be out of power when you mistakenly power on your parking light or when you put on your forget to close your car door probably or all sort of mistaken that can leads to discharge of your car battery, the car battery would have run of power when you get to know later. It’s can very disastrous at times when you car battery went dead and no way to charge it. However, if you have a laptop battery and you are far from your car rewire, here you will learn how to charge a car battery using laptop charger.

Charge a car battery with latop charger

Things to Do Before You Connect Your Car Charger to Power Source

Don’t make the mistake before you start doing anything on your car. Always make precaution and safety your priority. Since it’s not your profession to fix car battery when dead, then you may need to put on sun shade, gloves, and don’t not ignite your car engine to avoid any form of electric shock when connecting your car battery to a source of electricity.

Also, you don’t just decided how to charge a car battery using laptop charger without you know the kind of car battery your car runs on. Next on the move after you have gloves on, glasses, and stop your car from working is to determine the kind of your car battery. Whether it’s wet cell battery or vlra (Valve Regulated Lead-Acid Battery) battery.

One more important thing you need to always have on your car is car battery plug or clip depends on how you called it. Without it, you may find it difficult connecting to your battery for the passage of current.

How to Charge a Car Battery with Laptop Charger

If you have endeavor to put the above precaution in place and you have found out the nature of your car battery, then let quickly go ahead to reveal what you need to do without using homemade car battery charger to charge your car battery, rather with the use of laptop charger up to 12v.

So, if you are keen to learn how to charge a car battery with your laptop charger without electricity, kindly watch the video below and you are good to go.

I just stumbled on this video on YouTube on how to charge a car battery with laptop charger while search for how to charge car battery at home without using charger and I decided to share it with you here and I believe it’ll be of great benefit.

Note: Please only use this technique to charge your car battery if you know what you are doing, else you may have to contact auto-mechanic or rewire as they are popularly called.

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