How to Find and Connect to a Free Wifi Anywhere

If you have a phone that can access the internet with a data bundle you can actually create a free WiFi you can access whenever you are within the network coverage. This WiFi may not be everywhere but you can create a WiFi for your home appliances, encrypt it with a password so that intruders will not take advantage of the WiFi network if not protected hoping that there is a free WiFi everywhere whenever they come around your location.

You can also tap on a free wireless network if it’s an open network if the WiFi doesn’t require an encryption password to connect to it. Apart from looking for a free internet connection, you can grab a router of your choice to serve the purpose of free wire in your home.

You can also use some free WiFi app to tap and crack WiFi password if you accidentally stumble on a network that the secure password is relatively easy to crack.

However, whichever way you know before you get to this article on how to get free WiFi anywhere, we’ve got some amazing options for you to tap from.

How to Get Free WiFi Everywhere 

For Android and iOS, follow the procedures below to create a wireless network on your smartphone that supports the feature.


Follow the steps below to create your own WiFi hotspot for Android.

  1. Swipe down the notification tray and click on the settings gear iconFree WiFi Everywhere
  2. Click on wireless & networksCreate Hotspot
  3. Click on tethering & portable hotspotCreate a free wireless
  4. Tap on Portable WiFi hotspot
  5. Under the Hotspot settings, click on configure Wi-Fi hotspotFree WiFi Everywhere
  6. Tap on the network name to give your WiFi a unique nameWiFi password, username, and encryption
  7. Click on the encryption type and select WPA2 PSK
  8. Click on the Password column and create a password to protect your Wi-Fi hotspot

For additional settings click on show advanced options and choose your free WiFi app band and broadcast channel. Under the broadcast channel, you can restrict the maximum number of devices that can connect to your wireless hotspot network.

iOS (iPhone, iPad, & iPod)

The steps are a bit different from that of Android because their OS is another the same.

  1. Go to your apps menu and click on your iOS settings
  2. Tap on the Cellular option
  3. Click on the option that says personal HotspotHow to create free Wireless everywhere
  4. Click on the slider to enable WiFi Hotspot on your iOSEnable Hotspot button
  5. Once the button enabled Free WiFi everywhereyou can then proceed to create your password and click on save.
  6. Click on WiFi Password
  7. Enter your WiFi Password

Now, once that is done, your WiFi Hotspot will be available to connect with using another device. However, it’s strongly recommended that you create and use a password that cannot be easily guessed to secure your WiFi to keep you Hotspot free from the bad guys.

Use HotSpot Database Apps

Another fantastic approach you can cling to find Wi-Fi near you is using a Hotspot database app which contains a huge WiFi password and username across the globe.

Some of these hotspot database apps have  WiFi passwords and usernames to wireless that are hidden.

1. WiFiMapper

Use WiFiMapper for free Wireless password and username

WiFiMapper is a hotspot database app that contains tons of WiFi passwords and username that are both available to the public and hidden.

With this app, I believe you have little to no effort to waste looking for wireless information. This app could really be helpful where you are in a location with a free WiFi with lock access.

I personally recommend this WiFi database app if you are searching for a hotspot offline map and a function to share a WiFi password without friends and family to enjoy a free wireless network at all time.

2. Wiman

Free WiFi Everywhere

From research, we found out that Wiman is one of the free WiFi apps with the largest WiFi passwords and usernames database in the entire world.

With this app, you are guaranteed of free WiFi hotspot everywhere as long as you keep to the app policy and how the app operates.

However, this tool is not just the usual WiFi app that just scraps free wireless network and asks you to sort for the password and username.

The free WiFi hotspot database password manager arrange the entire WiFi information on their database according to the network signal strength and update their database with recent information concerning each WiFi information such as password and username

3. Avast Wi-Fi Finder

Find WiFi near me

Avast addresses the issue of free WiFi everywhere from another angle different from the above apps. Rather than revealing WiFi passwords and usernames to users, the one-click app allows users to find WiFi near me.

If any WiFi is found near you, the app will reveal how far and how you can get to the WiFi location. However, the app has other features which include WiFi finder working without an internet connection.

Apart from that, it shares WiFi passwords and usernames legally around the world that are shared in the Avast community.

The cybersecurity company also have other apps which can help you to manage your VPN,  password and create a one-password to access all your passwords in a folder, and a cleanup app to automatically free spaces on your phone and clear phone caches.

These procedures are to help you create a free WiFi everywhere for yourself. However, always take note that when you are using your smartphone as a WiFi for other devices your battery drains faster compared to when you are not.

The best way to play safe is to only use your phone as a modem for other devices when you are connected to a power source. This will help replenish your battery strength and you will be able to stay long using your free WiFi or WiFi you are connected to.

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