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However, it is easy to some extent to download videos from these websites using downloader apps but downloading videos from Facebook on Android, twitter, GIFs, and most importantly YouTube videos, there is a need to use Savefromnet stand alone websites to download MP3, MP4, 3GP etc from YouTube.

It’s possible to say that the usefulness of savefromnet from this savefrom net review that with savefrom net helper plugins for Chrome, Opera, and Mozilla that one can download YouTube videos, Facebook videos, and GIFs for free.

Although there are many YouTube downloaders to download YouTube videos but sometimes required experience to use. And if you are good enough you can use internet download manager to download YouTube videos but it cannot be used to download Facebook videos and GIFs as at the time of writing this post. Needless to say that you can download both videos and music online using Savefromnet and its helper, you also do not need to register specially before you can start to use it or subscribe to save from net monthly update.

With helper plugin, and the power of copy and paste video URL you can download videos from any website including YouTube and Facebook. In this savefromnet review you will learn how to download YouTube videos using or using Savefromnet helper and without savefrom net helper and also how to download to download Facebook video using this same standalone helper and without the helper.

What’s Savefromnet or

Without beating about the bush. is the fastest way to search and download YouTube and Facebook videos. It has plugin for most browsers popularly called helper. While most people don’t really know about helper, they prefer to copy and paste the video URL they wanted to download directly into savefrom net download column to sync the video and download it based on desired output or better still, add two but the same alphabet to the video URL on YouTube to the video they wanted to download.

And of course you can download Facebook videos using Save to Facebook plugin but before the introduction of this feature by Facebook has always been the best way to download YouTube and Facebook videos.

Save to Facebook isn’t really a feature to download videos from Facebook though but it’s a new feature to give quick access to Facebook videos that you have saved and well arrange including videos you recently viewed both on mobile and on PC.

How to Download YouTube Videos Using Savefromnet Without Helper

The very first assignment of this post will be to address the simplest way to search and download YouTube videos online without using YouTube downloader or apps to download YouTube videos rather a standalone website designed to download videos online.

1. Open two tabs on your browser and visit YouTube and savefromnet (savefrom) respectively.

2. On YouTube window, enter the name of the video you want to download and hit the search box. Once gotten copy the video URL from the address bar.


3. Navigate back to’s window from step 1 above and paste the YouTube video URL in the column that says ‘just insert a link’.


4. Savefromnet will sync with YouTube and populates the video. Click on the drop menu to choose your video output option. Videos can be downloaded in HD or MP3 or MP4 using depending on your choice. However, for this post we’d download the YouTube video as MP4, as such we’d click on download as the best video output.


5. The video will start downloading afterward. As simple as this is, is how to use to download YouTube videos for free. Also, note that the number of YouTube videos you can download with website is unlimited and it doesn’t required any registration.

How to Download YouTube Videos Using Savefromnet with Helper

The use of savefrom net helper makes it easier to download YouTube videos without leaving YouTube video page. The helper serve as YouTube downloader for browser. In fact, the helper is one of the most popular and viable YouTube downloader extensions I have ever used.

It’s very simple to use and it doesn’t require a rocket scientist knowledge or understanding before you can have a copy of your favorite YouTube videos on your desktop or laptop computer.

1. Download and install savefromnet helper for your browser. For the sake of this post we’d use Chrome helper as a guide as the same procedure applies to other browsers.

Note: Do restart your browser for the  YouTube online downloader  helper from you installed to be integrated into your browser.

2. Navigate to a new tab, visit YouTube to search for the video you want to download using YouTube search bar.

3. To the right of subscribed button on YouTube you will see a download button integrated by savefrom net. Click on the drop menu and select your video download output and finally click on download button to start video download.


It is as simple as that to download YouTube videos using this popular standalone website,

Please leave a comment if you have any issue downloading your favorite YouTube videos using this online downloader.

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