Flash share

Flash Share File Transfer app, How to use, and Alternatives

Flash share is an Android app used to transfer files such as music, apps, videos, etc from one phone to another phone without Bluetooth enable. It works as a file…

Top Apps in India

How to Download and Install Showbox APK on Android

Are you still interrest in Showbox APK to stream movies on your Android phone for free? This is the post you need to read. After the pandemonium broken out about…


How to Download and Install AOS TV APK on Android, PC, and Firestick

If you are keen on how to watch live football matches on Android without paying for a cable subscription there is always a way out. The era of the smartphone…

Top apps in India

Top Apps in India for Android Smartphone

India has an average population of 1.37 billion making the country second largest after China. With time, less than a decade, India and China population would almost be at the…


How to use AirDroid to Transfer and Receive Files on iPhone/iPad or Android and PC

AirDroid is a new technology based on Airmirror developed by Sand Studio to send and receive files between devices on the same network without a physical connection. The Airmirror serve…

Diamond Bank App

Download Diamond Mobile App for Android, iOS, Windows, BB, & Nokia

If you are Diamond bank customer you need to download the Diamond bank Mobile app. The mobile banking app is more than just for online money transfer and internet banking….

How to Enable Android Focus Mode on Android Q, Pie, Oreo, Nougat, Marshmallow and Android 5.0

Android Q brought a lot of features to Android interface and anticipated users a loving it for that. The introduction of Android focus mode has painted the sky Blue-Black only…


How to Force Google Android Auto Update to work on Android

What is Android auto? How do you set up Android auto? How to update Android auto? These are what we will consider here in this guide. If you have either…

Best Apps to Play XVID Codec for Android

XVID codec for Android is an app to compress and decompress video to MPEG-4 ASP which is different from MP4 or 3gp that is supported by default by Android. However, since…

AnonyTun Settings

Download AnonyTun (VPN App) for Android and PC “2019”

AnonyTun settings hack your way into restricted internet access and provide a VPN (a virtual private network) to protect your online activities to the level that it cannot be traced….