Sean Astin’s Net Worth, Age, Wife, and Bio

Sean Patrick Astin is an American who is a well-known entertainer, voice artist and producer. He made the spotlight for the absolute first time when he showed up in Steven Spielberg’s well-known satire ‘The Goonies’.

He has likewise coordinated a few short movies and TV series from 1988 to 2003.

Sean Astin is quite popular for assuming the part of Bob Newby in the popular series ‘Stranger Things, the Science Fiction Horror web TV drama series

Also, Sean is renowned for his work in ‘Master of the Ring: Trilogy‘ from 2001 to 2003 where he acted as Samwise Gamgee, ‘The Goonies’ in 1985 where he acted as Mikey Walsh, ‘Rudy‘ in 1993 where he acted as Daniel Ruetigger, ‘20 First Dates‘ in 2004 where he acted as Doug Whitmore and ‘Teen Mutant Ninja Turtle‘ where he acted as a voice-over artist from 2012 to 2017 as Raphael and some more.


Sean Astin aka Sean Patrick Astin is popularly known as an American actor. He was born on 25 February 1971. Presently Sean Astin’s age is 51 years as of May 2022. His birth location is in Santa Monica, California, United States. He was also raised there.

Sean Astin’s parents were Patty duke (who was an academy award-winning actress ) while his dad who he didn’t know till he was 25 years old is Micheal Tell.

However, Sean was adopted by the famous director and actor John Astin who married Duke in 1972.

Later on, Duke told Sean that his biological father was Desi Arnaz Jr when he was 14 years old.

However, the thing took a serious turn when they realized Desi Arnaz Jr. was not his biological father. What happened was that a DNA test was taken and it was later proved that music promoter Michael Tell was his biological father. Micheal Tell was married to Patty Duke was married for 13 days in 1970. Shockingly the news came when sean was 26 years old.

Sean Astin is an American by nationality and he is a Catholic.

Early Life & Education

Sean Astin Sean Astin Childhood

Sean’s childhood was full of confusion based on the number of fathers that he was told he had before he finally discovered who his true father was at the age of 26. However, that didn’t stop him from schooling as his mom fully supported him. 

Sean went to Catholic School and later to Crossroads High School for the Arts. After graduating he went on to study at the Stella Adler Conservatory, Los Angeles.

In addition to that sean also went to the university to bag a bachelor of arts in History and English (American literature and culture). He finished his undergraduate from the University of California (UCLA), Los Angeles at Los Angeles Valley College.

Afterwards, he served as the Patrons Association and the Arts Council on the School’s Board of Directors.


Sean Astin

Sean Astin began his profession as an entertainer(actor) in the American TV industry in the year 1981, he featured in the series named ”Please Don’t Hit Me Mom’‘ as Brian Reynolds. In 1982, he also featured as Charlie Hagen in the series named ‘The Rules of Marriage’.

Four years later, he made his film debut with the film named ‘The Goonies as Mikey Walsh. That very year he likewise featured in the series named ”The O’Briens” as the child. In 1986, also he featured as Leonard Kinsey in the series named ‘The B.R.A.T. Patrol’

In the year 1987, he completed 2 movies named ‘Like Father Like Son’ where he assumed the role of Clarence/Trigger and ‘White Water Summer’ where he assumed the role of Alan in 1989.

Also, he featured in 2 movies named ‘The War of the Roses’ where he played the character Josh Rose‘ and ‘Remaining Together’ as Duncan McDermott.

In 1990, he featured as Seargent Richard in the film ‘Memphis Belle’. The following year, he was opportune to complete 2 movies named ‘Toy Soldiers’ where he acted as William Tepper and ‘The Willies’ as Michael.

The roles kept coming as he again featured in 2 movies whose titles were ‘Where the Day Takes You’ as Greg and ‘Encino Man’ as Dave Morgan which all happened in 1992

A year after he featured in the film ‘Rudy‘ where he acted as Daniel Ruetigger(1993) and he featured in an uncredited film named ”Terresa’s Tattoo’ as Step Brother the following year.

The roles kept coming to him since he was a talented actor. The roles he played brought about fame and recognition. however, he got more popular after acting in the famous movie: The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’. in the film, he took on the role of Samwise Gamgee which turned out to be the starting point of his fame. 

He later went on to perform in another similarly titled film named ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers’ as Samwise Gamgee again and voiced in ‘Snowdogs’ as Chinook.

However, that wasn’t all as he also got the chance to act as a voice-over actor for a popular kids’ movie called: teenage mutant Ninja turtle where he voiced the role of a character named Raphael in the movie. The movie spanned from 2012 to 2017.

