Fix: My Phone Won’t Connect to My Computer Through USB

Few weeks ago I wanted to published an article on ” How to Transfer Files from  Android Phone to PC Using USB Cable” but my phone did not connect with my computer through USB. This gave me lots of headache then, when I finished writing the article introduction I had to stop and find a means to make my computer recognize my phone.

While searching for this, I check all the necessary reasons why won’t my Android phone not connect to my computer but couldn’t find it out. This does not only app to Android phone, if I connect iPhone to it as well it won’t recognize it then I became bothered and almost helpless.

During the time I was talking about that my phone won’t connect to my computer through USB cable, the only thing I was able to do was charging my phone using my USB cable. But in the long run I found out why my phone was not connecting to my PC except only charging.

However, if you are searching for how to get your computer to recognize your Android phone here is a post for you and I’m given you the direct means to fix USB connection to your computer not working or recognized.

There are basic things that you need to find out first as to whether they are the reasons why you computer do not recognize your phone when connected to your PC via USB except only charging.

My Phone Won’t Connect to My Computer Through USB

The following reasons won’t make your phone to connect with your computer and they need to be addressed first otherwise you might still not be able to establish connection between your phone and your computer.

Bad USB Cable

If your USB cable is bad then don’t bother yourself much that may be the reason why your phone is unable to connect with your computer. So, try to change it or try another USB cable to know where the problem lies.

Bad Computer Port

If you computer ports are bad you may experience difficulties connecting your phone to your computer. The only solution here is to repair your computer port otherwise there is only way out. And that is learn how to transfer files to computer without USB cable.

Wrong Choice

Yes! You may pick the wrong choice and with this you will you not able to access your phone on your computer. If for instance you are to select file transfer on your phone and you selected MIDI as a means of transfer you may not be able to access your device folder. And once clicked their may be a disconnection if you were able to access it at all.

Outdated Driver

This is one of the major reason why your computer won’t recognized your phone. This is the category I fell into. Although it was negligence that made me went through all this itch and I’m glad I went through it so that I can help you provide solution to the same problem today.

Now, how do I get my computer to recognize my phone? 

The following are what I did to fix USB device not recognized on my computer and I believe the same approach can help you resolve this headache without taking paracetamol.

Fire up your browser and download Download Windows Drivers for your computer operating system. This is tested and confirmed on Windows 8.1.

Press on your computer keyboard Windows Key + X  and  select device manager from the pops up.

Under portable device you will see your connected Android phone or yellow icon that say unknown source, then right click on it and click on update driver software.

From the pops window click on browse my computer for software update.  Another window will pops up.  Do not browser for the download software. Just click on “Let me pick from the list of device driver on my computer” and your Windows driver will select the downloaded from above automatically and update your driver and you are good.

This will update your device driver and make your phone visible on your computer. As simple as it is this is what put an end to questioning myself that why won’t my phone connect to my computer via USB cable.

Now connect your phone to your computer and see whether your computer won’t recognize your phone be it Android phone or iPhone.

Please make use of the connect section if you were unable to use this procedure to resolve the issue.

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