How to Save YouTube Videos From The Net to Android/iOS/Computer

The way YouTube is designed you are only allowed to stream YouTube video without a download option which is officially from YouTube. If you check through Google play store you will discover that there is no official Android app to download YouTube videos verified by Google. This means that you cannot download YouTube videos with the support of Google. All you can do is go to YouTube, search for the video you like, and stream it live on YouTube. The option to download it to your gadgets such as Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad, PC, and Mac is not officially supported by YouTube.

But, at some point, you will see one or more video you like on YouTube and would like to download it probably because such a video may soon be taken down or you don’t want to spend the whole search for the same video. The next thing would be how to download the video for offline view basically to your phone or computer.

Meanwhile, YouTube app feature to watch YouTube video only supports YouTube video download only for view on YouTube app and cannot be accessed on your storage device. This simply means that when you download YouTube videos from within YouTube app you can only access the video on YouTube app, the video will not be saved to your phone storage and cannot be accessible on your phone.

But this is not to tell you there is no way to download your favorite YouTube video from the net. They’re a lot of ways that we have tested and as well trusted to download YouTube videos from the internet. They’re a lot of programs such as computer desktop software to download videos from YouTube and convert it from one format to another, such as converting from 3GP to MP4, extracting MP3 from YouTube videos, and even merge two YouTube videos together.

At the same time, they’re a various standalone website where you only need to copy and paste YouTube video URL with a single click to sync the video directly from YouTube with an integrated download button from within the third-party website.

In addition to this, there are browser extensions to grab a copy of YouTube video from a computer browser. These plugins are handy and work perfectly. When you choose to use browser plugins such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and the like, all you need to do is visit YouTube website and search for the video you want to download after you have installed the YouTube video download plugin. The extension will instantly integrate a download button to the YouTube video without requesting for registration, after that you can simply click on download button to download a copy of the video to your storage for later purpose.

And finally, for Android and iOS user, the best way to save YouTube video from the net to your storage device is use APK app for Android phone & iOS and use a document app for OS X  device. With this two options for either device, you can save from net a copy of YouTube video to your device.

How to Download YouTube Videos on Android/iOS/PC/Desktop/Mac

How do You Download a Video From Youtube

Officially, you cannot download a YouTube video. YouTube is designed in such a way that you can only stream videos on YouTube. YouTube primary assignment is for subscribers and users to come to YouTube and search for their favorite videos to watch without a download option.

Except recently that YouTube integrated a download option into YouTube app which easily allows you to save YouTube video to your YouTube account. And with this, you cannot access the video you saved in your device storage.

This is the reason you will discover that after you have successfully saved a copy of YouTube video on YouTube app you will still not be able to get across to the video in your phone videos gallery.

Meanwhile, the YouTube video save feature on Android and the iOS app only works on the latest YouTube iteration app. How it works is that; you download the latest YouTube video and search for the video you want to watch. Once you got it you will discover there is a download icon to the button right of the app and when you click on it, it’ll save on your YouTube account which will not be accessible on your phone except you launch the YouTube app and access your video search history.

Despite this feature, they’re still some YouTube video you cannot save using the YouTube save from option to your YouTube account. Such a video will cross the download icon and tells you that the video cannot be downloaded.

This is the only way to download a video from YouTube officially as far as YouTube video downloader is concerned.

How do You Save a YouTube Videos to Your Computer

There is no official way to save YouTube videos to a computer and access it offline. While there are various ways to download YouTube videos and save it on your computer, most approaches are with the use of a third-party software or a standalone website to download YouTube videos of any kind provided download access is not restricted from by the video uploader.

Other than using a desktop or computer software to save YouTube videos to your computer you can make use of a browser extension [plugin]. There are various plugins that can be used to download a video from YouTube and save it on your computer.

Another popular approach to download any video from YouTube is using a standalone website like save from net, gentube, listentoyoutube, and many others I will share with you in this post. These standalone websites only request for the YouTube video URL to be pasted in the column provided and the website will generate a direct download link to the video.

Meanwhile, some even make it simpler by providing a short alphabet to be added to the YouTube video URL directly from YouTube interface for the video to populate a download link on the website. Like, save from net website, when you see a video you would love to download all you just have to do is add “ss” before “Y” in the YouTube and click enter button to generate a download button for the video.

How to Download YouTube Videos in Mobile Phone

The world is going mobile… there is no doubt about that. Yet, YouTube hasn’t granted a direct way to download a video from YouTube. All you can do is go to YouTube and stream your favorite movies for free. However, there has been a great development on how to download YouTube videos in mobile. The easiest way is to download and install YouTube video downloader APK file.

No APK file is allowed in Google play store which means that installing APK YouTube video downloader for Android phones could as well requires additional steps. However, before you can install the best APK YouTube download, TubeMate, you have to enable install from unknown source otherwise your device OS will tag the app a harmful script on your smartphone.

When you want to download a YouTube video on a mobile we recommend using TubeMate YouTube video downloader for the download. The advantage of TubeMate over other APK YouTube video downloader is that it gives direct access to explore YouTube website on your mobile the exact way you will explore it on a desktop computer or personal computer.

When you download and install TubeMate YouTube video downloader you have indirectly moved all videos, MP3s, and movies on YouTube to your phone without limitation. Also, with TubeMate you can download YouTube videos in the desired format when the green download button by TubeMate pop up you can simply choose your video download output and you are good.

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