Awards & Achievements

Sean Astin was presented with the award of Young Artist Award for ‘Best Starring Performance by a Young Actor – Motion Picture’ for his part in the movie called ‘The Goonies’ which he did in 1985.

Also, Sean won the Young Artist Award in the classification ‘Best Young Actor Starring in a Motion Picture’ for ‘Remaining Together’ in 1989.

That wasn’t all, as he was also opportune to win an award based on the fact that he was a component of ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring’ cast. He won the Screen Actors Guild grant for ‘Extraordinary Performance by a Cast in a Motion Picture’ in 2001.

In addition to that, Sean got the Saturn Award and Chicago Film Critics Association grant in the category of ‘Best Supporting Actor in 2003. An award he won based on the part he played in ‘The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King’. 

Sean Astin 50 first dates

Sean Astin starred in the film called 50 first dates in a supporting role along with Rob Schneider, Blake Clark and Dan Aykroyd. The film entails the story of Henry, a marine veteran who is a womanizer who eventually fell for an art teacher named Lucy. However he didn’t know she has amnesia, but that didn’t change his mind about her 

Sean Astin Net Worth

As of May 2022, Sean Astin has expected total assets of more than $30 million. He made this fortune by showing up in various breakthrough films. His movies have gotten along admirably in the cinematic world and have been aired on TV many times. 

Sean Astin Sibling

Sean has 5 siblings. Their names are Mackenzie Astin, Tom Astin, Kevin Pearce, David Astin, and Allen Astin. Every one of them is an entertainer or is into Music

Raising five kids wasn’t easy on their mom as she had to stay strong for her kids. Sean and Makenzie came publicly to speak about growing up. They spoke about their mom who was later diagnosed with manic-depression while Sean and Mackenzie were aged 11 and 9.


Sean Astin
Sean Astin family

Sean Astin’s biological dad is Michael Tell. Micheal is an American Rock Promoter while his mom, Patty Duke, is a notable actress. She is of Australian-Jewish descent.

Sean has 5 kin. His siblings’ names are Mackenzie Astin, Tom Astin, Kevin Pearce, David Astin, and Allen Astin. Every one of them is an entertainer or is into performing expressions.

Presently Sean is married with three kids named Alexandra Louise Astin (1996), Elizabeth Louise Astin (2002), and Isabella Louise Astin (2005).

Sean Astin father

There have been round going on about who Sean Astin’s real father is. His real father is Micheal Tell. The discovery came about after a DNA test when sean was 26 years old. It must have been hard on him since he believed Desi Arnaz Jr was his real father.

Sean Astin wife

Sean Astin tied the knot with Christine Harrell on the eleventh of July 1992. His better half had won the ‘Miss Indiana Teen USA’ title in 1984. Together they have three little girls; the oldest is named Alexandra, trailed by Elizabeth and Isabella.

Sean Astin Age

Sean still maintains a good relationship with his supposed fathers whom he once spoke about how he calls them from time to time. He has five siblings who are all in the entertainment industry in one way or the other.

Presently Sean Astin is 51 years old since he was born on 25 February 1971

Sean Astin height

Sean Astin is an attractive looking entertainer(actor) in the American industry. He is Recognized for his charming looks and nice personality. Sean has an awesome grin and running hairdo which is exceptionally appreciated by his fans.

Presently Sean Astin stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches which is equivalent to 170 cm.

Sean Astin Weight

Sean Astin is a famous American actor, voice-over artist, producer and director. He became more popular after assuming the role of Samwise Gamgee in The Lord of the Rings trilogy.

Presently Sean Astin weighs 85 kg or 187.5 lbs

Sean Astin Social Media

Sean Astin is active on his social media channels he posts about his book clubs, and his movies and sometimes he posts about his personal life. Presently he has been able to amass a large following on his social media channels.

Sean Astin has over 500k followers on his Instagram channel

while on his Twitter channel he has 492k followers. He is also on Facebook but he is usually active on Twitter and Instagram

Sean Astin stranger things

Sometimes, the films certain actors take on change people’s perception about who they are. Initially, Sean Astin was known for the roles he played in Lord of the rings and goonies where he acted as Samwise Gamgee and Rudy respectively. However, his role in the second season of stranger things made where he took on the role of Bob Newby shows how versatile he is.

Personal Information

NameSean Astin
BirthdayFebruary 25, 1971
Birth PlaceSanta Monica, California, United States
Known ForFilm & Theater Personalities, Actors
Where he livesCalifornia
SpousesChristine Harrell (m. 1992)
SiblingsAllen Astin, David Astin, Kevin Pearce, Mackenzie Astin, Tom Astin
Known asSean Patrick Astin
Age51 years
FatherMichael Tell, John Astin
MotherPatty Duke
Sun SignPisces
Born inSanta Monica, California, United States
Famous asActor
Personal Details

Who is Sean Astin’s father?

