mHotspot Review : How to Turn Your PC into a Wi-Fi Hotspot

Not all Windows 8.1 and Windows 10 has a built-in Wi-Fi to share internet connection with your computer as a source. Back then, we use connectify to share Windows and Mac network with a full control over the network using a customized username and password. With mHotspot you can turn your PC to WiFi sharing device

The connectify computer hotspot is a  good as access hotel Wi-Fi or using a cable when you want to share your computer internet connection. However, recently, I stumbled upon connectify alternative, mHotpsot, and I was convinced with the flexibility of the network sharing software for computers.

The m-Hotspot program works the same way connectify works. It uses your computer network as distribute it as a wireless using software Wi-Fi built-in feature. With mHotspot, it doesn’t matter whether you are using a local network or a public network.

The only requirement to turn your computer into a wireless is to have an internet access on your computer. Whether the network is direct or indirect, from telecommunication or from a public network like school network or hotel network, you can simply turn your PC into a Wi-Fi device when the mHotspot software is installed and customized to share your device network.

After I have spent days using the m-Hotspot on my PC as a Wi-Fi device, I have decided to write a review on the tool.

How to Download mHotspot

Firstly, before we go into the review in detail. It’s advised that you should first download the computer Wi-Fi hotspot device and install it on your device. The m.Hotspot supports Windows 7/8/10 and Windows 10.1.

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You can also download m.Hotspot for Android phone in case you want to turn your Android into Wi-Fi hotspot if your Android hotspot is faulty.

Download mHotspot for Android | Windows | Ubuntu

Make sure you download mHotspot for your device and install it. Upon successful installation, launch the Wi-Fi hotspot software to configure it.

How to Configure mHotspot

The Wi-Fi hotspot software (app) allows users to customize and create their own password and username for easy identification and also, as a means to protect their Wi-Fi from unauthorized users.

Launch the mHotspot from your desktop icon or search for “mHotspot” and click on the Wi-Fi icon to open the software. Type the name of your Wi-Fi into the Hotspot name and password in the password section.

Click on the share from option and select the name of your PC. If you want to connect more than 1 device to your computer using the mHotspot Wi-Fi sharing change max client to the number to allow to connect to your PC.

mHotspot review

Upon successful configuration click on Start Hotspot to share your computer’s network with your other devices. You can view the list of connected devices under client which include the name of the device, IP address, and Mac Address.

Both mHotspot and connectify are good Wi-Fi hotspot program to turn your PC into a Wi-Fi hotspot and protect the Wi-Fi with a desirable password.

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