How to Install WhatsApp on PC [Windows]

WhatsApp is now popular among Windows PC users using WhatsApp web and WhatsApp Windows client. The introduction of the web WhatsApp is to facilitate easy use of WhatsApp on PC.

Users have the privilege to use a single account on a single phone with either single or dual phone. However, with apps like Parallel space app, you can install dual WhatsApp on a single phone.

Then, you still have to use another SIM card. This is recommended for phones that support dual SIM card.

When WhatsApp was introduced, only the Android, iOS, and Blackberry users can use it. WhatsApp introduced WhatsApp web which you can access on

 But, after a while, WhatsApp launch a WhatsApp web client to be used on computer desktop which works on laptops, PC, and Mac.

After a lot of contemplation, WhatsApp dropped support for WhatsApp blackberry except for Blackberry phone using Android OS also starts banning WhatsApp GB users.

To this end, Blackberry users can still install WhatsApp on Blackberry to replace the tradition BBM for Blackberry.

Despite all these, you can still choose to install WhatsApp on PC [Windows] while you are still using WhatsApp on your phone.

Install WhatsApp on PC

To start using WhatsApp on laptops and desktop computers follow the explanation in this guideline.

1. Download WhatsApp for Mac [here] or Windows [32bits & 64bits]

2. Go to your download folder and install the WhatsApp desktop client on your computer for Windows.

3. Drag and drop WhatsApp client for Mac to your desktop and install the messenger.

How to Use WhatsApp Web

For Windows 8 and higher version 32bits, it’s compulsory to install WhatsApp on your phone to use WhatsApp web.

1. Launch WhatsApp web on your computer. Mac or Windows computer

2. Open WhatsApp on your smartphone [Android or iPhone] and click on the more option and click on the WhatsApp web.

3. Click OK, Got It when it says visit on your computer and scan QR code.

Install WhatsApp on PC

4. Place the QR code scan on your WhatsApp web client and until it recognizes it.

WhatsApp web

This should take a few seconds to connect together. To show that it has connected, your phone will vibrate and the WhatsApp web QR code scan interface will change and show your phone screen.


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