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How to Leave Facebook Group Conversation on PC/Android Messenger

Facebook messenger can be very interesting while chatting with your families and friends and can also be annoying when you are added to Facebook group conversation you knows nothing about. The worst thing is when the group conversation notifications start disturbing your peace like a message that needs your attention. The next thing would be, how do I leave this group conversation to have my peace. To leave Facebook group conversation is not a big deal but the biggest of the deal is that once you left Facebook group on messenger or on PC you will not be able to read what it’s happening in the group and neither will you be able to contribute to the group chat again.

It’s obvious that it’s very annoying when people added you to group conversation on Facebook without knowing them, most especially when most topics discussed on such group chat is of no interest to you. According to an old saying that says’ if you hang around a barber shop long enough you will have your haircut’ which is the case of while you want to leave Facebook group conversation about and that you have tolerated them enough.

However, here in this post we will share with you how to leave Facebook group conversation without notification on Android, iPhone, iPad and on PC.

But before you finally decided that you want to leave a group chat on Facebook messenger it is always good to mute messenger group chat so that you will no longer get notified whenever the group member leave messages rather you will only be able to read their messages. However, you may later decided to leave the group if content of the group is irrelevant to you in any form.

Don’t Leave Facebook Group Conversation so Soon Rather Mute it.

It’s not advisable to leave Facebook group conversation so early either on Android or on iPhone since it will automate it even on PC. Rather, it is of advise that you first mute the group chat either on Android messenger or on PC or on your choice device such as iPhone or Windows phone. Although some people added you to Facebook messenger chat without notification and without you knowing them but that doesn’t mean the group is baseless or couldn’t be full of great information that might be useful to you in the long run.

Following the steps below you will be able to mute a Facebook group chat conversation on PC.

1. Open a new browser’s window and login to your Facebook account with your login details

Leave Facebook group conversation

2. Click on message icon on your Facebook account to open the group chat messenger page

Leave Facebook group conversation

3. Click on the gear settings icon and scroll down the page and then click on mute conversation

Leave Facebook group conversation

4. A new window will pops up as to how long do you want to mute the group conversation. Depending on your choice choose how long you want to mute the conversation but for the purpose of this post we’d choose 30 minutes. You can choose indefinite and click on mute.

Note: You will no longer get push notifications from this group again pending the time you selected will expires.

Leave Facebook group chat

5. Just below the group members you will be notified that you have muted conversations from this group and you will no longer get a push notification from the group for the time being until the period expires.

Leave Facebook group conversation

That is it … You have successfully muted Facebook conversation and you will no longer receive a push notification on your phone and messenger henceforth.

How to Leave Facebook Group Conversation on Facebook Messenger

You can also mute or leave Facebook group chat on Facebook messenger on Android phone, iPhone, windows phone and on iPad. Although the procedure follow the exact steps discussed above but here we’d make use of Android Facebook messenger rather than PC browser and the same procedure goes for iPhone and iPad with iOS Facebook messenger.

Th procedure below unwrap the exact procedure to leave conversation on Facebook group chat on messenger.

1. Login to your Facebook account on your messenger. If you don’t have Facebook messenger installed on your smartphone kindly download for your device following your device link below.

2. Click on the name of the group members. Most times, it is found within your messages before active chat and then click on it.

Leave a Facebook group chat on messengers

3. Click on the circle icon to the top right of the group messenger page.

Mute Facebook group chat

4. Tap on the 3 dot to the top right of the opened page and click on leave group to exit from the group permanently.

Leave Facebook group chat on Android messenger

5. A new window will populate. Make sure you know what you are doing and you really want to leave the group because once you left the group you will no longer be able to be part of the group chat again unless any member of the group re-added you again. Then click on leave to leave the group permanently.

Leave Facebook group conversation

This is exact simple steps to leave Facebook group conversation on Android through Facebook messenger. And the same steps can be followed to leave group chat on iPhone/iPad messenger.

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