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How to Unpair and Reset Xfinity Remote

You can pair and unpair Xfinity remote control. The process is vice-versa. Xfinity.com unpair easily unpair your remote control from a paired TV box or adapter. The term “Pair” on “Xfinity” referred to programming your Xfinity Voice Remote control to work with a particular TV box or adapter. While the term “Unpair” when discussing “Xfinity Voice Remote Control” is referred to as cancelling the programming so that the remote can work with other TV box or adapter.

Once an Xfinity Voice remote control is paired or programmed to work with a particular TV or adapter it cannot be used with another TV box or adapter again unless the connection is unpaired using the Xfinity.com/unpair webpage or using the Xfinity remote control to break the connection.

In this case, we will discuss both methods. We will discuss unpair Xfinity remote control from a TV box or adapter using the remote control or how to reset the Xfinity remote control from the paired or programmed connection. And to use unpair Xfinity remote control on www.xfinity.com/unpair

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Unpair Xfinity Remote on Xfinity.com Unpair Webpage

To unpair Xfinity remote TV control if your remote has the “Setup button”

  • Press and hold the “Setup Button” until you see the green light turned red. This is typical within 3-5 seconds.
  • To reset the remote and break the connection press “9-8-1.” Wait until the status green link blinks twice to reset the pairing. If the green light failed to blink twice to indicate that the remote has been unpair then you need to repeat the process again.

So, even without visiting Xfinitu.com/unpair and sign in to your Xfinity account, you can easily reset and unpair your voice remote control from the programmed devices.

Xfinity.com Unpair without Setup Button

However, if your remote control doesn’t have the ‘Setup button” and has a number key just like XR15 Xfinity X1 or Flex Voice Remote you can follow the procedures below to reset the remote and take control of it.xfinity.com unpair

  • Press and hold the remote ” A (triangle) and D (diamond)” simultaneously [that is at the same time] and wait for a couple of seconds, say about 3 – 5 seconds until the red status light change to green.
  • Press “9-8-1″ while you keep your eyes on the status light and watch it blink twice to reset and unpair the remote from the programmed device.

The paired remote control will now be unpaired. At this time, you can use the remote with other available and supported TV boxes and TVs. But, once programmed with a new device it cannot be used to control another device until the pairing is unpaired.

Xfinity.com/unpair Remote Without Number keys and no Setup Button

This is seen in the XR16 Xfinity Flex Voice Remote. To reset the remote and unpair the programmed remote control from the paired TV box or adapter is relatively easy. xfinity.com unpair

For XR16 Xfinity Flex Voice Remote Xfinity.com unpair

  • Press and hold both the XR16 Xfinity Flex Voice Remote “Info” and “Home” together for 3 seconds or 5 seconds until you see that the LED light flashes.
  • Do the following in sequence… Press “PowerLast (Last Arrow <-) and Volume Down ().”

This will reset and unpair the remote. Once this is done the voice remote will no longer respond to voice command until it’s paired to an X1 device or any available device that support the voice remote.

Note: If the Xfinity voice remote does not work after it has been unpaired you need to do simple troubleshooting as this will reset the remote and reinstate it to a working state. If the troubleshooting failed then you need to do a factory reset. For more guide, we will refer you to the Xfinity help centre.

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