How to Install Whatsapp on PC or Laptops without Android Emulator

Sometimes ago I got a message whether it is possible to use one Whatsapp account on two devices at the same time and the respond is it’s possible. That is exactly one of the procedure we are considering in this post today which is ”how to install whatsapp on PC or Laptop without third party software such bluestack or other Android emulator”.

Statistical report have it that Whatsapp mobile messenger have over 1 Billion active users which ranked it the most popular mobile messenger ever created in history, it is shouldn’t wonders you if you can now install Whatsapp on PC or your desktop computer running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 10.1 and even on Mac OS.

Installing whatsapp on desktop computer or on your laptop PC or notebook computer is different from using web whatsapp on mobile browser before you can established connection on the whatsapp on your PC browsers. Although both procedure require one to scan the QR-code on your main whatsapp account on your smartphone before you can use whatsapp on other device.

Meanwhile, there are some apps that enables you to run more than one account (messenger) such as Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp, SnapChat, Twitter etc. on Android phone and also a cloned whatsapp apk called GB whatsapp that can be used alongside original whatsapp on a smartphone making it possible to use two whatsapp on one Android phone.

But with this post today, you will gain knowledge on how to install Whatsapp on PC or on desktop running Windows 7 without Android emulator or Bluestack.

How to Install Whatsapp on PC/Desktop/Lappy (32/64-bits)

To start using Whatsapp on your PC or desktop computer without using browser on your computer using the whatsapp feature follow the procedure below.

1. Open your browser to visit whatsapp on PC to download your PC windows bit or download your OS version directly from here; For Whatsapp 32-bit or Whatsapp 64-bit.

Note: To check your computer bits following this: Click on my computer and right click, scroll down to property and click on it to see your PC bits information.

Install Whatsapp on PC

2. Navigate to the folder containing the download Whatsapp for PC and click on it to initiate installation on your windows  PC. Once you initiated Whatsapp for PC you should see the image below on your desktop or laptop screen.

How to install whatsapp on PC

Note: If your Windows OS runs 32-bit you need to install whatsapp on your phone before you can install it successfully on PC.

3. Enable internet connection on your Whatsapp phone to establish connection between your phone and your PC/desktop whatsapp server. On your phone click on whatsapp web from the drop-menu to the top right of the page. Scan the QR code with your PC placing your device camera to match the one on your PC or click the plus sign if you’ve web whatsapp synced already on your whatsapp account.

Install Whatsapp on PC

Note: Tick keep me signed in so that you will not always need to sync your phone whatsapp with your whatsapp for PC always.

This is exactly how to install Whatsapp on PC/Desktop/Lappy

Note: You must keep your phone whatsapp active with internet connection to be able to install whatsapp on PC.

This is the exact procedure to on how to install whatsapp on PC running 32-bits windows OS.

How to Install on Mac

For geek and none-geek using Mac, here is how to install whatsapp on your Mac device. If you don’t want to run Whatsapp on your Mac simply download Whatsapp for Apple device from Apple store.

1. Open your browser and visit Whatsapp for PC download page to download a version of Whatsapp that can be install on your Mac operating system.

2. Once the download is complete unzip the file and run ‘

3. For the first time installation the app we prompt you to choose where you want to add the new app whether to add the app to your application folder and your Mac desktop dock.

4. Once the installation is completed click on on your desktop or Mac dock and scan your QR-code to logon to your whatsapp on Mac.

This is also one of the best ways to use one Whatsapp account on two ore more devices.

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