How long do Modems last

How long do Modems last?

Modems are essential portable devices used in modern-day communication. Their uses can’t be overemphasized, especially when in need of a seamless and fast internet connection. You might want to know

Roku not Connecting to Wifi

[Solved] Roku not Connecting to WiFi

Maybe you have used your Roku device for a year without any connection issue and you decide to travel out for a few days or weeks. And on coming back,

xfinity router blinking blue

How to Fix Xfinity Router Blinking Blue

When using Xfinity, there is a great chance that you are familiar with the several LED lights that usually come on to signify either a process or an error. And

Xfinity Gateway Blinking Green

How to Fix Xfinity Gateway Blinking Green

Imagine, you received a call from your boss at work while you were still groggily awake, s/he then asks you to check a mail he forwarded to you. Reluctantly, you

How to Reset eero Router

How to Reset eero Router

The decision to reset your eero router might often strike your mind when the router isn’t connecting to the internet, or the router is getting new users. For whatsoever reason