B-ok.org: How to Download eBooks from B-ok.org Site

B.ok or B-ok.cc (b-ok-cc) is where to download eBooks for free and the newly launched website of the old bookzz that was shot down. So, here today, we are going to share with you how to download eBooks for free from the b-ok.org website.

When things fall apart, the centre holds no more. That is exactly what happened to bookzz.org, the popular eBook site that suddenly ended operation and bid users farewell. However, a few days after bookzz was gone b-ok.org came on board playing the role of bookzz.

Although, the bookzz.org admin sent a message when the site was shut but they kept to themselves while they have to let go of the most popular eBook site that has been in existence for almost a decade and instantly launched a new domain name called b-ok.org.

B-ork.org is a new eBook download site that emanated after was bookzz domain address was shut down permanently. The new bookzz site address is now one of the most ranked eBook sites according to Alexa ranking despite the fact that the new site’s address is still not of age. However, the b-ok.org electronics books download site offers dozens of free eBook to download for free.

Before the new domain name, b-ok.org was launched, bookzz, eBookshare and Bookshare used to be the best eBook torrent sites to download paid electronic books for free. But bookzz.org has been shut down due to piracy infringement and b-ok is up and running to download eBooks for free.

Although bookzz org was shut down but user access was still on the new site address database, which means that users can use their previous username and password to log in to their account and edit their profile if necessary.

If you are new to downloading eBooks from popular book sites such as books.com, bookshare.com, b-ok.org, etc you will learn exactly how to remove books from this new eBook site for free.

How to Download eBook from b-ok.org Site

You don’t need a rocket scientist experience to download eBook from the b-ok site. But you may need to use an internet download manager for PC or Android download manager apps for a smartphone in case the size of the eBook you want to download is huge to save files from being corrupt and resume download if your internet connection got disconnected.

Below is how to download eBooks from bookzz.org new site address ‘www.b-ok.org’.

1. Visit a new browser window on your PC or smartphone and visit ‘www.b-ok.org’


Note that it is not only eBooks you can download from this new eBook site, you can also download articles for free.

2. Enter the name of the eBook or textbook such as the solution manual in the search column and hits the search button.


3. Scroll down the page and carefully select the name of the author that matches the author of the book you want to download.


Note: For exact match results, click on advance and tick exact match. You can also play around with the year of the book product, file extension, and output language.

4. To download articles such as scientific articles, papers, and other related articles click on ‘articles’


5. B-ok.org will show the result for published articles related to your search query for free download which you can go ahead to download for free.www.b-ok.org

That is it… Bookzz.org is gone for good and b-ok.org is here as a perfect alternative, and of course, it is the old eBook site’s new domain name.


B-ok.cc is the new b-ok.og and it has been seized for sharing copyright content by the Federal Bureau investigation according to the warrant issued pursuant by the United States District Court for the Eastern District of New York as part of law enforcement action by The United State Attorney Office for Eastern District of New York and the Federal Bureau of Investigation.b-o-cc

The United States government and the Federal Bureau of Investigation are tracking down all illegal websites sharing copyright content with the necessary permission and right to do so where Bookzz, B-ok.org, and B-ok-cc or B-ok.cc is a prime suspect and the domain is under seizure by the government.

B-ok Library

B-ok library was migrated to B.ok-cc library but both library has been banned and seized by the United States and the Federal Bureau of Investigation. So, it’s as simple as saying you cannot access b-ok library except if you choose to route for b-ok alternative.

B-ok Alternative

If you need B-ok alternative or B-ok-cc alternative to download eBooks for free online you’d need to consider the following.

Bookzz or B-ok.org or b-ok.cc are no longer available. All of them have been seized and banned for copyright infringement.

What Happened to B-ok Website

B-ok website and all its new websites such as B-ok-cc [B-ok.cc] have been seized and shut down for sharing copyright content without the right to do just that.

Where is B-ok

B-ok is no longer existing. It used to be a popular eBooks download website for free. But since the website, B-ok.org or B-ok.cc has come under surveillance, they have been seized by the government due to various reports from different sources.

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