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How to Download GIF on Android/PC/URL From Facebook and Twitter

GIFs are short animated videos to show certain expressions. Most animated videos are within 6-8 seconds at Max. Funny enough, most popular social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, LinkedIn, etc allow users to upload GIF videos for their followers but it’s not easy to download these GIFs on these websites even if the GIF videos are not copyright video. However, to put an end to this long time how to download GIF on Android, How to download GIFs to your Computer, how to download GIF from URL, how to download GIF on Facebook, how to download GIF on Instagram, how to download GIF on twitter and GIF online downloader we have compiled this post to answer your questions of GIFs download.

We’d discuss explicitly on this post how to download GIF on Android phone from Facebook, and on a computer with an illustration. And the same techniques can be applied to download GIF from Twitter and from GIF URL of your choice for free.

How to Download GIF on Computer

If you have a computer with an internet connection you can simply download GIFs on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn using a Google Chrome extension. So, in following this procedure to download GIF on social media we’d use Google chrome browser extension.

1. Open a tab on your Chrome browser and search for Video & GIF download Chrome extension or download and install the GIF online downloader plugin by clicking on add to chrome on the extension page following this link: GIF video downloader.

Note: This plugin only works with the Chrome browser.

2. Once you have successfully installed the GIF online downloader for Facebook, open a new tab, and visit the Facebook page or profile you want to download GIF videos from.


how to Download GIF

3. While the page you want to download the GIF is currently opened. Take a look at the Chrome browser upper right you will see the newly installed ‘Video & GIF downloader’ you just installed indicating ‘OFF’. Then click on it to turn to ‘ON’ and it will add two options to the GIF on the Facebook page which are… GIF download and Download on SD.

Then click on GIF download…

how to Download GIF

4. That is how to Download GIF on a computer using video & GIF downloader for Group to grab any GIF on Facebook without stress. On the contrary, if the GIF failed to download you can download to SD to save the GIF as an MP4 video.

how to Download GIF


5. When you now click to view the downloaded GIF it will open in your default browser and you are good to go.

How to Download GIF on Android Phone

If you are using an Android without PC there is a possibility that your mind will go off if this post didn’t talk about how to download GIF on Android as promised. However, this is to negate your mind that you are reading the right post and it’s extremely possible to download GIFs from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other social network websites on Android once you can grab the GIF URL.

1. Go to Play Store on your Android phone to search for GIF & Tweet downloader if you are reading this on your PC, but if you are reading this on your Android phone the download and install GIF & Tweet downloader app for Android phone.

2. Login to your Facebook or Twitter account where you want to download the GIF. Click on the dots to the upper right of the GIF and click on copy tweet link or URL to copy the URL to the GIF.

how to Download GIF


3. Now, navigate back to the GIF online downloader app you installed above and paste the GIF URL and click on download GIF. If you would love to download the GIF as a video then click on download MP4.

how to Download GIF

That is it. You have successfully downloaded GIF on your Android. And this is how to download GIF on Android and computer that has been working for me long ago and it’s still working like magic.

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