How to Block GTBank ATM Card

This post is about how to block GTBank ATM card with code and without code. You can just do everything with your internet banking.

Just this week my sister called me [almost] wailing that her GTbank account savings was emptied by an anonymous fellow over the phone. This was pathetic and she couldn’t block her ATM card before all her savings were withdrawn. 

However, I blamed her for answering “YES” to all the questions the so-called “GTBank” representative asked her and before she knew it, her savings were gone.

Well, I came up with this write-up to help block GTBank ATM card that was stolen or misplaced before the culprit started withdrawing your money.

You can lose millions of Naira to scammers [IF] your ATM card number, expiry date, and CCV is revealed. However, GTbank offers different approaches to block stolen ATM cards online and offline.

It all depends on fast fingers. You can block GTbank ATM card with code or over the phone. And most importantly, with you can block the GTbank ATM card on the mobile banking app that you use for your internet banking.

Block GTBank ATM Card with Code

For both stolen or misplaced GTBank ATM card the GTBank code allows you to block your card.

  • Dial the code *737*51*10# on your phone.
  • Enter your “GTBank Account” number and click “Send”.
  • Enter “1” and press send to “Hotlist the ATM Card” link with the “NUBAN”.
  • Wait for some seconds and a response that your GTbank ATM has been blocked with the code will appear.

This is probably the fast approach to block GTBank ATM card using code without using the internet. However, if you do not have your GTBank account registered number at the moment but have access to your GTBank mobile banking app you can request for your card block from GTBank mobile app.

How to Block GTBank ATM Card using Mobile App.

This is my choice to block GTBank card but it requires GTBank internet banking ID

  • Launch your GTBank mobile app.
  • Enter your Internet banking ID and log in to your account.
  • Click “Card” in your GTBank app.Block GTBank ATM Card using Code
  • Click on “Block my Card”.Block my Card
  • Select the reason why you want to “Block” your GTBank ATM.Code to Block GTBank ATM
  • Click on the “Continue” button.ATM
  • Enter your “6-digit” token and click “Done.GTBank Token activation

You GTBank ATM card will be blocked instantly and it will not be useful either online or offline.

How to Block GTBank Card using Internet Banking.

This is easily done using the web browser either on mobile or PC. Follow this procedure to block stolen GTBank ATM card.

  • Log in to your GTBank internet banking portal.
  • Click on “Card” on the left panel.Block GTBank ATM Card
  • Click on “Card Hotlist”.Card Hotlist
  • Select the “Card Number”, “Reason”, provide answers to your security questions and click “Continue”.Block GTBank ATM Card
  • Press your “Token”, enter the “6-digit” and click “Submit”.Block GTBank ATM Card

That is it. Your GTBank ATM will be blocked. However, the card will no longer be useful again. You will need to request a new GTBank card.

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