How to Fix Touch ID Not Working On iPhone

If your Touch ID is not working on iPhone and it started right after iOS 10 update to another version, you might need to downgrade while you have a chance.

We’ve seen some iOS updates degrade performance, and the next one fixes them.  Throughout 2016 through 2017, we’ve already seen many new iOS updates offering fixes and features.

Although it may seem like a Touch ID issue, there is a reason why iPhone is asking for your passcode more frequently on recent updates.  Apple identifies a requirement we have encountered several times.  If you haven’t used the passcode for six days and Touch ID hasn’t unlocked the phone for eight hours, you’ll need to enter the passcode.  This is Apple’s base, and it’s made for your safety.

Within a few minutes, you can fix most Touch ID problems on your own.  Here’s how to fix Touch ID that isn’t working on iPhone, iPad and MacBook Pro using Touch Bar;

  1. Retrain Touch ID with your fingerprints.
  2. Turn off Touch ID and then back on.
  3. Clean the Touch ID sensor.
  4. Check to see if Touch ID is disabled.
  5. Dry your finger and Touch ID sensor.

This is how you can fix most Touch ID issues on iPhone 5s or later, iPad mini 3, iPad mini 4, iPad Pro, or iPad Air 2.

Touch ID Not Working On iPhone – How to fix
Touch ID Not Working On iPhone – How to fix

How to fix Touch ID Not Working On iPhone

The easiest way to fix Touch ID crashes is to retrain the iPhone with your fingerprints.  Over the past year, iOS software updates have provided an improved performance that sets Touch ID fingerprints “forgetting” fingerprints, and there are general improvements to Touch ID performance on iOS 8 and later versions.  This can also help if your fingerprint has changed slightly in the past few months due to wear and tear, dry skin, and more.

Unlock your iPhone or iPad and retrain Touch ID to fix most Touch ID failures.  Before doing this, be sure to remove any dirt or sweat from the Touch ID sensor and wipe any oil or sweat from your hands.

Settings + Touch ID & Passcode +  passcode.  On the next screen, swipe from right to left on each fingerprint to delete it.  When this is complete, you can click Add fingerprint to retrain the Touch ID.

Why doesn’t Touch ID work on iPhone?

There are many reasons why Touch ID may not work on the iPhone, one of the possible reasons is for security on an iOS device, and Apple has updated the Touch ID lock time recently.  This means that when you don’t enter any password (including keyboard password and fingerprint password) within six days and fingerprints are not used within 8 hours; Touch ID will be temporarily disabled.

While the old version of the rule is that if you do not use fingerprint to unlock within 48 hours, you will have to use the password to unlock it.  (A few people will be found without a cell phone within 48 hours, and if you feel bored now, give it a try.) In short, if you haven’t been using your fingerprint to unlock your iPhone for a long time, you’ll need to enter your passcode to unlock it.

Well, there are some other possible reasons why Touch ID failed to unlock the iPhone as well.  For example, the Home button is not clean and gets a lot of sweat stains, grease, water, or other dust, making Touch ID insensitive or not working; or there is a software problem or a problem with your iPhone that Touch ID isn’t working.

But please take it easy; you can quickly fix Touch ID that does not work on the iPhone using the following solutions.  Let’s go through easy to hard solutions.

Cleaning the iPhone Screen to Fix Touch ID does not Work

You may have a similar experience when you get the new iPhone; Touch ID is very convenient and sensitive.  However, after some time, the Touch ID becomes insensitive and even fails to work correctly.  This may be because the Home button gets a lot of sweat stains, grease, water, or other dust.  If you do not clean it, it will be more sensitive.

To fix it, just have a soft, damp cloth to wipe it gently.  It’s best to use a cloth to clean the iPhone screen.  Please make sure that your finger or the Home button is dry and clean when using Touch ID to unlock the iPhone.

Re-enter Fingerprint on iPhone to Solve Touch ID issue

You can try to re-enter your fingerprint to fix the non-working Touch ID issue.  In older versions of iOS, Touch ID may forget the fingerprint while new iOS software updates improved in iOS 11/10/9/8.  But if your Touch ID doesn’t work for an unknown reason, you can try re-registering the fingerprint on iPhone to fix it.

To do this, please enter your password to unlock your iPhone initially, then go to “Settings”> “Touch ID & Passcode” and enter your password.  On the next screen, please swipe from right to left on each fingerprint to delete fingerprints on iPhone.  Finally, press “Add fingerprint …” to reset Touch ID.

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