How to Unblock YouTube Videos Without Proxy on Android, iOS And Desktop

They are different ways to unblock YouTube videos if you are blocked on a certain IP address from access the giant video’s site. However, it could be really annoying been…

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How to Delete Snapchat Account on Android

SnapChat makes it very easy for users to delete their account if they no longer want to be part of the community again. So, if you are an ardent SnatChat…

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Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery Life

How to Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery

Samsung Galaxy S5 Battery is the major problem of the device and it renders the high-end smartphone valueless and sometimes useless, however, for a tech-savvy, there is a way to…

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How to Transfer Files Using GigaFile Website

GigaFile is a website to transfer huge file without transfer cap. This implies that with GigaFile you can transfer any file from your device to another without leaving the comfort…

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Android Wi-Fi Backup

Backup Android Wi-Fi & Restore it

Android Wi-Fi backup is crucial and ability to access it anywhere anytime. If you don’t want to always memorize your password you can use a one-time password app or always…

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How to Download YouTube Videos on Android Smartphone

The popularity YouTube has gained over the year as a videos search engine has made it the number one video site on the internet to watch series online, short movies,…

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How to Use Free YouTube Clip Converter Download Website

Clip Converter is a popular tool to download and convert YouTube video from MP4 to MP3, Mp3 to 3GP, and other video and audio output. With the clip converter, YouTube…

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How To Download YouTube Videos Without Software

Update: You can now download Savefromnet APK app to download YouTube videos on your Android phone from the comfort of your home. YouTube has grown so much that so many…

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Android Device Manager

How to Use Android Device Manager to Track a Stolen Phone

Android device manager is Google app to manage all Smartphone with Android OS. So, here in this article, you will get to know the usefulness of Android device manager and…

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How to Activate YouTube on All Devices Using

YouTube com activate is a means to activate YouTube channels on all devices that are compatible with the video streaming platform. YouTube introduced the easiest way to access YouTube on…

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