How to Fix Instagram keeps crashing on iPhone SE

When Instagram keeps crashing, it means the app has stopped working for the moment and a lot of reasons could contribute to the Instagram app crashing.

Instagram app crashing is not far from a daily occurrence. Instagram was reportedly down 3 days in 4 days in the last few days. The app crashes always and it gives users a headache. You may be uploading photos to the platform and video, and suddenly, the app will stop responding.

It sometimes says, unfortunately, the app has stopped working. Once you see this notification, there is nothing you can do to make the app works again other than closing it.

Instagram crashing is a general occurrence most time. Both iPhone SE users and Android users experience the crash. However, there are a lot of things that can contribute to Instagram crashing consistently on your phone.

However, it worth to note that these approaches will not work when the Instagram server down generally. When Instagram is down globally, the photo app server is down at that time. And as such, you have to wait until the Instagram server is working fine again.

Instagram keeps crashing

Why Instagram Keeps Crashing?

Here are some reasons why your Instagram app keeps crashing.

  1. The Instagram server is down
  2. The Instagram app is outdated
  3. Incorrect users settings
  4. Inconsistent clear of app caches
  5. Insufficient memory on your iPhone
  6. Software bugs and malware

The reason why your Instagram app keeps crashing on iPhone SE could go on and on like that until you find a lasting solution to it which we’re going to share with you in the guide.

First-Hand Solution to Fixing the Instagram App Crashing

When you are experiencing this issue on your iPhone SE it could mean that your iPhone SE has bugs and some malware in it. However, the moment the app crashes, the soft approach to fix it is to close the app from working and restart your iPhone SE.

When you restart your iPhone SE when your Instagram app is crashed while using it, the restart will clear the tension on your phone and restore it to working properly.

  1. Long press the iPhone SE home button twice
  2. All opened apps will display. This is similar to the Android menu app
  3. Find the Instagram app and swipe it up  to close the app

After this, you can restart your iPhone SE or clear all the background app if possible they are the one causing conflicts with your Instagram app and causes it to crash.

Free iPhone SE Storage Space

If the reason why your Instagram app on iPhone SE keeps crashing is due to insufficient memory, you need to free up more space on your iPhone SE, remove all unwanted files that took up the phone storage.

However, to proceed with this to solving the iPhone SE crashing error here is how to manage and see your iPhone SE available memory space.

  1. Go to your iPhone SE settings
  2. Tap on the general options
  3. Tap on  Storage & iCloud Usage
  4. You will your iPhone available memory
  5. Click on view memory storage

When you click to view your memory storage you will get to know whether you have enough memory to work with on your iPhone or not. However, if your phone memory is less than 500MB you need to free up your phone internal storage.

Update Instagram

Another fix is to update your Instagram app to the latest update. If you are still running the old Instagram app while a new update is available your own version of the app may be crashing always.

You can choose to remove the current version on your iPhone SE or update the Instagram app on your iPhone SE.

  1. Go to the iPhone apps store by clicking on the app store
  2. Click on the update icon
  3. Scroll through the list of the outdated apps on your app list
  4. Tap on Instagram and click on update

If you have enough data or you are connected to a WiFi tap on update all to update all the outdated apps on your device.

Remove Instagram and Re-install

This is probably what you have been doing whenever the photo app crashes on your phone. However, we’ll still recommend it once again and it fixes the crashing error and clears Instagram app caches instantly.

  1. Long press Instagram app on your iPhone SE
  2. Click on the delete button at the edge
  3. Restart your iPhone SE
  4. Go to App store
  5. Type “Instagram” and click on the search button
  6. Tap on install
  7. Enter your Instagram username and password
  8. And start exploring your Instagram again.

When you uninstall Instagram on your device do not forget to restart the phone to help clears all remains on your phone so that when you install the new version it will not cause a conflict with the old version’s caches

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