Amy Waters Davidson Net Worth

Amy waters Davidson is a licensed American nurse who came to the limelight following the increase in popularity of her son Pete Davidson. She currently has two kids Pete Davidson and Cassey Davidson who used to be a baseball player. 

Amy Presently works as a nurse, also she tries her best to be a strong supporter for her kids showing which has made it hard for her to remarry following her husband’s death in 1994. Currently, she lived a comfortable life with an estimated net worth of $500,00 while her son Pete Davidson has a net worth of $10 million


Amy Walters Davidson is a professional American nurse who became more popular following her son’s fame Pete Davidson is an American actor comedian and writer.

She is the mom of both Pete Davison and Cassey Davidson.

Presently Amy walters Davidson is just 53 years old since she was born in 1969, she is of American citizenship and her birth sign is Aries. Her husband, on the other hand, is Scott Davidson unfortunately, he has passed away following the 9/11 tragedy.

In addition, there is little to no information about who her parents were online but as soon as we get any information regarding her parents it will be updated here.

Early Life & Education

Amy Walters Davidson

Since Amy Davidson came to the spotlight after her son Pete Davidson gained more popularity. Presently, there has been no previous information about how she lived her early life. Aside from that, the little that is known about Amy waters decision is that she attended a local state high school and she also went to a reputable health training college where she kickstarted her career as a nurse

It is totally safe to say she is a well-educated personality since she is a nursing graduate


While she must have worked at a series of health institutions as a nurse. The only reported location where she presently works is at Xaverian High school in Brooklyn where she works as a licenced nurse. In addition to all that, Amy has made a few appearances on the Saturday Night Life show where her son frequently makes an appearance on

Net Worth

What is the Amy Waters Davidson net worth?

Currently, it has been reported that Amy waters Davidson works as a nurse. And nurses in the united states of America are well paid. Presently her last reported net worth of Amy is estimated to be around $500,000 (USD). 

Meanwhile, her son Pete Davidson who is regarded as a star in the family makes an annual income of $500,00 while his estimated net worth of $10 million.

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Relationship: Scott Mathew Davidson

Amy Walters Davidson

Unfortunately, there are no reports as to how Amy met with her husband Scott, however, based on normal circumstances they must have courted for a while before tieing the knot in the year 1990. 

At the time she met Scott Matthew Davidson, he was a baseball player, but later changed to become a professional firefighter on January 16 1994.

Following their marriage, they didn’t have any child the first and the second year of their marriage but in the third year they gave birth to Peter on November 16 1993, while Casey, who was the second born and, a girl was born in 1999

Scott Matthew Davidson Passed Away 

The death of Scott’s Father was a tragic one. It must have been a big hit to the family since he died at a young ripe age of 33 years old. 

It was revealed that Scott was working as a firefighter with the New York City Fire department and was a bit unlucky as he was present during the September (9/11) incident. It was reported that he was running up the stairs of the Marriott World trade centre hotel minutes before the second twin tower collapsed.

All these happened when Pete was just seven while Cassey was four.

Pete Davidson Breakdown: Scott Passed Away 

How Pete Davidson was affected by his father’s death?

The incident came as a huge blow to both Pete and Cassey as they were orphans and had only their mom to cater for them.

Now that Pete is grown he once opened up that the tragedy of his father’s death doe stuffs like ripping his hair to look bald while he also thought of committing suicide while he was in his teenage years.

It must have been very rough for him but he seems to be relieved and moved on from the incident. since he once said, 

“Not forgotten, but I wanted to be able to move on and show that it’s okay to have issues and it’s okay to struggle and that you’re not alone and that there is a light at the end of the tunnel.”

Amy waters Davidson Remarried

is Amy Waters Davidson Remarried?

Following the death of her husband Scott, Amy waters have decided not to remarry, instead, she is focused on supporting and caring for her two kids Pete and Cassey in Staten Island in New York.

Presently she is a single parent and her inspector to her kids. However, her kids might be a bit dissatisfied that she has decided not to give love a try since Pete famously complained about it in an episode of the Netflix series, Dressing Funny, where he propositioned men to get his mom laid.

However, Pete on the other hand seems to move with Kim Kardashian which his mom is in full support of.

Pete’s relationship with Kim Kardashian?

Pete Davidson has been involved in a series of relationships in the past. His most recent one was the one he had with comedian Carly Aquilino which later fell apart, currently, Pete seems to have found a new love, which is Kim Kardashian.

Kim just parted ways with Kanye West not long ago before she later got a new boyfriend which was reported to be Pete Davidson. However, Kim’s new relationship with Pete Davidson has drawn quite a lot of curiosity from her fans.

Following this incident, Pete’s mom may Davidson started trending due to her comment on her son’s relationship with Kim Kardashian whereby she showed her support for her son having kids with Kim Kardashian.

Basic the reaction from here didn’t sit well with the majority of people on her social media followers.

However, as things got a bit tense. She later came online and revealed that she “doesn’t want him to settle down with Kim” because the reality star has “too much baggage.”

Amy Waters Davidson’s age

How old are Amy waters Davidson?

Amy waters Davidson is a licenced nurse with years of experience under her belt. Currently, she works at Xaverian High school in Brooklyn as a nurse while she still acts as a strong source of support for her two kids.

Presently, Amy waters Davidson is 53 years old since she was born in the year 1969.

Amy waters Davidson Height & Weight

How tall is Amy waters Davidson?

Amy Davidson has a similar height as Cassey (her daughter), however, she’s shorter than her son Pete. Presently, Amy waters Davidson stands at a height of 5 feet 5 inches which is equivalent to 165cm, while her body weight is 55kg or 12lbs.

Amy has pretty dark brown eyes and blonde hair. She has a plump shape since her body measurements are 36-28 and 35 inches.

Amy waters Davidson’s Instagram

Amy has been able to amass a huge number of following on her Instagram page since she has a popular song coupled with the fact that she often flaunts her flat stomach on her page.

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