When sean was young he went through a series of confusion as to who his real father is but after taking a DNA test, It revealed that his real father was Micheal Tell. Earlier before the incident, he thought his real dad was Desi Arnaz Jr.

How old is Sean Astin?

With all the achievements sean has amassed throughout his lifetime, it is easy to figure out that he isn’t on the young side anymore.

Sean was born on the 25th of February 1971 and his present age is 51 years old.

How tall is Sean Astin?

Presently Sean Astin stands at a height of 5 feet 7 inches which is equivalent to 170 cm. This makes him a bit below the average height of males in the united states which is usually around 175cm  however you should check out Jalel white he is 176cm 

Who is Sean Astin’s real father?

Sean Astin has three fathers the first one named John Astin was the one that first adopted him while his mom made it known to sean that his real father was Desi Arnaz Jr. But all these were debunked until a DNA test was taken to later reveal that his real dad was Micheal Tell.

is Sean Astin related to Maxwell Simkins?

This is a question that is frequently being asked. Looking at maxwell Simkins he has a strong resemblance with Sean Astin when he was younger. he isn’t related to Sean Astin in any way possible.

is Sean Astin a Christian?

Sean Astin’s mom was a catholic while his dad was believed to be Athiest, however, he seems to be threading more on the path his mom followed however he once said

‘I guess I have to have an answer,” he recalled. “I consider myself a Christian. I don’t know if I’m a very good one but I’m praying the forgiveness thing is legit.”

Who is Sean Astin’s real father?

His first dad who adopted him was John Astin later on his mom made it known to Sean that his real father was Desi Arnaz Jr. Surprisingly all these were debunked until a DNA test was taken to later reveal that his real dad was Micheal Tell.

is Skylar Astin related to Sean Astin?

He is not related to Sean Astin he only changed his name to give him an edge in the entertainment industry. Astin was his middle name. His last name was Lipstein.

Sean Astin movies and TV Shows

Sean Astin movies and TV Shows

1985The GooniesMikey Walsh
1987Like Father Like SonClarence / Trigger
White Water SummerAlan 
1989The War of the RosesJosh Rose (age 17)
Staying TogetherDuncan McDermott 
1990Memphis BelleSergeant Richard “Rascal” Moore
1991Toy SoldiersWilliam Tepper
The WilliesMichael 
1992Where the Day Takes YouGreg
Encino ManDave Morgan 
1993RudyDaniel Ruettiger
1994Teresa’s TattooStep Brother
Safe PassageIzzy Singer 
1995The Low LifeAndrew
Harrison BergeronHarrison Bergeron 
1996Courage Under FirePatella
1997Wag the DogSinger
1998Boy Meets GirlMike
2000Dish DogsMorgan
The Last ProducerBo Pomerantz 
IcebreakerMatt Foster 
The Sky Is FallingMr Schwartz 
2001The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the RingSamwise Gamgee
2002The Lord of the Rings: The Two TowersSamwise Gamgee
2003The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the KingSamwise Gamgee
2004Balto III: Wings of ChangeKodi
Elvis Has Left the BuildingAaron 
50 First DatesDoug Whitmore 
2005SmileMike Matthews
Bigger Than the SkyKen Zorbell 
SlipstreamStuart Conway 
Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing & Charm SchoolKip Kipling 
Thanks to GravityCoach Amal 
2006What Love IsGeorge
Asterix and the VikingsJustforkix 
2007The Final SeasonKent Stock
My Wife Is RetardedJeff 
2008Forever StrongMarcus
Spirit of the ForestFuri 
2009Stay CoolBig Girl
Alvin and the Chipmunks: The SqueakquelCameo 
Amazing Love: The Story of HoseaStuart 
2013The FreemasonLeon Weed
2014Justice League: WarShazam
Boys of Abu GhraibStaff Sergeant Tanner 
Cabin Fever: Patient ZeroPorter 
Moms’ Night OutSean 
Video Games: The MovieNarrator 
The Hero of Color CityHoratio 
The SurfaceMitch 
2015Justice League: Throne of AtlantisShazam
Do You Believe?Dr. Farell 
2016The Do-OverTed-O
Range 15Grigsby 
2017Bad Kids of Crestview AcademyHeadmaster Nash
Dead AntArt 
Espionage TonightSam Jacobson 
The LearsTom Cornwall 
2018Gloria BellJeremy
Lego DC: Shazam!: Magic and MonstersShazam 
Justice League Dark: Apokolips WarShazam 
2021Hero ModeJimmy
Charming the Hearts of MenGeorge

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