Install Whatsapp Update: Download New Whatsapp Update Version

The best way to enjoy latest WhatsApp feature is to install WhatsApp update either via play store or download the apk. WhatsApp can be updated manually or automatically via play store. If you enable background connection on your WhatsApp you will get a pops up a notification whenever an update is available that you have some apps that needed to be upgraded, I do have a lot of them.

The best way to update to WhatsApp new version is to get the latest update from either Whatsapp official page or download it directly from Google play store.

Whatsapp do roll update almost every week for latest, new and cool features to enjoy some of which are a free voice and video call feature, new status feature, PIN WhatsApp contact feature, etc.

Most people who installed WhatsApp doesn’t keep an eye on this vast growing mobile chat app update. As a result, they miss out a lot of features such as latest WhatsApp status, WhatsApp video calls, WhatsApp voice call and many more.

My WhatsApp update for my Android phone is my priority so I don’t joke with it. You ask me why? Well, because updating few apps I have on my Android phone makes it run faster compared to when I have a lot of outdated apps.

The latest WhatsApp update brings a new feature to play YouTube video directly on what’s app within your chat. It’s only those who install latest WhatsApp this week that’ll take note of this new feature.

Whatsapp update in 2017 has many cool features and we are still expecting more. Although, WhatsApp update 2016 version also rock but there has been a lot of new features in the 2017 version.

If you are smart enough you can be the first to get latest WhatsApp update on your phone before any of your friends. While you do not even need to subscribe to WhatsApp apk update you can still get the official WhatsApp latest update first before you colleague and then install it on your device.

There are different ways to update WhatsApp new version and start enjoying the new feature of the app. However, the goal of this article is to revealed to you how you can get latest WhatsApp update download link from to the latest version or directly from Google play store and also from apk website.

Here in this article we will share with you an explicit way to follow to download and install latest whatsapp update on your Android phone.

So stay tune!

Method 1: How to Download and Install Whatsapp Update on Android

This is the simplest method to get the new WhatsApp version on your phone. The way I do get this update is from Google itself because I subscribed to get WhatsApp beta version. However, if you have not subscribed to whatsapp beta version for update info visit this link and fill your information to be the best to get the popular messenger app on your phone.

Under this approach, I’d assumed that you have already installed WhatsApp and all you need is to install WhatsApp update or upgraded your existing WhatsApp to the newest version to start enjoying the newest feature.

1. Launch Google play store on your Android phone and login with your Gmail account username and password. Meanwhile, if you have Google assistance set up on your phone or you have Google app such as Google allo linked with your play store you will no longer need to login to your play store before you can always download and installed app updates.

2. Click on the ellipsis to the left of your play store account and click on my apps & games

Install whatsapp update

3. Google play will load you all the apps you’ve installed from play store through the logged Gmail account.  Then scroll down and find WhatsApp messenger. Your messenger last update date will be right below the app name.

If you have the latest WhatsApp update version you’ll not find WhatsApp app in under outdated apps. Then click on update to WhatsApp new version.

Install whatsapp update

4. A new window will pop up kindly click on update to start updating WhatsApp messenger to the latest one on your Android phone.

Install whatsapp update

As simple as it is you can always stay up-to-date when you update WhatsApp app on your phone to the new version and enjoy any new and available feature on the messenger

How to Install Whatsapp Update on PC

If you have WhatsApp installed on your PC you can upgrade to the new version. Also, if you use WhatsApp web you can update to the new version direct from the web. The new WhatsApp web populates information to update your WhatsApp when it’s out-of-date.

Just like the way to did WhatsApp update download on your smartphone via Google play store you can as well install the update directly from your computer and gets the update on your phone whenever you are connected to the internet. The purpose of this is that you no longer need only your Android phone to upgrade your WhatsApp to the new version, at least I used this procedure to install WhatsApp update for 2017.

1. Launch a browser on your PC and visit Google play store and login with your Gmail account

Whatsapp update new version

2. Click on my apps and scroll down to where WhatsApp is located and click on it

Whatsapp update new version

3. If already have WhatsApp installed on your phone Google play store for PC will tell it to you that ‘WhatsApp’ is already installed. Then click on ‘installed’ icon to re-install WhatsApp fro the latest update.

whatsapp update to latest version

4. Google play will tell you WhatsApp messenger will be installed soon. The soon means how long it takes you to connect to the internet connection on your Android phone. Then click on OK to install WhatsApp latest version on your device.

update whatsapp

When next you connect your Android phone to the internet Google play store will install WhatsApp update the new version with the newest feature as you initiated it as PC and you are good to go.

If you were able to update your WhatsApp messenger to the newest version kindly share this post with your friends on social media.

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