How to Start a Facebook Secret Conversation on Android Facebook Messenger

Facebook has so many secrets you don’t know despite the fact you use Facebook everyday and night. It’s not a gain saying that Facebook is the most populous social network till this moment so, you should expect tons of secrets from Facebook when you make your findings. And one of those secrets is starting a Facebook secret conversation with a chosen friend or group of people.

One of Facebook tricks you learn recently from Gadgets Wright is how to leave a Facebook group conversation without notification and here today, we’d share with you everything you need to know about Facebook secret conversation. Also regarding how to view your Facebook secret conversation on Android will be used to wrap up the post at the end.

But it worth to note that once you deleted your Facebook secret conversation with either your friends or group of friends you will no longer be able to view it again.

So, if you want to start a Facebook secret conversation and you’ve been finding it so difficult to establish here is a post for you. Please don’t forget to share this post with your friends when you are done reading it.

How to Start a Facebook Secret Conversation on PC

This trick doesn’t require a rocket scientist knowledge to carry out. All you need is a laptop or desktop with internet connection and your Facebook logins. When you have these requirement available then you can go to go start a Facebook secret conversation.

1. Visit Facebook messenger and login to you Facebook account with you login details

 Facebook Secret Conversation

2. Locate the green button on the page  that says ‘install now’ to install messenger on your PC. If you couldn’t get it from the official messenger website you can download it from this source: Messenger for PC.

 Facebook Secret Conversation

3. Install the download Windows messenger on your PC and login with your Facebook login details on your desktop and click continue to proceed.

 Facebook Secret Conversation

Once you login select the friend you want to have a secret chat with on your Facebook account and click on secret chat to move from Facebook regular chat to Facebook secret conversation.

How to Start a Facebook Secret Conversation on Android Facebook Messenger.

Facebook messenger has a lot of features which makes the messenger app more handy and demanding for use. However, one of the few tricks of Facebook messenger is Facebook secret conversation on messenger for Android and iOS users.

Following the procedure below you will be able to achieve chatting with your friends on Facebook secretly without anybody knowing.

1. Login to your Facebook account via Facebook messenger on your Android phone. Meanwhile, if you don’t have Facebook messenger installed on your Android phone already you can download the latest copy from Google play store.

You need Gmail account to download from play store. In case you don’t have a valid Gmail account you can read this post on how to create your first Gmail account in less than 5 minutes.

2. Launch your Facebook messenger and login to it. Select the name of friend you want to have a Facebook secret conversation with on your Facebook messenger.

3. Once Facebook pops up a chat column for you on your messenger click on the circle icon with exclamation-like icon to the right of video icon.

4. Facebook messenger will pops up details about the person you want to have a secret chat with the scroll down to select secret conversation.

 Facebook Secret Conversation

5. If this is your first time of using Facebook secret conversation on messenger, Facebook will pops up notification telling you what you will enjoy using secret conversation feature on Facebook with messenger then click Ok and start conversing with your friend secretly.

 Facebook Secret Conversation

Note: Henceforth you conversation with that person with be hidden except you move from secret conversation to regular conversation.

Although secret conversation on Facebook via smartphone messenger is an awesome feature to  stay ahead of those that loves to spy your messenger on Facebook. However, when you are done discussing with your friend secretly on messenger you can decide to delete the conversation and stay calm with your Facebook messages.

Below guide put you through on how to delete secret Facebook conversation on messenger with just few steps.

1. While you are still on your Facebook secret messenger conversation page click on the circle icon with turned up exclamation mark.

2. Click on the 3-dots to the upper right of the page and click on delete conversation below open head chat for Facebook messenger to erase your secret chat. Facebook Secret Conversation

3. Facebook messenger will pops up a notification asking you whether you want to delete the entire conversation. Just click on delete conversation for Facebook to delete your secret chat and return your account to default regular Facebook chat.

 Facebook Secret Conversation

That is it. You have successfully use Facebook secret conversation and deleted your chat when you are done view the chat and you are good to go.

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