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How to Reset Data Usage Cycle on Android

There is a feature on all Android phone called “Data Usage” under phone settings to reset data usage on your phone and monitor how your phone data are been consumed. Here today, we’ll share with you how to make effective use of the feature “Data Usage” on your phone.

If you depend on daily, weekly, or monthly subscription on your Android phone you need to monitor how your data is been consume daily. The best way is to clear data usage each data before you start using your phone.

However, for a monthly cycle subscription, I’ll advise you check your data usage weekly, mostly at the end of the week and don’t bother to clear your phone data usage before the week runs out.

Nevertheless, when you reset your phone data usage every day you may not be able to keep a proper record of the total number of data you save for the week or for the day but with apps like Datally, you can actually block all background apps that are consuming your phone data.

However, here in this article, you will learn the step-by-step procedure on how to reset data usage on Android phone without using an app.

Reset Data Usage

Why You Should Reset Data Usage on Android

Android phone store phone data usage with Android data cycle feature to be able to monitor the data cap you consume in a day. With the Android data cap usage cycle feature, you will be able to roll back previous information on the total number of data you consume in a day, a week and even in a month.

In the same sense, you will be able to know the total data you have consumed since you started using the device and how much you have spent on data if it’s pay as you go.

Before you go to reset data usage on your Android phone always take note of your data consumption rate. However, if you note that you consume more data with background app and you also noticed that your phone does overheat when using it, here I’ve written an article on how to reduce Android phone data consumption and how to improve phone performance.

How to Reset Data Usage Cycle on Android

Before we head straight to the procedure to rest data usage on Android phone, I want to believe you have been using your phone with an internet connection before now. Your mode of connection may be through Wi-Fi or mobile data.

Whichever way you can clear data on your Android phone. For the sake of simplicity, I’ll how to reset data usage cycle on Android mobile data, and how to reset Wi-Fi data usage on your Android as well.

How to Reset Data Cycle on Android

To clear your phone old data cycle you must follow the procedure below. The procedure work on all devices including Samsung, iPhone, and Windows phone. The only difference you may encounter will be how to access your phone data usage.

1. Swipe your Android phone down and connect to the internet

2. Navigate to your phone settings

3. Scroll down and click Data Usage

4. Click on the current cycle and select the data you want to clear its data

5. Click on current cycle and then select today’s date

After all this, all your phone data to the present will be cleared but you will still have old data left on your phone data usage cycle.

How to Reset Data Usage Cycle Using Apps

The easiest way to have control over your phone data is to use a third-party app for Android phones. They’re hundreds of Android apps to clear data usage on your Android phone. These work differently from your phone Data Usage and does more job.

Literally, you cannot reset your phone data usage or clear your phone data usage without a root access. When you root your phone, you may not need a third-party app to help you clear your phone data but in case you are scared of rooting your phone as against your phone warranty and fear of phone brick, the follow apps will help you manage your phone data and you will also be able to clear data usage on your phone.

1. Datally Mobile Data & Wi-Fi App

Datally is a new Google Android app to monitor and manage data consumption on your Android phone. Datally helps to restrict your phone background app from running and tends to reduce the rate at which your phone consumes data.

With this app, you can identify which app consume most of your data and which app consume less when all apps are locked from access the internet without permission.

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